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Saxby Chambliss' Public Statements

Date Title
April 5, 2006 Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
April 5, 2006 The Rockdale Citizen - Chambliss Aims to Send Illegals Home
April 4, 2006 Chambliss - Isakson Introduce Legislation to Help Jekyll Island Residents
April 3, 2006 Securing America's Borders Act
March 30, 2006 Immigration Reform
March 29, 2006 Chambliss Statement on the Democrat National Security Plan
March 29, 2006 Chambliss Statement on UN Security Council's Demand that Iran Suspend Uranium Enrichment
March 27, 2006 The Albany Herald - Labor Shouldn't Sacrifice Safety
March 27, 2006 Chambliss Disappointed with Judiciary Committee on Feinstein Guest Worker Amendment
March 21, 2006 Chambliss Meets with Madison-Morgan Chamber of Commerce Officials
March 20, 2006 Chambliss Authors Legislation to Protect Military Families from Protesters
March 20, 2006 48th Brigade Fills Georgians with Pride
March 17, 2006 Chambliss Statement on Dirk Kempthorne's Nomination to be the Next Interior Secretary
March 17, 2006 Chambliss Statement on the Senate Budget
March 15, 2006 Chambliss Amendment Would Help Georgia Law Enforcement Make Communities Safer, Drug Free
March 14, 2006 Congressional Budget for the United States Government for Fiscal Year 2007
March 13, 2006 Chambliss Comments on Kia Coming to Georgia
March 12, 2006 Georgia Lawmakers Meet With UAE Officials to Discuss Ports Issue, Partnership in War on Terror
March 9, 2006 Hearing of the Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee on the Review USDA Management of Packers and Stockyards Act
March 9, 2006 Chambliss: Line-Item Veto Would Protect Taxpayers, Bring Fiscal Restraint
March 6, 2006 Executive Session
March 2, 2006 USA Patriot Terrorism Prevention Reauthoirzation Act of 2005--Conference Report
March 2, 2006 Chambliss Supports Passage of Patriot Act Renewal
Feb. 27, 2006 U.S. Farmers and Ranchers to Gain Better Access to Columbia's Markets
Feb. 22, 2006 Chambliss Statement on U. S. Seaport Operations
Feb. 8, 2006 NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program
Feb. 7, 2006 WTO Rules for Biotechnology, Against European Union
Feb. 6, 2006 The President's 2007 Fiscal Year Budget Proposal on Agriculture
Feb. 2, 2006 Chambliss: Terrorist Surveillance Program is Essential to National Security
Feb. 1, 2006 Chambliss, Isakson Praise Senate Passage Of Resolution Honoring Coretta Scott King
Feb. 1, 2006 Chambliss Reacts to President Bush's State of the Union Address
Feb. 1, 2006 Chambliss Praises Senate Confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito
Jan. 31, 2006 Nominations of Ben S. Bernanke to be a Member and Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Jan. 31, 2006 Honoring the Life of Coretta Scott King
Jan. 30, 2006 Executive Session
Jan. 25, 2006 Taiwan Renews U.S. Beef Shipments
Jan. 20, 2006 Swift and Aggressive Action Addresses Lapse in Beef Export to Japan
Jan. 17, 2006 Chambliss: We Must Not Delay Vote on Alito
Dec. 28, 2005 CNN Live From... - Transcript
Dec. 21, 2005 Final Observations on WTO/Hong Kong
Dec. 20, 2005 Deficit Reduction Act of 2005--Conference Report
Dec. 19, 2005 Chambliss Statement on Reauthorization of the USA Patriot Act
Dec. 18, 2005 Chambliss Supports Deficit Reduction, Disappointed in Ag Sector Package
Dec. 17, 2005 Stem Cell Therapeutic and Research Act
Dec. 17, 2005 Draft Declaration at WTO
Dec. 16, 2005 MSNBC Hardball - Transcript
Dec. 16, 2005 Chambliss Cites Market Access Study's Importance
Dec. 16, 2005 Atlanta Journal Constitution - Compassion at the Core of Guest Worker Reform
Dec. 16, 2005 Chambliss Cites Market Access Study's Importance
Dec. 16, 2005 Chambliss Praises Iraqi Elections
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