Representative Marsha Blackburn's Public Statements

Office: U.S. House (TN) - District 7, Republican
On The Ballot: Running, Republican for U.S. House - District 7
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7/20/05 Celebrating the Successes of Free Enterprise 7/19/05 Patriot Act Reauthorization - 1 7/19/05 Patriot Act Reauthorization - 2 7/18/05 The Economy/Carl Rove 7/18/05 Southwestern Breeds Future Leaders 7/14/05 Budget Deficit Shrinks 7/13/05 Positive Economic News 7/12/05 Small Business and Health Care 7/12/05 Economic and Job Growth 7/11/05 Answering the Call for Freedom 7/11/05 Economic Growth Policies of Reducing Taxation and Lessening Regulation Work 6/29/05 Supreme Court Decisions 6/28/05 Blackburn: We Are in This to Win 6/28/05 Effective Strategies for Peace in Iraq 6/28/05 Blackburn: President Should Talk About Successes, Struggles in Iraq, Afghanistan 6/28/05 The President's Speech 6/27/05 GITMO 6/24/05 U.S. Rep Marsha Blackburn Visits Guantanamo Bay 6/23/05 Iraq 6/23/05 Republican Agenda 6/22/05 Social Security and Inequities Towards Women 6/22/05 The Priority for this Nation 6/21/05 Republican Agenda 6/21/05 GITMO 6/20/05 Senator Durbin's Comments 6/17/05 Democrats Play House 6/16/05 U.N. Reform 6/09/05 One Thing I Know for Certain 6/08/05 There He Goes Again 6/07/05 Howard Dean and Waste, Fraud, and Abuse 5/26/05 Economic Growth 5/25/05 Military Appreciation Month 5/24/05 Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2005 5/23/05 Economic Growth in Tennessee 5/12/05 Faster and Smarter Funding for First Responders Act 5/10/05 Supporting Goals and Ideals of a Rotary International Day 5/05/05 Judicial Nominees 5/03/05 Real Economic Growth for America 4/27/05 Hearing of House Subcommittee on Telecommunications and Internet: How Internet Protocol-Enabled Services are Changing the Face of Communications... 4/27/05 House Passes Iraq Funding Bill Includes Legislation Blackburn Supported to Raise Death Benefit Gratuity, Strengthen Immigration Laws 4/21/05 Blackburn Helps Lead Passage of National Energy Policy 4/20/05 Providing for Consideration of H.R. 6, Energy Policy Act of 2005 4/20/05 Energy Plan for America 4/14/05 Social Security and U.S. Energy Policy 4/14/05 Questioning the Leadership Across the Aisle 4/13/05 Providing for Consideration of H.R. 8, Death Tax Repeal Permanency Act of 2005 4/06/05 Sandy Berger and the "Sloppy Socks Scandal" 4/05/05 America Supports You 4/05/05 Good Work of Our Armed Forces in Iraq 3/20/05 For the Relief of the Parents of Theresa Marie Schiavo