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11/24/14 Chambliss: US Must Hold Iran Accountable for Its Continued Noncompliance 11/18/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - On Dismantling Iran's Nuclear Program 11/12/14 CNN "Erin Burnett Outfront" - Transcript: Syria 10/28/14 Letter to Leon Kengo Wa Dondo, President of the Senate of the DRC, and Aubin Minaku, Speaker of the National Assembly of the DRC - Urging Action on Adoption Reform 10/16/14 Chambliss, Isakson Call for Restricted Travel From Ebola-affected West Africa to U.S. 9/24/14 Letter to John Kerry, Secretary of State - Opposing Hamas and Warning Against Unilateral Palestinian Initiatives that Would Derail Future Peace Talks 8/22/14 Chambliss Congratulates Moody Air Force Base on New Training Mission 8/21/14 Chambliss Joins CNN's Situation Room to Discuss Iraq, ISIS 7/31/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Designate Pro-Russian Separatist Groups as Foreign Terrorist Organizations Under U.S. Law 7/22/14 Chambliss Statement on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 7/15/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Iran's Development of ICBM 6/19/14 Chambliss: We Cannot Ignore Threats to the United States 6/19/14 Foreign Policy 6/17/14 The Washington Post - Republicans Call for Captured Benghazi Suspect to be Held at Guantanamo 6/12/14 Chambliss Statement on Escalating Iraq Conflict 6/11/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Palestinian Unity Government 6/06/14 Letter to John Kerry, Secretary of State - Meriam Yahia Ibrahim 6/01/14 Chambliss Statement on Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl 5/13/14 TIME - Should the U.S. Send in Special Forces to Bring Back Our Girls? 5/08/14 Bipartisan Coalition Introduces Bill to Extend, Reform Special Immigrant Visa Program 4/18/14 Letter to Joseph Kabila Kabange, President, and Augustin Matata Ponyo, Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo - End Delays in US Adoptions from Democratic Republic of Congo 4/09/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Fifty-two Senators Commemorate the 35th Anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act 4/04/14 Letter to Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture, and Michael Froman, US Trade Representative - Fight to Protect U.S. Producers Against Ridiculous EU Trade Demands on Names of Meat Products 3/19/14 Albany Herald - US Options Limited on Crimea, US Senator Saxby Chambliss Says 2/26/14 Comprehensive Veterans Health and Benefits and Military Retirement Pay Restoration Act of 2014 12/09/13 Letter to Senators Barbara Mikulski, Richard Shelby, Mary Landrieu, Dan Coats - Misstep May Benefit Middle East Airlines at U.S. Airlines Expense, Wants Correction 11/26/13 Coats Urges Strict Congressional Oversight of Iran Nuclear Deal 11/26/13 Letter to Senator Menendez and Senator Corker - Iran Agreement 11/24/13 AJC - Saxby Chambliss on Iran Nuclear Deal: We've Let Them Out of the Trap 10/23/13 AJC: Chambliss Warns of Syria Deal's Shortcomings 10/15/13 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - United Nations Arms Trade Treaty 9/24/13 Letter to Jack Lew, Secretary of the Treasury, and Michael Froman, Ambassador of the US Trade Representative - Sixty Senators Urge Administration to Crack Down on Currency Manipulation in Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks 8/31/13 Chambliss Responds to the President's Remarks on Syria 8/28/13 Chambliss Statement on Syria 8/07/13 Reuters - Yemen Turmoil Could Stall Obama's Effort to Close Guantanamo 8/06/13 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Defeating the Lord's Resistance Army 8/05/13 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Iranian Nuclear Program 7/28/13 ABC "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" - Transcript: Edward Snowden and the NSA 7/18/13 Chambliss Stresses Need for Action in Syria 6/20/13 Letter to John Kerry, Secretary of U.S. Department of State - U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue 6/18/13 Chambliss Statement on U.S., Taliban Peace Talks 5/31/13 Letter to President Obama - Russian Adoptions 5/29/13 Chambliss Meets with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu 5/16/13 Executive Session 5/13/13 Letter to President Obama - MOX Project Dispute 4/28/13 CBS "Face the Nation" - Transcript - Boston Bombers and Syria 4/25/13 Chambliss Statement on the Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria 4/24/13 Letter to President Obama - Inquiry into Whether Assad Regim Has Used Chemical Weapons 4/24/13 Letter to President Obama - Assad Regime Using Chemical Weapons 3/19/13 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Collins, King Among 77 Senators Calling on President to Continue Support of Israel

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