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9/27/12 I Stand with Prime Minister Netanyahu 9/27/12 It is Our Turn to Garb the Torch of Freedom and Opportunity 9/26/12 America Needs a Jobs Plan Based on Private-Sector Realities 9/26/12 We Don't Want Four More Years Like the Last Four Years 9/25/12 We Must Have the Best Teachers 9/25/12 CNN "The Situation Room" - Transcript 9/24/12 We Must Stand for Freedom 9/23/12 CBS "60 Minutes" - Transcript 9/22/12 Mitt Romney Releases Weekly Podcast on Economic Policies that Foster Upward Mobility 9/20/12 I Will Change Washington 9/20/12 President Obama has Failed in Enabling Upward Mobility for All 9/19/12 We Must Create Wealth, Not Redistribute Wealth 9/19/12 I'll Deliver Recovery, Not Dependency 9/18/12 President' Obama's War on Coal has Claimed its Latest Victims 9/18/12 Fox News "Your World with Cavuto" - Transcript 9/17/12 Today We Celebrate the Ideals on Which This Country was Founded 9/17/12 This Campaign-Season Trade Case is Too Little, Too Late 9/17/12 Remarks to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 9/15/12 Weekly Podcast on the Need for Strong American Leadership 9/14/12 What Egypt Must Do to Remain a U.S. Ally 9/13/12 The World Needs American Leadership 9/13/12 I Will Ensure China Plays by the Rules 9/12/12 American Leadership is Still Sorely Needed 9/11/12 On this Somber Day, We Stand Tall for Peace and Freedom 9/11/12 Remarks to the National Guard Association Conference 9/11/12 Statement on Developments in Libya and Egypt 9/10/12 "Forewarned" is a Better Slogan for President Obama 9/09/12 President Obama Made More Promises He Won't Be Able to Keep 9/09/12 Promises 9/09/12 NBC "Meet the Press" - Transcript 9/08/12 Weekly Podcast on President Obama's Failed Economic Record 9/07/12 The American People Want Answers on Defense Spending 9/07/12 If Last Night was the Party, This Morning is the Hangover 9/07/12 We Are Going in the Wrong Direction 9/06/12 The American People Want a Report on the President's Promises 9/05/12 Make Jobs, Not Excuses 9/05/12 Americans Recognize We Aren't Better Off than Four Years Ago 9/04/12 The Democrat's New Platform Fails to Acknowledge a Simple Reality 9/01/12 It's Time for America to See a Wining Season 9/01/12 Mitt Romney's Audio Remarks on His Plan for a Stronger Middle Class 9/01/12 A Better Future is Ahead 8/31/12 President Obama Failed to Live Up to His Own Standards 8/30/12 The American We Believe In 8/30/12 Mitt Romney: Remarks to the Republican National Committee 8/29/12 Mitt Romney: Remarks to the American Legion 8/26/12 Restoring America's Prosperity 8/26/12 America Needs Big and Bold Answers 8/26/12 Fox News "Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace" - Transcript 8/25/12 Mitt Romney's Audio Remarks on the State of the Economy 8/25/12 We Will Champion Small Business