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6/04/14 Congressman Kingston Defends Georgia Food Stamps Reforms 4/08/14 Washington Examiner - The Problem With "Competitive" Grants 3/25/14 Congressman Kingston Moves to Close Fraudulent "Heat and Eat" Loophole 8/11/13 Newsletter: A True Measure of Success 7/11/13 Kingston Votes to Reform Farm Programs 6/20/13 Kingston Votes to Reform Nutrition, Agricultural Programs 5/15/13 Letter to Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services - Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) 2/01/13 Kingston on Jobs Report: We Must do Better 9/20/12 Kingston Votes to Restore Welfare's Work Requirement 9/01/12 Blog: Honoring the American Worker 7/06/12 The Private Sector is Not Doing Fine 4/18/12 Addressing Failed Administration Policies 12/17/10 Kingston Opposes Obama Tax Deal 12/02/10 Middle Class Tax Relief Act of 2010 12/01/10 MSNBC "Hardball with Chris Matthews" - Transcript 4/15/10 Newsmax - Rep. Kingston: Good Chance GOP Retakes House 3/04/10 Commerce, Justice, Science, And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2010 3/04/10 Kingston On Jobs: Get Out Of The Way, Washington 10/02/09 Unemployment Continues To Rise 2/11/09 Twice the Jobs Half the Cost 9/05/07 SCHIP Shenanigans - Op Ed 7/26/07 Farm, Nutrition, and Bioenergy Act of 2007 1/31/07 Providing for Consideration of HJ Res. 20, Further Continuing Appropriations, Fiscal Year 2007 1/31/07 Further Continuing Appropriations, Fiscal Year 2007 1/10/07 Minimum Wage is Arbitrary Number 3/24/06 HBO Real Time with Bill Maher - Transcript 11/17/05 Point of Order 11/09/05 Fiscal Fantasy 11/08/05 The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 1/01/14 Issue Position: Workfare Over Welfare