Senator Edward 'Ed' J. Markey's Public Statements


Full Name: Edward 'Ed' J. Markey
Current Office: U.S. Senate - Jr, Democratic
First Elected: 06/25/2013
Last Elected: 06/25/2013
Next Election: 2014
On The Ballot: Announced, Democratic for U.S. Senate
Primary Sept. 9, 2014
Gender: Male
Family: Wife: Susan Blumenthal
Birth Date: 07/11/1946
Birth Place: Malden, MA
Home City: Malden, MA
Religion: Roman Catholic
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2/16/06 Republicans Attack Home Heating Assistance for America's Poor 2/16/06 Democrats Call For Hearings on Royalty Relief 2/14/06 Answers Needed from State Department on the Justification of India Nuke Deal 2/14/06 'Big Oil' Giveaways: Unless Congress Acts, Taxpayers Will Lose Another $7 Billion 2/14/06 Introduction of the Royalty Relief for American Consumers Act of 2006 2/09/06 President Continues to Nickel-and-Dime War on Terror, While Iraq Gets a Blank Check 2/08/06 The President Gives Green Energy the "Pink Slip" 2/08/06 Markey Launches Legislation to Prevent Industry Warehousing of Consumer Data 2/08/06 House Panel Refuses to Investigate Torture Outsourcing 2/08/06 Eliminate Warehousing of Consumer Internet Data Act of 2006 2/06/06 The President's Energy Budget Doesn't Reflect State of the Union Promises 2/06/06 The President's Budget Cuts Children Television Funding by Millions 2/06/06 Olver Opposes Warrantless Spying on Americans 2/03/06 Labor Department Reports It is Investigating Conflicts of Interest Within Pension Consulting 2/03/06 "Addiction" Prediction: The President's Promise Will Turn Out to be Fiction 2/03/06 Reaction to the Administration's Clarification on the President's Vow to Decrease U.S. Oil Dependency 2/02/06 Reaction to DOE Report on Appliance Standards Backlog 2/02/06 Reaction to DOE Report on Appliance Standards Backlog 2/01/06 Statement on S. 1932, the Budget Reconciliation Spending Cuts Conference Report 2/01/06 Relating to Consideration of S. 1932, Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 2/01/06 Another Accutane Death 2/01/06 If We're "Addicted to Oil", Why Don't We Change the Policy? 2/01/06 Statement on the Passing of Coretta Scott King 1/31/06 Rep. Markey Offers The President A Cure to America's "Oil Addiction" 1/31/06 Introduction of the Fuel Security and Consumer Choice Act 1/30/06 Rep. Markey Reacts to Exxon Mobile Earnings Report 1/30/06 Rep. Markey Statement on 'Leave All Blades Behind' National Day of Action 1/27/06 Berry Calls on President to Make Medicare Reform a Top Priority in State of the Union 1/27/06 Schakowsky Tells Bush to Level with the American People About the Flawed Medicare Drug Plan 1/26/06 Rep. Markey Voices Concern Over Nuclear Reprocessing By Japan 1/26/06 Portable Music Players: Are They Just Music to Your Ears? 1/26/06 Largest Fine Ever Levied By FTC Leaves Large Hole In Our Privacy Laws 1/24/06 Council of Europe Investigator Finds Evidence of U.S. Torture Outsourcing Ring 1/24/06 Federal Agencies Respond to Inquiry on Fraudulent Phone Records Sales 1/23/06 Markey Calls for an Investigation of Big Oil Royalty Relief 1/23/06 "Keeping America Safe Will Take More Than Domestic Spy Programs" 1/20/06 "To Begin with, Bush Isn't King," 1/20/06 Senators Kennedy, Kerry and Congressmen Frank, McGovern and Markey React to Today's FERC Decision 1/20/06 Google's Infinite Database Under Scrutiny 1/19/06 Rep. Markey Announces Legislation Creating Fuels for the Future 1/19/06 Lawmaker Asks How Bioterror Spending Can be Used to Counter Bird Flu 1/13/06 Federal Agencies Respond to Inquiry on Fraudulent Phone Records Sales 1/12/06 What's Worse Than U.S. Kidnapping of Foreign Citizens? Kidnapping the Wrong Foreign Citizens 1/11/06 Department of Justice and Department of Defense Respond to Congressional Request for Investigation of Alleged NSA Espionage 1/10/06 President's Approach to Nuclear Proliferation "Reactive and Ineffective" 1/09/06 "Happy New Year--There's a lot to do!" 1/05/06 Above the Law: President Exempts Himself from Torture Ban 12/19/05 Berman Co-authors Bipartisan Letter Urging President Bush to Increse Funding for International Affairs Programs 12/18/05 Waving Points of Order Against Conference Report on H.R. 2863, Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2006 12/18/05 Waving Points of Order Against Conference Report on S. 1932, Deficit Reduction Act of 2005