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11/03/16 Letter to Dr. David J. Skorton, Secretary of Smithsonian Institute - Seeking an Explanation of Justice Thomas' Absence from National Museum of African American History and Culture 6/27/16 Congressman Pitts Reacts to Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt SCOTUS Ruling 4/01/16 Freedom to Choose: Teacher Unions 7/02/15 Democracy and Tolerance 6/26/15 Good Intentions 6/26/15 Pitts, and Hartzler on SCOTUS Marriage Ruling 6/25/15 Pitts Statement on King v. Burwell 5/06/15 Letter to the Public - National Day of Prayer 4/28/15 Hartzler, Fleming, and Pitts Release Statement on SCOTUS Oral Arguments 6/30/14 Pitts on Supreme Court Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Decision 6/28/12 Rep. Joe Pitts on the Obamacare Supreme Court Ruling 3/26/12 Supreme Court Obamacare 1/31/11 Pitts on Judge Ruling Obamacare Unconstitutional 12/17/10 Federal Court Rules Against Obamacare 7/16/09 Justice Ginsberg 6/24/08 Guantanamo History Lesson 6/20/08 Guantanamo Court Decision 3/28/08 Decency Over the Airwaves is a Public Good 1/25/08 Joe's Weekly Update: Issue 542 11/07/07 Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2007 11/07/07 Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2007 8/04/07 H.R. 2046 Overrides Broad Range Of Laws 8/01/07 Letter to Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, President The Republic of the Philippines 4/20/07 The Friday Faxline: Issue 504 3/13/07 Ninth Circuit--Judicial Activism 2/16/07 The Friday Faxline Issue 495 2/02/07 Protecting Property Rights 11/17/06 The Friday Faxline (Issue 483, November 17, 2006) 7/27/06 VAT Accomplishments 6/09/06 Protecting the Rule of Law 12/14/05 Alito Nomination 11/09/05 The Mainstream 11/01/05 Judge Alito 9/15/05 Confirm Judge Roberts 9/14/05 Rep. Pitts Criticizes Pledge Decision 9/06/05 Rep. Pitts Honors Rehnquist 7/20/05 Rep. Pitts Commends Bush Choice for Court 7/01/05 Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of the "Public Benefit"? 6/27/05 Rep. Pitts Comments on Ten Commandments Rulings 5/19/05 End Filibuster Against Priscilla Owen 5/10/05 Filibuster Should Not Stand in the Way of Nominees 4/21/05 Filibuster Part of the Democrat's Cynical Campaign of Obstruction 4/05/05 Need to Rein in Federal Judiciary 3/23/05 Pitts: Courts Abandoned Terri's Humanity on an Issue of Legality 3/18/05 A Modern Day Nero or Hotel Hero? 3/18/05 Rep. Pitts praises revoking of visa to Narendra Modi 3/03/05 Say No To Foreign Law Influencing American Court Decisions 3/02/05 Job Training Improvement Act of 2005 1/24/05 Rep. Pitts Marks Anniversary of Court Decision; Asks "What Could Have Been?" 12/10/04 The Friday Faxline

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