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Office: U.S. House (WI) - District 1, Republican Speaker of the House
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11/29/16 Statement on Passage of Resolution Opposing UN-Imposed Peace 11/23/16 Statement on the Death of Fidel Castro 11/22/16 Letter to President Barack Obama - Halt Concessions to Iran 11/15/16 Statement on Passage of the Iran Sanctions Extension Act 11/15/16 Statement Ahead of Vote on Bipartisan Syria Sanctions 10/18/16 Statement on Administration's Unilateral Move to Lift Trade Restrictions on Cuba 10/07/16 The Obama Administration Has Gone Ballistic To Appease Iran 9/09/16 Statement on North Korea Nuclear Test 6/27/16 Speaker Ryan Calls for Free Trade Agreement with UK after Brexit 6/15/16 Statement on Meeting with Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman 6/09/16 Speaker Ryan Kicks Off Forum for A Better Way to Keep Americans Safe 6/08/16 Statement on Prime Minister Modi's Address to Congress 5/10/16 Independent Journal Review - Everything President Obama Promised us About the Iran Deal is Starting to Unravel 4/22/16 Statement on the Administration's Purchase of Heavy Water from Iran 4/20/16 Statement on Supreme Court Ruling in Favor of Iranian Terror Victims 4/14/16 Speaker Ryan Discusses School Choice, Middle East Visit during Weekly Press Briefing 3/31/16 Statement on Iran's Access to the Dollar 3/29/16 This is Not a Real Plan to Defeat ISIS 3/22/16 Speaker Ryan: "Our Prayers Are with Brussels, as Is Our Solidarity' 3/21/16 Ryan: Highlight the Successes in Fighting Poverty 3/21/16 FULL TEXT: Speaker Ryan's Remarks at 2016 AIPAC Policy Conference 3/18/16 Speaker Ryan: President Is Still Bound by the U.S. Trade Embargo on Castro's Cuba 3/15/16 Setting an Agenda with Real Solutions 3/14/16 House Vote Raises Pressure on ISIS Genocide Declaration 3/03/16 ISIS and Assad Are Committing Crimes against Humanity 2/26/16 Statement on Customs Provisions to Combat Boycotts of Israel 2/17/16 Statement on the Terrorist Attack in Turkey 2/10/16 One Step Closer to New North Korea Sanctions 2/07/16 Statement on North Korea Missile Test 2/03/16 Speaker Ryan & House Leaders Meet with President Santos of Colombia 1/26/16 Speaker Ryan on Hugh Hewitt: 'We Are Going to Get Out There with an Agenda' 1/21/16 Secretary Kerry: Iran Will Use Sanctions Relief to Fund Terrorism 1/16/16 Statement on Implementation of the Iran Nuclear Agreement 1/14/16 Speaker Ryan: The President Has a 'Myopic' Vision 1/13/16 Speaker Ryan & House Leaders Meet with His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan 1/12/16 Statement on Iran's Detention of American Servicemembers 1/12/16 Speaker Ryan's Two Key Points Ahead of Tonight's #LastSOTU 1/11/16 Some Advice for the President 1/08/16 Speaker Ryan on Fox News's Special Report: 2016 is Going to Be About Ideas 1/01/16 Issue Position: Defense & Homeland Security 12/23/15 House Fights for Victims of Iranian Terrorism 12/10/15 America Has No Better Friend Than Israel 12/02/15 Speaker Ryan Names Conferees for Customs and Trade Enforcement 11/30/15 Ryan: "I Want Us to Renew the American Idea" 11/23/15 CNN - Paul Ryan: On Refugees, Balance Compassion and Safety 11/19/15 "Hannity on Fox News" - Transcript Excerpts: Ryan's Speaks with Fox News's Hannity 11/18/15 FOX "Hannity"- Transcript: Ryan Interview 11/18/15 Terror Will Not Prevail 11/17/15 Ryan: The Ultimate Solution Is a Strategy to Defeat ISIS 11/16/15 "Morning in America" - Transcript Excerpt: Listen to Speaker Ryan's Interview with Bill Bennett

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