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Office: U.S. Senate (FL) - Jr, Republican
On The Ballot: Campaign Suspended, Republican for President
Running, Republican for U.S. House
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12/21/15 CBS "Face the Nation" - Transcript: Marco: "Multiple Issues' on Which Senator Cruz Has Said One Thing and Done Another 12/18/15 Rubio Helps Lead Coast Guard Legislation One Step Closer To Law 12/18/15 Rubio: Spending Bill Grows Debt, Furthers President Obama's Big Government Spending Priorities 12/18/15 Fox News "The Kelly File" - Transcript: Marco: Cruz Trying to Blur the Lines on Immigration 12/18/15 Senate Unanimously Passes Electrify Africa Bill 12/17/15 Marco's Vision for a New American Era for American Manufacturing 12/17/15 Rubio, Kirk Lead Successful Effort To Stop U.S. Funding For Anti-Israel Unesco 12/17/15 Rubio: Arms Sales An Overdue Step Toward Strengthening Taiwan's Defenses 12/16/15 Senators Introduce Legislation to Honor Amb. Christopher Stevens, Glen A. Doherty, Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith - Heroes Killed in Libyan Consulate Attack 12/16/15 Senators Introduce Legislation to Honor Amb. Christopher Stevens, Glen A. Doherty, Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith - Heroes Killed in Libyan Consulate Attack 12/16/15 Rubio Touts Measure In Omnibus To Stop ObamaCare Taxpayer-Funded Bailout Of Health Insurance Companies 12/16/15 Rubio-Shaheen Hezbollah Sanctions Bill Passes House, Will Now Become Law 12/15/15 5th Republican Presidential Debate 12/14/15 Rubio Presses Federal Government For Better Fisheries Data Collection 12/11/15 Fox News "Cavuto" - Transcritpt: Marco on Cavuto: Stopping the Obamacare Bailout Saved Taxpayers 2.5 Billion Dollars 12/11/15 Marco on Turkey-Russia Incident: If We Back Up Our Allies, the Russians Will Not Test Us 12/11/15 Independent Journal -Obama's Pressing "Delete' On Key Counter-Terrorism Intelligence. Here's How We're Stopping It. 12/11/15 Why the Waters of the US Rule Must Be Stopped 12/11/15 CBS "This Morning" - Transcript: Marco: "We Have a Violence Problem in America' 12/11/15 ABC "This Week" - Transcript: We Won't Be Able To Take More Refugees 12/11/15 ABC "Good Morning America" - Transcript: America Is at a Generational Point 12/11/15 Marco: China's New "Two Child Policy' Just as Brutal as the Old Policy 12/11/15 Marco Slams New Intel Restrictions Getting in the Way of the San Bernardino Investigation 12/11/15 This Election Is a Generational Choice -- and Hillary Clinton Is a Candidate of the Past 12/11/15 Fox News "America's Newsroom" - Transcript: Marco: I Know What It's Like Living Paycheck-To-Paycheck 12/11/15 Marco Talks about How His Faith Influences Him Every Day -- Even When He Has Doubts 12/11/15 CNN "State of the Union" - Transript: Marco: What the President Should Do to Respond to the Recent Terrorist Attacks 12/11/15 President Obama's Destructive Climate Plan: Another Bad Deal 12/11/15 Marco Stood Up for Keeping Our Anti-Terrorism Programs Strong When Others Didn't 12/10/15 ABC "Good Morning America" - Transcript: Marco: "You Cannot Defeat ISIS Simply by Air Strikes' 12/10/15 Marco Lays Out His Principles for Fixing the VA 12/10/15 Letter to the Hon. Barack Obama, President of the United States - Chinese Officials Complicit in Forced Abortions 12/10/15 On International Human Rights Day, Rubio Calls For A U.S. Foreign Policy That Lends A Voice To Voiceless 12/09/15 Student Success Act 12/07/15 Fox News - Transcript: Marco's Response to the President's Address on ISIS 12/07/15 Rubio: After Historic Venezuelan Elections, Political Prisoners Should Be Immediately Released 12/05/15 Fox News "The Kelly File" - Transcript: 12/04/15 Rubio: Venezuela Deserves Free & Fair Elections, A Better Future 12/04/15 Rubio Highlights More Than 30,000 Constituents Helped In New Constituent Service Report 12/03/15 What Marco Will Do -- and Already Has Done -- to Rebuild Our Relationship with Israel 12/03/15 Restoring Americans' Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act of 2015 12/03/15 Life News - Marco Rubio: China's One-Child Policy Has Become a "Forced Abortion of Child #3" Policy 12/03/15 Rubio: We Need A Conservative President Who Will Sign This Obamacare Repeal And Replace Bill Into Law 12/03/15 Rubio Opposes Transportation Bill That Spends Too Much & Revives Crony Capitalist Ex-Im Bank 12/02/15 - Hot Air exclusive: Rubio warns GOP to stop the return of the ObamaCare bailout 12/02/15 Rubio Backs Legislation To Protect Critical Anti-Terror Surveillance Programs 12/01/15 The Christian Post - Rubio: With Generosity and Compassion, We Could See an AIDS-Free 21st Century 12/01/15 Marco on New Hampshire Radio: "We Need to Understand Who ISIS Is' 12/01/15 Why We Must Stand Up for Turkey and Against Russian Aggression 12/01/15 Marco on Michael Medved Show: "We Should Not Be Bailing Out Insurance Companies'

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