Senator Lisa A. Murkowski's Public Statements


Full Name: Lisa A. Murkowski
Current Office: U.S. Senate - Sr, Republican
First Appointed: 12/20/2002
Last Appointed: 11/02/2010
Next Election: 2016
Gender: Female
Family: Husband: Verne Martell; 2 Children: Nicolas, Matthew
Birth Date: 05/22/1957
Birth Place: Ketchikan, AK
Home City: Anchorage, AK
Religion: Catholic
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4/03/14 Murkowski Facilitates Senate Approval of Treaties that Help Alaska's Fisheries 4/03/14 Protecting Volunteer Firefighters and Emergency Responders Act of 2014 4/02/14 Murkowski: Steller Sea Lion Decision Validates Push for Science-Based Policy 3/28/14 Sen. Murkowski Criticizes USFWS Decision to List Wolf as Endangered 3/28/14 Murkowski Raises Alaskan Priorities with NOAA Administrator 3/14/14 Sen. Murkowski Welcomes Lawsuit Challenging ANWR Decision 2/26/14 Murkowski Fisheries Failure Funding Fight Secures Over $20M for Alaska 2/12/14 Sen. Murkowski Voices Opposition to Interior Nominee 2/04/14 Hearing of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee - Suh and Schneider Nominations 2/04/14 Senators Hagan & Murkowski Introduce First Bipartisan Senate Sportsmen's Package 1/23/14 NOAA Gives Murkowski, Alaskans More Time for Acoustic Impacts Input 1/13/14 Murkowski's Appropriations Leadership Promotes Alaska's Fish, Forests and Public Safety 1/09/14 Murkowski Pushes Back Against Unwelcome NOAA "Holiday Surprise" 1/09/14 Nomination of Robert Leon Wilkins to be United States Circuit Judge for the District of Columbia Circuit 11/26/13 Murkowski Sustainnability Fight Gets Major Change in Guidelines 11/13/13 Letter to Dan Ashe, Director of the US Fish and Wildlife Service - Fully De-list the Gray Wolf 11/05/13 Sen. Murkowski Introduces Bill to Protect Use of Bird Parts by Alaska Native Artists 11/01/13 Murkowski Responds to Resignation of Alaska Salmon Adversary 10/24/13 Murkowski, Young Welcome Changes to Enforcement of Marine Mammal Protection Act 10/09/13 Letter to Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker - Use Flexibility to Help Alaska Crab Fisheries 9/19/13 Sen. Murkowski: Subsistence Must Remain a Viable Lifestyle for Alaska Natives 9/03/13 Alaska Dispatch - Gold Miners Near Chicken Cry Foul Over 'Heavy-Handed' EPA Raids 8/01/13 Reed and Murkowski Release Draft of FY14 Interior Bill 7/30/13 Murkowski Lauds Aviation Red Tape and Pirate Fishing Fights Passing Committee 7/25/13 Murkowski Backs Park Service Off Its Flawed Fish Policy 7/18/13 Sen. Murkowski Introduces Comprehensive Sportsmen's Package 7/16/13 Murkowski Fish Fights Get Alaskan Results in Committee 7/12/13 Letter to Secretary Sebelius, Administrator Tangherlini and Director Jarvis - Seafood Sustainability Certification Requirements 6/20/13 Hearing of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee - Water Resource Issues in the Klamath River Basin 6/20/13 Hearing of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee - Water Resource Issues in the Klamath River Basin 5/23/13 Murkowski Working to Update "Eight Track Era" Chemical Protections for Alaskans 4/25/13 Hearing of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Public Lands Subcommittee - Sealaska Lands Bill 4/17/13 Murkowski Brings Nautical Officials Together for Maritime Boundary Line/ IUU Panel 4/16/13 Sen. Murkowski: Forest Service Budget Ignores Multiple Use Mission 4/16/13 Murkowski: Forest Service's Attempt to Take Back Secure Rural School Payments "Adding Insult to Injury' 3/18/13 Senators Call for Proper Labeling of Genetically Modified Salmon 3/15/13 Murkowski: Fighting Frankenfish Also Good For Business 3/13/13 Alaska Delegation Introduces Maritime Lien Reform Act 3/13/13 Senators Introduce Capitol Construction Fund Reforms for Fishermen 2/15/13 Sen. Murkowski: Meeting with USFWS on King Cove Access Road "Unsatisfactory" 2/13/13 Murkowski Welcomes Extension of Frankenfish Comment Period 2/01/13 Letter to Department of Fish and Wildlife Director Dan Ashe and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Administrator Jane Lubchenco - Endangered Species 2/01/13 Letter to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk - Trade and Food Safety 1/29/13 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions 1/18/13 Sen. Murkowski Comments on Draft Rule to Reintroduce Wood Bison in Alaska 1/11/13 Sen. Murkowski Welcomes Court Ruling Vacating Polar Bear Critical Habitat 1/03/13 Senator Murkowski: NPS is Overreaching with New Hunting Regulations 9/13/12 Alaska Delegation Lauds Commerce Fisheries Disaster Declaration 8/22/12 Alaska Delegation Backs Parnell Request for Federal Fisheries Disaster Declaration on Upper Cook Inlet Salmon Runs 8/15/12 Feds Backtrack Daycare Picnic Fine After Murkowski Involvement