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11/01/05 Gov. Perry Sends Letter to Sec. Chertoff; Outlines FEMA Shortcomings 10/28/05 Gov. Perry Creates Environmental Flows Advisory Committee 10/28/05 Gov. Perry Announces Plan to Distribute Disaster Relief Funds to Texans 10/27/05 Gov. Perry Orders Public Information Campaign for Power Consumers 10/27/05 Gov. Perry Hosts Small Business Summit in the Rio Grande Valley 10/19/05 Hearing of U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security 10/19/05 Gov. Perry Praises Texas Student Performance on National Math, Reading Tests 10/18/05 Text of Gov. Rick Perry's Remarks to Heritage Foundation 10/12/05 Gov. Perry Announces Comprehensive Border Security Plan for Texas 10/11/05 Blueprint for Economic Clusters, Long-term Growth Takes Shape 10/06/05 Gov. Perry and Gov. Henry Place Friendly Wager on Texas vs. OU 10/03/05 Perry: 'Trade with Mexico is Vital to our Economy' 10/03/05 Proclamation - Extends the Suspension of the Collection of State and Local Hotel and Motel Taxes 10/03/05 Proclamation - Extension to Disaster Relief 10/01/05 Proclamation - Disability Employment Awareness Month 9/30/05 Mexico's Rio Grande Water Debt Paid in Full 9/28/05 Perry Issues Emergency Proclamation to Speed Restoration of Electricity 9/28/05 Proclamation - To Speed Restoration of Electricity 9/26/05 Gov. Perry Asks Federal Government for Full Reimbursement of Rita Costs 9/25/05 Returning Evacuees Can Call TxDOT Number for Road Conditions 9/25/05 Gov. Perry Tours Hurricane Impacted Areas 9/25/05 MSNBC Meet the Press - Transcript 9/25/05 CNN "Late Edition" - Transcript 9/25/05 FNC FOX News Sunday - Transcript 9/24/05 Gov. Perry: Medical Personnel Needed in Evacuated Areas 9/24/05 Gov. Perry Issues Request to Get Service Stations Refueled 9/24/05 Gov. Perry Calls on Evacuees to Follow Plan for Safe Return Home 9/24/05 Text of Gov. Rick Perry's Briefing on Hurricane Rita 9/23/05 Gov. Perry Provides Update on Hurricane Rita Preparations 9/23/05 Text of Gov. Rick Perry's Remarks – Hurricane Rita Morning Briefing 9/23/05 CNN "Larry King Live" - Transcript 9/22/05 CNN Paula Zahn Now - Transcript 9/22/05 MSNBC Hardball - Transcript 9/21/05 CNN NewsNight - Transcript 9/20/05 Proclamation - Suspension of State and Local Hotel and Motel Taxes 9/20/05 Proclamation - Disaster 9/20/05 Radio Address - Hurricane Trina 9/19/05 Gov. Perry Recalls Texas Forces from Louisiana; Begins Preparations for Rita 9/14/05 Gov. Perry Denies Reprieve 9/09/05 Governors Taft and Perry Encourage Ohio State and Texas Supporters to also Support Hurricane Relief Efforts 9/09/05 Perry Records Hurricane Relief Pitch for Weekend Football Crowds 9/07/05 Perry Signs Telecommunications Reform Bill 9/05/05 Gov. Perry Orders Health Commissioner to Develop Statewide Plan to Meet Short-term and Long-term Health Needs of Evacuees 9/04/05 Texas Starts Airlift of Evacuees from Houston, Dallas, San Antonio to Other States 9/03/05 How Texans Can Direct Their Compassion 9/03/05 Summary of Key State of Texas Actions in Response to Hurricane Katrina 9/02/05 Proclamation - Suspends Collection of State and Local Hotel and Motel Taxes 9/01/05 Proclamation by the Governor of the State of Texas - Emergency Diaster and Conditions 9/01/05 Gov. Perry Asks for Federal Emergency Assistance; Issues Disaster Declaration for Texas 8/31/05 Gov. Perry Signs New Law Protecting Property Rights