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3/25/13 FMCSA Orders Immediate Shut-Down of Bus Company Rimrock Stages; Declares Company to be an Imminent Hazard 3/22/13 FMCSA Orders Shutdown of Oklahoma Bus Company for Violating Consent Agreement 3/22/13 U.S. Department of Transportation Orders Shutdown of Michigan-based Highway Star, Inc. Trucking Company and Driver Involved in Fatal Crash 3/01/13 FMCSA Shuts Down Fung Wah Bus Transportation 10/01/12 DOT Fines British Airways for Violating Price Advertising, International Baggage Compensation Rules 8/31/12 U.S. Department of Transportation Orders Terri's Farm to Shut Down 8/29/12 DOT Fines Aerolineas Argentinas for Violating DOT Price Advertising Rule 8/20/12 U.S. Department of Transportation Fines JetBlue for Not Informing Passengers of Opportunity to Leave Aircraft During Delay at Gate 8/17/12 Obama Administration on Idle Earmark Projects: Use It or Lose It "We Can't Wait" Action Helps States Put People to Work, Improve Infrastructure 8/09/12 Airlines Set Records for First Half of 2012 in On-Time Performance, Fewest Cancellations and Tarmac Delays, Lowest Mishandled Baggage Rate 8/02/12 DOT Fines Three Companies for Violating DOT Airline Consumer Protection Rules 5/23/12 FMCSA Helps Consumers "Protect Your Move" with Moving Company Checklist 5/17/12 DOT Provides Guidance on Advertising of "Free" Airfares 3/01/12 DOT Fines Ticket Agent for Advertising, Code-Share Disclosure Violations 1/23/12 New Airline Passenger Protections Take Effect This Week 1/23/12 DOT Fines Two Airlines for Violating Price Advertising Rules 11/21/11 DOT Fines Spirit Airlines for Violating Price Advertising Rules 10/26/11 DOT Fines LAN Airlines for Violating Price Advertising Rules 8/30/11 DOT Fines JetBlue for Violating Price Advertising Rules 8/18/11 DOT Fines Ethiopian Airlines for Violating Price Advertising Rules 7/19/11 Obama Administration Has Stepped Up Action Against Unsafe Motorcoach, Trucking Companies 7/13/11 FMCSA Announces Redesigned "Protect Your Move" Website 6/30/11 DOT Fines Ticket Agents for Violations of Code-Share Disclosure and Price Advertising Rules 6/29/11 Remarks as Prepared at Visit to General Motors 5/18/11 Global Travel and Tourism Summit 4/08/11 DOT Fines Ticket Agent for Violation of Code-Share Disclosure Rules 2/17/11 Delta Fined for Violating Rules Protecting Air Travelers with Disabilities 1/27/11 Remarks at Proterra Assembly Plant 10/05/10 More Stars, Safer Cars 8/31/10 DOT Updates "Fly Rights" Airline Consumer Guide 5/07/10 Proposed Rule Broadens DBE Program Inclusions, Requires Greater Accountability from Administering Agencies 4/15/10 USDOT's Maritime Administration Announces $14.7 Million in Grants to Help Small Business Shipyards 2/16/10 NHTSA Launches Probe Into Timeliness Of Three Toyota Recalls 9/21/09 HUD Offers $10 Million To Clean Up Dangerous Lead In Housing 9/17/09 DOT Fines Spirit Airlines For Violations Of Consumer Rules 8/03/09 MSNBC "Hardball With Chris Matthews" - Transcript 8/03/09 CNN "The Situation Room" - Transcript 7/10/09 DOT Approves Star Alliance Plan to Add Continental, Establish Joint Venture 4/24/09 U.S. DOT Announces New Consumer Program for Child Safety Seats

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