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America Must Come Together and Get to Work Solving Problems, Building Country Tommy Thompson On The Issues 10/03/13 ObamaCare Repeal Pledge 10/12/12 Thompson Comments on Paul Ryan's Commanding Debate Performance 10/12/12 Thompson Comments on Biden's Attempt to Defend Job-Killing Agenda in Wisconsin 10/10/12 Governor Bobby Jindal Endorses Tommy Thompson for U.S. Senate 10/10/12 The Cap Times - Tommy Thompson: Reform Health Care with Wisconsin Common Sense 10/08/12 Tommy Thompson Releases Latest Television Ad, "Lying" 10/06/12 National Rifle Association Announces Support for Tommy Thompson for U.S. Senate 10/05/12 Thompson Tours Racine Switch Development Corp., Promotes National Manufacturing Day 10/05/12 Tommy Thompson Addresses Disabled American Veterans at Annual Conference 10/03/12 The Cap Times - Tommy Thompson: Common-sense Solutions for a Stronger Economy 10/02/12 Wisconsin Builders Association Endorses Tommy Thompson 10/01/12 Tommy Thompson Will Welcome Governor Chris Christie to Wisconsin on October 17th 9/29/12 Tommy Thompson Wins First Debate in Wisconsin Senate Race 9/28/12 Tommy Thompson Releases Latest Television Ad, "Too Liberal" 8/14/12 Journal Sentinel - Thompson Wins Senate Primary, Advances to Face Baldwin in November 8/10/12 Tommy Thompson is the Conservative "Who Can Win" 7/26/12 Thompson on Democrats Vote Today to Raise Taxes 6/19/12 Tommy Thompson Calls for Obamacare Replacement 8/07/07 MSNBC "Super Tuesday"-Transcript 8/05/07 ABC "This Week"-Transcript 7/24/07 MSNBC "Super Tuesday"-Transcript 7/10/07 Thompson Pledges End to Breast Cancer 6/29/07 Thompson Announces Bus Tour with Over 100 Stops 6/15/07 Thompson: Iraqi Violence Increasing, My Plan Must Be Implemented Quickly 6/13/07 Statement by Governor Thompson on Ames Straw Poll Participation 6/12/07 Thompson Takes Iraq Plan Directly to Iowa Voters 6/05/07 CNN GOP Debate-Transcript 5/29/07 Governor Thompson: Iraq War May Be Won or Lost This Week 5/22/07 - Thompson Zeroes in on Ideas, Issues 5/18/07 Statement by Tommy G. Thompson on Immigration Compromise in the Senate: 5/18/07 Governor Thompson's Statement On U.S. Supreme Court Abortion Decision 5/18/07 Governor Thompson's Statement On U.S. Supreme Court Abortion Decision 5/16/07 Sue Ann and Tommy Thompson Statement On Virginia Tech Tragedy 5/15/07 MSNBC GOP Debate-Transcript 5/15/07 Governor Thompson Again Wins on Iraq Question 5/15/07 Statement by Governor Tommy G. Thompson on the Death of Jerry Falwell 5/09/07 Union Leader - Thompson Says He's Only Candidate Who has Answers 5/09/07 Nashua Telegraph - Thompson Says He'd Overhaul Health Care 5/04/07 Register Correspondent - Tommy Thompson Stresses Fiscal Credentials 5/03/07 Governor Thompson The Only Candidate With Plan For Long-Term Success In Iraq 5/01/07 Governor Tommy G. Thompson Statement on President Bush's Veto of Iraq Withdrawal Bill 5/01/07 Governor Tommy G. Thompson Statement On Illegal Immigration 4/28/07 - Aid Uninsured, Thompson Urges 4/27/07 Dubuque Telegraph Herald - Tommy Thompson Emphasizes Solutions 4/19/07 Quad City Times - Candidate Thompson Touts His Plan for Iraq 4/19/07 Radio Iowa News - Tommy Thompson Talks Gun Control 4/19/07 The Associated Press - Thompson Determined to Win Iowa Caucus 4/19/07 Iowa City Press Citizen - Thompson Addresses College Republicans