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John Conyers, Jr.'s Public Statements

Office: U.S. House (MI) - District 13, Democratic
Date Title
Sept. 16, 2008 Hearing of the House Judiciary Committee: FBI Oversight
Sept. 10, 2008 Introduction of the Fair Copy Right in Research Works Act of 2008
Sept. 9, 2008 Recognizing That We are Facing a Global Food Crisis
Aug. 26, 2008 I Knew Stephanie Tubbs Jones as a Constant Voice for Justice and Peace
Aug. 1, 2008 Michelle's Law
Aug. 1, 2008 Conference Report on H.R. 4040, Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008
Aug. 1, 2008 Letter to Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, and Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, Re: Congressional Leadership for State Priorities
July 29, 2008 Letter to Samuel Bodman, Secretary of the Department of Energy, Re: Locate Rare Isotope Beam Facility at MSU
July 17, 2008 Hearing of the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Subcommitee of the House Judiciary Committee - From the Department of Justice to Guantanamo Bay: Administration Lawyers and Administration Interrogation Rules, Part V
July 9, 2008 Letter to President George W. Bush, Re: Disaster Relief for Flood Damaged Areas of State
July 1, 2008 Conyers Decries Medicare Cuts Championed by the Bush Administration and Congressional Republicans
June 26, 2008 Hearing of the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee - From the Department of Justice to Guantanamo Bay: Administration Lawyers and Administration Interrogation Rules, Part III
May 15, 2008 Conyers, Lofgren Demand Answers on Immigration Detainee Medical Abuses
May 7, 2008 Hearing of the House Committee on the Judiciary - "Retail Gas Prices, Part I: Consumer Effects"
April 30, 2008 House Judiciary Committee Investigates Rising Gas Prices for Americans and Rising Profits for Oil Companies
April 29, 2008 Conyers And Nadler Ask for Justice Department Secret Opinions
April 28, 2008 Conyers Threatens Subpoenas on Torture and Interrogation Memos
April 28, 2008 Conyers, Nadler Disappointed with Supreme Court Decision on Voter ID law
April 23, 2008 Hearing of the House Judiciary Committee - Oversight Hearing on the Federal Bureau of Investigation
April 23, 2008 Conyers Shocked by Mueller Testimony on Torture
April 17, 2008 Conyers Demands Karl Rove Testimony
April 15, 2008 Hearing of the House Judiciary Committee's Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Subcommittee - H.R. 3189, The National Security Letters Reform Act of 2007
April 14, 2008 Letter to Álvaro Uribe Vélez
April 11, 2008 Judiciary Committee to Explore Administration Approval of Torture Techniques
April 10, 2008 Conyers and Smith: Yahoo! Talks Call for More Study of Internet Competition and Advertising
April 9, 2008 Congressional Report Identifies Serious Health Concerns Not Addressed by NFL and Players Union
April 3, 2008 Conyers, Judiciary Members Demand Answers from Attorney General on on 9/11 Surveillance
April 1, 2008 Conyers: Settle 9/11 Health Claims Now
March 25, 2008 Conyers: Justice Merger Decision Not Surprising
March 21, 2008 Conyers Visits Inmates at Louisiana State Prison
March 14, 2008 Conyers Floor Remarks on FISA Amendments Act of 2008
March 13, 2008 Conyers: Republicans Must Meet High Bar to Call for Secret Session
March 13, 2008 Conyers: IG Report Shows Abuse of Power
March 11, 2008 Conyers, Reyes: Scare Tactics Don't Protect America
March 6, 2008 Conyers Introduces Bipartisan Bill to Allow Merchants to Negotiate Credit Card Fees
Feb. 29, 2008 Conyers Outraged at Justice Department Contempt Decision
Feb. 28, 2008 Conyers Urges U.S. Attorney to Present Contempt Citations to a Grand Jury
Feb. 25, 2008 The Washington Post - Scare Tactics And Our Surveillance Bill
Feb. 22, 2008 House and Senate Committee Chairs Continue to Work on FISA, Administration and Congressional Republicans Refuse to Join
Feb. 21, 2008 Senate And House Chairmen Continue Work On FISA Reform
Feb. 15, 2008 Press Conference with Rep. Conyers (D-MI), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee; Rep. Hoyer (D-MD), House Majority Leader; Rep. Reyes (D-TX), Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
Feb. 14, 2008 Conyers: I'm Staying Here to Work on FISA
Feb. 14, 2008 Conyers' Statement in Support of Contempt
Feb. 13, 2008 Conyers Testifies Before Rules Committee on Contempt Resolutions
Feb. 13, 2008 Conyers: Temporary FISA Bill Must Be Extended
Feb. 12, 2008 Conyers: Secret Documents Don't Justify Senate Telecom Amnesty
Feb. 7, 2008 Passing H.R. 4137 Strengthens the Middle Class, Increases Access to Higher Education
Feb. 7, 2008 Hearing of the House Judiciary Committee - Justice Department Oversight
Feb. 4, 2008 Conyers Criticizes Bush Budget as Short-Changing Law Enforcement
Feb. 4, 2008 In A Slowing Economy, Funding for Health Care is More Critical Than Ever
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