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Office: U.S. Senate (SC) - Sr, Republican
On The Ballot: Potential, Republican for President
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4/15/15 Senators Seek Greater Transparency Regarding Transfers of Guantanamo Detainees 4/14/15 Letter to James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence - Transfer of Guantanamo Bay Detainees 3/20/15 Graham-Ayotte Amendment to Increase Defense Spending Passes Senate Budget Committee 2/12/15 Armed Services Committee Passes Legislation to Restrict Transfer of Guantanamo Detainees 2/11/15 Graham on Closing the United States Embassy in Yemen 2/04/15 Letter to John Kerry, Secretary of State and Chuck Hagel, Secretary of Defense - Urgent Support to Jordan in Fight Against ISIL 1/27/15 Letter to Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States of America - Answers about Extradition of Al-Qaeda Members to U.S. for Article III Trial 1/21/15 Graham, McCain Statement on President Obama's State of the Union Address 1/21/15 Graham on the State of the Union 1/18/15 MSNBC "Meet the Press" - Transcript: ISIS 1/15/15 Graham, Ayotte, McCain Statement on Transfer of Guantanamo Bay Detainees to Oman, Estonia 1/10/15 Statement By Senators Graham and McCain on Handling of Investigation into Former CIA Director David Petraeus 1/09/15 FOX "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" - Transcript: Charlie Hebdo Shooting 12/09/14 Graham on Release of CIA 'Torture' Report 12/09/14 Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Study of the CIA's Detention and Interrogation Program 12/09/14 FOX "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" - Transcript: CIA Interrogation Techniques 11/18/14 Letter to Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security - Keeping Coast Guard Facilities Open in Oregon and South Carolina 10/31/14 Senators Scott and Graham Convince Coast Guard to Delay Closure of the Air Facility Charleston 10/31/14 News 2 - Closure of Coast Guard Rescue Operations in Charleston Delayed 10/01/14 Graham on the Secret Service 9/30/14 Graham Launches Statewide Ad Campaign 8/25/14 McCain and Graham on Murder of James Foley 8/18/14 Statement by Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham on Iraq 8/18/14 Letter to Shaun Donovan, Director of the Office of Management and Budget - Greater Nuclear Security and Nonproliferation Efforts 8/14/14 McCain and Graham on Maliki Resignation 8/12/14 Statement by McCain and Graham on Iraq 8/11/14 Graham on ISIS and Iraq 7/31/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Designate Pro-Russian Separatist Groups as Foreign Terrorist Organizations Under U.S. Law 7/23/14 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions 7/15/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Iran's Development of ICBM 6/26/14 Terrorist Threats 6/19/14 Foreign Policy 6/17/14 The Washington Post - Republicans Call for Captured Benghazi Suspect to be Held at Guantanamo 6/13/14 Letter to Gene Dodaro, Comptroller General of the United States - Taliban Negotiations Concerns 5/01/14 Hoeven Cosponsors Legislation Providing Strategic U.S. Response to Russian Aggression in Europe 4/02/14 Statement by Senators McCain, Graham and Ayotte on Former Acting CIA Director Mike Morell's Testimony on Benghazi Attack 3/18/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Negotiations with Iran 2/25/14 Sens. McCain and Graham on Obama Defense Budget Proposal 2/06/14 Letter to President Barack Obama - Benghazi Answers 1/04/14 McCain & Graham on Reported Al-Qaeda Takeover in Fallujah, Iraq 12/18/13 Making Continuing Appropriations for Fiscal Year 2013 11/01/13 Senators Introduce Legislation to Promote Public Awareness of Cyber Security 10/29/13 Letter to Administrator John Pistole, Transportation Security Administration - TSA Searches at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport 10/15/13 Default Prevention Act of 2013--Motion to Proceed--Continued 10/15/13 Default Prevention Act of 2013--Motion to Proceed--Continued 9/23/13 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Iran 8/04/13 CNN "State of the Union with Candy Crowley" - Transcript: Al-Qaeda Planning Attack 8/01/13 CNN "The Situation Room" - Transcript: Edward Snowden 7/19/13 Graham, Schumer Resolution Encourages Russia to Turn Over Edward Snowden to American Authorities 6/23/13 Fox News "Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace" - Transcript - National Security and Immigration Reform