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Issue Position: Labor Issue Position: Financial Reform Issue Position: Economy Issue Position: Disabilities Issue Position: Health Care Issue Position: Taxes Issue Position: Equal Opportunity Issue Position: Seniors Issue Position: Education Issue Position: Housing Issue Position: Arts and Culture Issue Position: Ethics Reform Issue Position: Transportation Issue Position: Civil Rights Issue Position: Environment 11/23/04 Letter to Constituents 11/18/04 Honoring Whitemarsh Township 11/18/04 Honoring Dr. Irwin Rose 11/17/04 Iraq Watch 11/17/04 Adjournment 10/25/04 106 Members of Congress Urge More Money For Toxic Waste Cleanups 10/20/04 Intel Reform: House and Senate Conferees Meet for the First Time, Reps. Shays and Maloney Urge Swift Action 10/01/04 Achievements of Chestnut Hill Hospital's First Hundred Years 9/30/04 9/11 Caucus Members, 9/11 Commission, 9/11 Families Unite in Call for Up or Down Vote on Bipartisan Legislation to Implement 9/11 Commission... 9/28/04 Over Fifty Members of Congress Urge Appropriators to Fund Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program 9/27/04 Slipping Specter Turns Republican Attack Machine of Hoeffel 9/24/04 Letter to Mr. Glenn Tilton, Chair of United Airlines 9/20/04 Hoeffel Offers Concern, Support For Displaced Workers 9/15/04 Hoeffel Says Specter's Key Partner - Rick Santorum - Should Stop Blaming US Airways Employees for Company's Bankruptcy 9/10/04 Hoeffel Statement on Expiration of Assault Weapons Ban 9/09/04 Hoeffel Praises Powell Declaration that Genocide Has Occurred in Sudan 9/08/04 Honoring Lieutenant Robert Del Soldo 9/06/04 Statement from U.S. Senate Candidate Joe Hoeffel Regarding Labor Day 9/03/04 Four More Years of This? 8/27/04 With More in Poverty and More Uninsured, Hoeffel Asks Why Specter Wants More of the Same 8/26/04 Hoeffel Announces Plan to Create Jobs and Economic Growth 8/24/04 Hearing of the House International Relations Committee - 9/11 Commission Recommendations for U.S. Diplomacy 8/24/04 Hoeffel Reaction to Committee Hearing Featuring 9/11 Commission Co-Chairmen Kean and Hamilton 8/23/04 Hoeffel Calls on Specter to Co-Sponsor Employee Free Choice Act 8/23/04 Hoeffel Denounces New Overtime Regulations 8/16/04 Philadelphia Daily News Editorial - We ARE protecting workers 8/09/04 Hoeffel Statement on Three-Year Anniversary of Stem-Cell Ban 8/06/04 Hoeffel Statement on Disappointing New Job Numbers and Snow Visit to PA 8/03/04 Hoeffel Offers Concern, Support for Techneglas Workers He Met with in June 8/01/04 Hoeffel Reiterates Call for Troop Redeployment Against Al-Qaeda Following New Terror Warnings from Ridge 7/31/04 Hoeffel Says Bush-Cheney Administration Fails to Respond to Urgent Needs of Families and Communities in Western PA 7/30/04 Hoeffel Calls for Urgent Action to Solve Problems at Home and Abroad 7/28/04 Remarks By Representative Joe Hoeffel (D-PA) at the Democratic National Convention 7/28/04 Hoeffel Speaks at Democratic Convention Today 7/23/04 Hoeffel Campaign on Specter Labor Hearing