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Joseph Hoeffel's Public Statements

Date Title
July 23, 2004 Hoeffel Calls on Bush and Republican Leadership to Hold Special Session on 9/11 Report
July 22, 2004 Statement by Congressman Joe Hoeffel on 9-11 Commission Report
July 22, 2004 Letter to President George W. Bush Regarding Roadless Area Conservation Rule
July 22, 2004 Hoeffel Endorses Army Plan to Auction Off Tacony Warehouse Property
July 21, 2004 Hoeffel Statement On Humanitarian Crisis In Sudan
July 21, 2004 Declaring Genocide in Darfur, Sudan
July 20, 2004 Statement Delivered by Congressman Joe Hoeffel During Protest at Sudan Embassy
July 20, 2004 Hoeffel Statement on Specter's Support of Myers' Nomination
July 17, 2004 Hoeffel Calls for Redeployment of U.S. Troops to Capture Bin Laden and Destroy Al-Qaeda
July 15, 2004 Letter to Secretary Ridge
July 13, 2004 Letter to President Bush
July 12, 2004 Hoeffel Statement on Cheney in Pennsylvania
July 12, 2004 Hoeffel Says Specter Support for Bush-Cheney Budgets has Hurt Pennsylvania Communities, Increased Debt
July 6, 2004 Hoeffel Statement on Kerry Selection of Edwards
July 6, 2004 Iraq Watch
July 6, 2004 Hoeffel Statement on Specter's Vote to Confirm Holmes Nomination
July 5, 2004 Who's Going to Pay the GOP's Debt?
June 28, 2004 Hoeffel Statement on Handover of Authority in Iraq
June 25, 2004 Hoeffel Honors Lieutenant James Leary
June 21, 2004 Iraq Watch
June 18, 2004 Remembering Sgt Sherwood Baker
June 16, 2004 Hoeffel Honoring Chief Paul Kittredge
June 5, 2004 Hoeffel Statement on Death of Ronald Reagan
June 3, 2004 Hoeffel Statement on Resignation of George Tenet
June 2, 2004 Hoeffel Statement on Federal Court Decision on Abortion
June 2, 2004 Iraq Watch
June 2, 2004 Hoeffel Congratulates Anthony Heisler
May 20, 2004 Hoeffel Lauds House Vote Upholding Delay Of BRAC Process
May 19, 2004 Hoeffel Honoring Corporal Wiliam A Sydnor
May 17, 2004 Iraq Watch
May 12, 2004 Iraq Watch
May 12, 2004 Hoeffel Statement on Iraq
May 7, 2004 Hoeffel Calls for Rumsfeld and Tenet to be Fired, Citing Repeated Failures of Leadership That Have Damaged U.S. Standing on War on Terror
May 5, 2004 Hoeffel Statement on Treatment of Iraqi Prisoners
May 5, 2004 Congressional Democrats Call on Chairman Hunter to Help Military Widows
April 28, 2004 Hoeffel Statement - Recognize and Honor Weldon Volunteer Fire Company #3 on One Hundred Years of Service
April 28, 2004 50th Anniversary of Brown V. Board of Education
April 21, 2004 169 House Members Call on Bush to Recognize Armenian Genocide
March 3, 2004 Hoeffel Honors Hatfield Volunteer Fire Company
Feb. 25, 2004 Congressman Hoeffel Calls Greenspan Suggestions About Social Security Outrageous
Feb. 24, 2004 Iraq Watch
Feb. 24, 2004 Hoeffels Statement on the President's Support for a Constitutional Amendment Banning Gay Marriages
Feb. 24, 2004 Adjournment
Feb. 6, 2004 Hoeffel Honoring the Fox Chase Cancer Center
Feb. 5, 2004 Hoeffel Details Problems With Bush Budget
Feb. 3, 2004 Iraq Watch
Feb. 2, 2004 Hoeffel Pleased Bush Finally Calls For Independent Panel On Iraq Intelligence; Hopes Panel Is Charged With Looking Into How Intelligence Was Used
Feb. 2, 2004 Hoeffel Calls Bush Budget Fiction; Files It Under Horror Stories
Jan. 29, 2004 Hoeffel Statement on Impact of New Overtime Regulations on Veterans and Military Retirees
Jan. 27, 2004 Hoeffel - Search for the Truth
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