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Patrick McHenry's Public Statements

Office: U.S. House (NC) - District 10, Republican
Date Title
July 28, 2005 Congressman McHenry Votes Against DR-CAFTA
July 26, 2005 Congressman McHenry Votes to Toughen China Trade
July 21, 2005 House Passes USA PATRIOT Act
July 14, 2005 Congressman McHenry Votes for Bill to Authorize Study on Lincoln County Water Infrastructure
July 13, 2005 H.R. 458--The Military Personnel Financial Services Proptection Act
July 13, 2005 Taxes and Budget
July 7, 2005 Congressman McHenry Statement on Terrorist Attacks in London
June 30, 2005 McHenry Speech on Religious Liberty
June 28, 2005 Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 2006
June 27, 2005 Congressman McHenry Statement on Supreme Court Banning Display of Ten Commandments
June 23, 2005 Social Security
June 23, 2005 Congressman McHenry Votes for Constitutional Amendment to Protect American Flag
June 22, 2005 Ronnie Earle and Ethics
June 22, 2005 Legislative Branch Appropriations Act, 2006
June 21, 2005 Republican Agenda
June 17, 2005 Congressman McHenry Votes to Slash United Nations Funding
June 16, 2005 Layoffs in Western Carolina
June 10, 2005 Congressman McHenry's Statement on Expediting Trade
June 8, 2005 Methamphetamines
May 24, 2005 Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2005
May 24, 2005 Congressman McHenry Vocally Opposes Bill for Embryonic Research
May 18, 2005 McHenry Delivers Speech Against Federal Funding of Embryonic Stem Cell Research
May 18, 2005 Social Security Democrat Plan
May 12, 2005 McHenry Delivers Speech Urging Senate to Pass a Permanent Repeal of the Death Tax.
May 11, 2005 Center for Responsiblity and Ethics in Washington, DC
May 11, 2005 Social Security Reform
May 6, 2005 House Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi Holding a Double Standard on Ethics
May 4, 2005 Senior Democrats Should Listen to their Rank and File
May 3, 2005 Accomplishments of the 109th Congress
April 28, 2005 Thanks for Address the Vital Issue of Social Security
April 27, 2005 Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act
April 27, 2005 Ethics Discussions in Washington, DC
April 20, 2005 Energy Policy
April 19, 2005 Federal Health Programs and Those Who Cannot Care for Themselves: What Are Theire Rights And Our Responsibilities?
April 15, 2005 After Busy Week in Washington, Congressman McHenry Flies to Iowa to Promote Social Security Reform
April 13, 2005 Social Security Reform
March 31, 2005 Congressman McHenry's Statement on Death of Terri Schaivo
March 24, 2005 MSNBC Hardball - Transcript
March 23, 2005 Congressman McHenry Restates Need to Fix Social Security After New Trustees Report Shows System Going Bankrupt One Year Earlier than Expected
March 23, 2005 MSNBC Scarborough Country - Transcript
March 20, 2005 For the Relief of the Parents of Theresa Marie Schiavo
March 20, 2005 Congressman McHenry Returns to Washington for Emergency Session of Congress; Will Vote to Keep Terri Schiavo Alive in 12:01am Monday Vote
March 17, 2005 Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2006
March 16, 2005 Social Security Has to be Fixed
March 16, 2005 Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2006
March 10, 2005 Reforming Social Security
Feb. 17, 2005 Hearing of House Committee on the Budget House of Representatives - Domestic Entitlements: Meeting the Needs
Feb. 16, 2005 Ending Frivolous Lawsuits
Feb. 9, 2005 Congressman McHenry Chosen as Vice-Chairman of House Republicans' Social Security Team
Feb. 8, 2005 Congressman McHenry Statement to Budget Committee, White House Budget Director
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