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Ileana Ros-Lehtinen's Public Statements

Office: U.S. House (FL) - District 27, Republican
Date Title
Oct. 22, 2013 Supporting Legislation to Assist our Children, Ros-Lehtinen States Our First Priority Must be Providing Necessary Resources for Their Development
Oct. 22, 2013 Working to Fight Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children, Ros-Lehtinen Affirms Commitment to Protect Girls from Modern-Day Slavery
Oct. 15, 2013 The Administration Should Not Give Concessions To Rouhani, Instead It Must Fully Enforce and Increase Sanctions Against the Iranian Regime, Says Ros-Lehtinen
Oct. 9, 2013 By Voting to Fund FAA, Ros-Lehtinen States "It's time for a Departure from Partisan Gridlock"
Oct. 9, 2013 Praising Colleague Rep. C.W. "Bill" Young, Ros-Lehtinen Honors Legacy of Service to Florida
Oct. 8, 2013 Our Kids Shouldn't Pay the Price for Shutdown, Time to Support Head-Start for Low Income Children Says Ros-Lehtinen
Oct. 5, 2013 House Passes Bill to Provide Back Pay for Federal Employees Out of Work Because of Shutdown
Oct. 2, 2013 Congress Should Work Together and Pass Legislation to Reopen Government, Including Relief Measures that Help Americans During Shutdown, Says Ros-Lehtinen
Oct. 1, 2013 Murals That Glorify Che Guevara Should Not Be Displayed in Irish Town; Ros-Lehtinen Deeply Disappointed That Locals Put Up Their Own Displays
Sept. 27, 2013 Giving Rouhani Credibility is a Mistake That Emboldens the Regime and Buys It Time to Pursue Nuclear Weapons, Says Ros-Lehtinen
Sept. 24, 2013 Sanctions Against Iran Have Clearly Taken Their Toll on the Regime, Now is Not the Time to Try Soft-Handed Approach, Says Ros-Lehtinen
Sept. 20, 2013 Administration Level Talks With Rouhani Over Iran's Nuclear Program at Next Week's UN General Assembly is Fool's Errand, Says Ros-Lehtinen
Sept. 19, 2013 U.S. Taxpayers Deserve a Better Return on Investment From the UN, So Ros-Lehtinen Reintroduces United Nations Transparency, Accountability, and Reform Act
Sept. 11, 2013 Ros-Lehtinen Statement on the Anniversary of September 11 Attacks and Benghazi
Sept. 10, 2013 Ros-Lehtinen Statement After President Obama Remarks on Syria
Sept. 10, 2013 Ros-Lehtinen Pleased With Passage Of Bill That Creates Streamlined Insurance Agent & Broker Licensing System That Strengthens Competitive Insurance Market; Ileana Says This Legislation Will Result In Lower Insurance Rates For Consumer
Sept. 6, 2013 Ros-Lehtinen is Participating in Next Week's Western Hemisphere Subcommittee Hearing with Former President of Colombia Álvaro Uribe
Aug. 31, 2013 Ros-Lehtinen Releases Statement on President Obama's Syria Announcement
Aug. 30, 2013 Wrong for Administration to Continue Mail Talks With Cuba While Remaining Silent on the Abuses of the Castro Regime Against its People, Says Ros-Lehtinen
Aug. 28, 2013 If the U.S. is to Have a Role in Any Airstrike Against the Assad Regime, President Obama Must Seek Congressional Authorization, Says Ros-Lehtinen
Aug. 26, 2013 We Must Stand in Solidarity with Iván Fernández Depestre and the 11 Million Cubans Enslaved by the Castro Regime, Says Ros-Lehtinen
Aug. 21, 2013 If Secretary Kerry Believes The Four State Department Employees Who Were Suspended With Pay Bear No Responsibility For Benghazi, Then Who In State Should Be Held Accountable, Asks Ros-Lehtinen
Aug. 20, 2013 Cuba, a State Sponsor of Terrorism, Hosting Peace Talks With the FARC, a Foreign Terrorist Organization, is a Recipe for Disaster, Says Ros-Lehtinen
Aug. 20, 2013 The Systematic Targeting of Coptic Christians in Egypt is Unjust, Deplorable and Must Stop Immediately, Says Ros-Lehtinen
Aug. 19, 2013 Bahamian Government Continues With Its Deception & Falsehoods As It Repatriated Cubans To Castro Dictatorship, Says Ros-Lehtinen
Aug. 16, 2013 Congressional Members Express Outrage In Letter To Prime Minister of The Bahamas Regarding Cuban Refugees Being Sent Back to Their Oppressors
Aug. 15, 2013 The Only Leverage the United States Has Over Egypt is the Power of the Purse -- Conditioning Our Assistance to Egypt Will Have Tangible Results, Says Ros-Lehtinen
Aug. 15, 2013 Statement by Cong. Ros-Lehtinen on the Terrible Ordeal of Cuban Freedom Seekers Being Repatriated by Bahamian Authorities
Aug. 14, 2013 In Letters to US & Bahamian Officials as Well as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Ros-Lehtinen Pleads for Their Immediate Intervention So That Bahamian Government Does Not Send Cubans Imprisoned There Back to Castro Dictatorship
Aug. 14, 2013 Instead of Pressuring Israel To Make More Concessions to the Palestinians, Secretary Kerry Should Prioritize Imminent Threats From Iran, Syria, and Egypt, Says Ros-Lehtinen
Aug. 13, 2013 Release of Convicted Drug Lord Rafael Caro-Quintero from Mexican Prison is an Injustice, Says Ros-Lehtinen
Aug. 8, 2013 Ros-Lehtinen Leads Congressional Delegation to Israel
July 31, 2013 Ros-Lehtinen Welcomes Cuban LGBT Rights Activists To Unveil the Realities of Human Rights Abuses in Cuba
July 31, 2013 Ros-Lehtinen Pleased to Support Four Bipartisan Foreign Affairs Bills in the House this Week
July 26, 2013 Saying Ho Chi Minh Was Inspired by U.S. Declaration, Constitution and Founding Fathers is an Insult to the Memories of Those Who Served and Sacrificed in Vietnam, Says Ros-Lehtinen
July 24, 2013 Ros-Lehtinen Rallying Members of the House to Speak in Support of Kidnapped US Marine Armando Torres
July 23, 2013 As UNESCO & the Castro Regime Celebrates UNESCO'S Che Guevara Glorification with Havana Ceremony that Includes Che's Widow & Children, Ros-Lehtinen Says that it Demonstrates that this UN Body Has No Compass on What is Good & Evil
July 22, 2013 UNESCO Once Again Makes a Mockery of its Own Ideals by Glorifying Mass Murderer Che Guevara, Says Ros-Lehtinen
July 20, 2013 Ros-Lehtinen Brings Marine Veterans and Members of the House Together in Support of Kidnapped US Marine Armando Torres
July 19, 2013 Ros-Lehtinen Introduces Bipartisan Bill Expressing Support For the Reunification of Cyprus, and Emphasizing the Importance of the U.S.-Cyprus Bilateral Relationship
July 18, 2013 Ros-Lehtinen Leads Bipartisan Letter Urging Secretary Kerry to Instruct our Mission at the UN To Support Investigation in Panama Over North Korean-Flagged Ship
July 17, 2013 Thursday, July 18 is Anniversary of AMIA Bombing and is a Sober Reminder to Remain Vigilant Against Iranian Threat in the Western Hemisphere, Ros-Lehtinen Says
July 17, 2013 It's Time for the Administration to Finally Act on the North Korean and Cuban Threat and Call for UN Inspectors Immediately, Says Ros-Lehtinen
July 16, 2013 The Story of the "Comfort Women" is a Painful Reminder of the Atrocities of Human Trafficking, and How Far We Have Yet to Go in Order to Eradicate It, Says Ros-Lehtinen
July 16, 2013 Ship Caught with Missile Equipment Headed to North Korea from Cuba Needs to Serve as Wake Up Call to Obama Administration, Ros-Lehtinen Says
July 12, 2013 As We Observe Another Sad Tragedy of the March 13 Tugboat Massacre in Havana Harbor, We are Reminded of the Brutality of the Castro Regime & of the Desperate Need to Bring Democracy to Cuba, Says Ros-Lehtinen
July 9, 2013 Our Inability to Adequately Plan, Execute and Oversee Large Scale Stability and Reconstruction Operations in Iraq Resulted in Over $8 Billion in Wasted Funds, Says Ros-Lehtinen
July 1, 2013 Celebrities Should Know the Human Rights Record Before Performing in Countries Ruled Under Oppressive Regimes, Says Ros-Lehtinen
June 28, 2013 One Year After Morsi Came to Power, Egyptians Return to the Streets Expressing their Displeasure and Seeking to Revive the Revolution For Democratic Reforms, Says Ros-Lehtinen
June 27, 2013 Ecuador's Cancellation of Trade Pact and Offer of $23 Million to U.S. for "Human Rights Training" is Laughable, Says Ros-Lehtinen
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