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8/24/12 The Wall Street Journal - What I Learned at Bain Capital 8/23/12 Using Our Energy Resources Will Create Jobs and Prosperity 8/22/12 "You Didn't Build That" is President Obama's Philosophy 8/20/12 It's Immoral to Pass on the Burden of Debt to Future Generations 8/17/12 Audio Remarks on President Obama's Cuts to Medicare 8/16/12 The President's Medicare Plan has a Dramatic Impact on Today's Seniors 8/16/12 President Obama's $716 Billion Medicare Cut is a Mistake 8/15/12 Obama's Campaign of Anger Diminishes the Presidency 8/15/12 Remarks from Chillicoth, Ohio 8/14/12 President Obama's Policies Have Hurt Coal 8/14/12 President Obama Cut Medicare to Pay for Obamacare 8/14/12 Politico - Romney, Ryan Hit Obama on Energy 8/13/12 We Must Get America Back on Track 8/13/12 My Economic Plan Will Bring Jobs Back to North Carolina and the Nation 8/13/12 President Obama Has Failed to Deliver the Jobs Americans Need 8/12/12 Mitt Romney: My Economic Plan Will Bring Jobs Back to North Carolina and the Nation 8/12/12 Mitt Romney: "We Have to Champion Small Business in this Country" 8/11/12 Mitt Romney Delivers Remarks in Norfolk, Virginia 8/11/12 Mitt Romney: America Was Built on People Reaching for Achievement 8/10/12 Mitt Romney: We Must Protect the Right of Freedom of Association 8/07/12 Mitt Romney: We Must Restore Work in Welfare 8/07/12 Mitt Romney: Work is an Essential Part of Welfare 8/06/12 Israel, Our Ally 8/05/12 President Obama's Downgrade Day 8/05/12 CNN "State of the Union with Candy Crowley" - Transcript 8/05/12 Mitt Romney: Our Thoughts and Prayers Are with the Victims of this Senseless Act of Violence 8/04/12 Mitt Romney: We Must Defend the Rights of Military Voters 8/03/12 Mitt Romney: My Policies Will Put Americans Back to Work 8/03/12 A Stronger Middle Class 8/03/12 Another Disappointing Week in the Obama Economy 8/03/12 My Policies Will Put Americans Back to Work 8/03/12 Romney: Staples an Example of Private Sector Success, Solyndra Example of Government Failure 8/03/12 Mitt Romney: America Can Do Better 8/02/12 Mitt Romney: Help is Coming for the MIddle Class 8/02/12 Mitt Romney: Let's Work Together to Get America Working Again 7/31/12 National Review - Culture Does Matter 7/31/12 Mitt Romney: "Poland Has No Greater Friend and Ally than the People of the United States of America" 7/31/12 Mitt Romney Delivers Remarks in Poland: "Freedom and Friendship" 7/31/12 Mitt Romney: "These Last Four Years Have Been Tough for Our Country" 7/31/12 Mitt Romney: We Must Promote a Foreign Policy Based on Confidence, Clarity, and Resolve 7/31/12 Mitt Romney: We Must Stand with Poland 7/30/12 The Hill - Romney Web Ad Mocks Obama's 'It Worked' Comment 7/30/12 Fox News "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" - Transcript 7/30/12 CNN "The Situation Room" - Transcript 7/29/12 Romney: Alliance Between Israel and United States is a Force for Good 7/29/12 CBS "Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer" - Transcript 7/29/12 Mitt Romney Delivers Remarks in Jerusalem 7/27/12 CNN "Piers Morgan Tonight" - Transcript 7/27/12 Mitt Romney: Today's Injunction is a Victory for the Freedom of Conscience 7/24/12 Mitt Romney Delivers Remarks at the VFW National Convention