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1/01/12 Issue Position: Economy and Jobs 12/23/11 Berman Praises Taiwan's Nomination to Visa Waiver Program 12/19/11 Ranking Member Berman on the Death of Kim Jong Il 12/16/11 Rep. Berman Hails Extension of Law Allowing Persecuted Religious Minorities Refuge in United States 12/16/11 United States Commission on International Religious Freedom Reform and Re-authorization Act of 2011 12/15/11 New Report Details "The Most Anti-Environment House in the History of Congress" 12/15/11 Letter to President Obama 12/14/11 Rep. Berman Hails House Passage of Iran Sanctions Bill 12/14/11 Rep. Berman Commends Decision to Drop Dutch Ritual Slaughter Bill 12/13/11 Rep. Berman Applauds House Passage of Resolution Urging Turkey to Return Confiscated Churches 12/13/11 Rep. Berman Decries Rejection of Nomination for Salvadoran Ambassador 12/09/11 Letter to Godefridus de Graaf, President of the Senate - The Hague and The Netherlands 12/08/11 Congressman Howard Berman Calls for Increased Pressure on Iran 12/08/11 Letter to Alan D. Bersin, Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection U.S. Department of Homeland Security 12/07/11 Letter to Speaker Boehner, Leader Pelosi, Leader Cantor, and Whip Hoyer 12/07/11 Letter to Chairman Levin, Ranking Member McCain, Chairman McKeon, and Ranking Member Smith 12/06/11 Rep. Howard Berman Statement on Sanctioning the Central Bank of Iran 12/06/11 Berman Applauds President Obama's Announcement to Protect LGBT Community Abroad 12/06/11 Ranking Member Berman Applauds President Obama's Announcement to Protect LGBT Community Abroad 12/02/11 Letter to Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State 12/01/11 Letter to Mr. Jorge Bolaños, Chief of Mission Cuban Interests Section, Embassy of Switzerland 12/01/11 Hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee - "Democracy Held Hostage in Nicaragua: Part 1" 11/30/11 Berman Condemns Nigerian Assault On LGBT Rights 11/30/11 Hearing of the House Administration Committee - Review of the Use of Committee Funds of the 112th Congress 11/28/11 Berman Applauds International Recognition of Syrian War Crimes 11/22/11 Letter to Chairmen Leahy and Granger, and Ranking Members Graham and Lowey 11/17/11 Hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee - "Taiwan Policy Act of 2011" (H.R. 2918) and "Taiwan Airpower Modernization Act" (H.R. 2992) 11/17/11 Letter to The Honorable Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State 11/17/11 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Central Bank of Iran 11/16/11 Hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee - "Righting the Enduring Wrongs of the Holocaust: Insurance Accountability and Rail Justice" 11/15/11 Letter to Ken Salazar, Secretary of Interior - Wilderness Designation for Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 11/03/11 Letter to Chairman Rehberg and Ranking Member DeLauro 11/03/11 Letter to President Obama 11/03/11 Letter to Secretaries of State 11/03/11 Congressman Howard Berman Meets With El Salvador's First Lady Vanda Pignato 11/02/11 Pelosi, 132 House Members File Amicus Brief in Landmark Court Challenge to DOMA 11/02/11 Rep. Howard Berman's Amendment to Sanction the Central Bank of Iran Receives Committee Approval 11/02/11 Letter to President Obama 11/02/11 Ruppersberger, Bipartisan Coalition Introduce Legislation to Restore America's International Competitiveness in Commercial Satellites 11/01/11 Kate Puzey Peace Corps Volunteer Protection Act of 2011 11/01/11 Letter to Speaker Boehner 10/27/11 Letter to Attorney General Harris 10/27/11 Hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee - "Afghanistan and Pakistan: Transition and the Way Forward" 10/27/11 Hearing of the Aviation Subcommittee of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee - Helicopters 10/26/11 Congressman Berman Awarded Armenian Presidential Medal 10/25/11 Letter to Chairman Petri and Ranking Member Costello 10/25/11 Hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee - "Deployment of U.S. Forces in Central Africa and Implementation of The Lord's Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act" 10/20/11 Congressman Howard Berman on Qaddafi's Death 10/18/11 Congressman Berman on Gilad Shalit's Return Home 10/14/11 Hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee - "Iran and Syria: The Next Steps (Part II)"

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