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Elton Gallegly's Public Statements

Date Title
July 8, 2004 "In Memory" Plaque Unveiling at Vietnam Veterans Memorial
July 8, 2004 The Heightened Need for Telework Opportunities in the Post-911 World - Hearing of the House Government Reform Committee
July 7, 2004 US Support of Human Rights and Democracy - Hearing of the Subcommittee on International Terrorism, Nonproliforation and Human Rights
July 6, 2004 State's Biggest Threat is Illegal Immigration
June 23, 2004 Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2005
June 18, 2004 Praise for the Planning and Implementation of Ronald Reagan Tribute
June 16, 2004 In Honor of Franca P. Dornan
June 8, 2004 Mourning the Passing of President Ronald Reagan
May 13, 2004 Foreign ID cards proof of nothing
May 12, 2004 In Tribute to Jack Broome and John W. Borchard, Jr
April 30, 2004 TB: A manifestation of failed enforcement
April 21, 2004 Hearing of the House Judiciary Committee on Deadline for Biometric Passports
April 21, 2004 169 House Members Call on Bush to Recognize Armenian Genocide
April 21, 2004 Use of Rape as a Weapon of War is Wrong
April 12, 2004 Unenforced laws don't stop terrorists
April 10, 2004 Oil production compatible with forest
April 7, 2004 Remember, we're still a nation of laws Amnesty for illegal immigrants only results in more problems
April 6, 2004 Key to terrorism protection
April 6, 2004 The Washington Times Editorial- Key to terrorism protection
April 2, 2004 In Honor of Alvin 'Sam' Shrader
April 1, 2004 Hearing of the International Terrorism Nonproliferation and Human Rights Subcommittee of the International Relations Committee
March 10, 2004 Hearing of the House Committee on International Relations on WMDs, Terrorism, Human Rights, and the Future of the US - Libyan Relations
Jan. 18, 2004 Critical point in relations with Mexico
Jan. 7, 2004 CNN Lou Dobbs Tonight Transcript
Jan. 1, 2012 Issue Position: E-Verify
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