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10/23/12 Remarks by the President and Governor Romney in the Third Presidential Debate 10/16/12 Remarks by the President and Governor Romney in Second Presidential Debate 7/11/12 Mitt Romney Delivers Remarks At The NAACP Convention 7/11/12 Mitt Romney Delivers Remarks at the NAACP Convention 5/23/12 Mitt Romney Proposes Education Reform that Will Provide a Chance for Every Child 5/23/12 U.S. Chamber of Commerce Remarks: A Chance for Every Child 5/23/12 Mitt Romney Delivers Remarks on Education: "A Chance for Every Child" 5/22/12 Mitt Romney Announces Members of Education Policy Advisory Group 4/02/12 Fox News "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" - Transcript 3/18/12 Fox News "Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace" - Transcript 1/26/12 CNN Florida Republican Presidential Debate 11/09/11 CNBC "Republican Presidential Debate" - Transcript 9/22/11 Fox News-Google GOP Debate 8/16/11 Merrimack Patch - Romney Talks Jobs, Economy and Education 1/14/08 USA Today - Straight Talk About Schools; On Education Reform, One Candidate Stands Out 1/10/08 Republican Presidential Candidates Debate 12/12/07 Des Moines Register Presidential Debate: The Republicans 12/09/07 Republican Univision Debate Transcript 12/01/07 Governor Romney Announces His Education Policy Advisory Group 11/25/07 The Romney Agenda: The Four Walls Of The New Hampshire Home 11/07/07 The Romney Agenda: Excellence In Education 10/27/07 The Romney Agenda: The Four Walls Of The Florida Home 10/21/07 Fox News "Republican Debate" - Transcript 10/19/07 Governor Mitt Romney's Address to the Family Research Council's Values Voter Summit 7/18/07 The Romney Vision: A Record of Promoting Abstinence, Not Sex Education for Kindergartener 6/05/07 CNN GOP Debate-Transcript 9/15/06 Romney Awards Free Tuition to 16,000 High School Seniors 4/13/06 Healy Announces Massachusetts' First Recovery High School 1/11/06 Hearing of the State's Joint Committee on Education 11/22/05 CNN Lou Dobbs Tonight - Transcript 11/07/05 Romney Honors Six Educators for Excellence in Math and Science 10/28/05 Romney Joins in Surprise Presentations of National Educator Awards to Top Massachusetts Teachers 9/22/05 Romeny Files Comprehensive Education Reform Package 9/13/05 Romney Honors 2005 Commonwealth Compass Schools 7/18/05 Romney Unveils Capital Budget, Major Focus on Higher Ed 5/05/05 Romney Celebrates Decade of Charter School Success 1/28/05 Romney Expands Adult Basic Education for Immigrants 1/25/05 Romney Moves to Make Science a Graduation Requirement 1/13/05 State of the Commonwealth Address 1/15/04 State of the State Address 1/29/03 Governor Romney's State of the State Address Raising The Bar On Education

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