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7/10/14 Texas Clear Winner in Red State-Blue State Comparison 3/07/14 Statement by Gov. Perry on Texas' Job Numbers 8/08/13 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Secretary Sebelius' Visit to Texas 6/14/13 Gov. Perry Signs Drug Screening Legislation 4/01/13 Gov. Perry, Sen. Cornyn, Sen. Cruz: Texas Stands Firm Against Medicaid Expansion 4/01/13 Gov. Perry Takes Firm Stance Against Medicaid Expansion 3/06/13 Column - Adding millions to Medicaid system isn't the solution 1/29/13 Tax Relief, Infrastructure and Education: Priorities to Keep Texas Strong 10/08/12 San Angelo Standard Times - Higher Ed Must Be Accessible for All Texans 7/09/12 Gov. Perry: Texas Will Not Expand Medicaid or Implement Health Benefit Exchange 5/08/12 Fox News "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" - Transcript: 4/24/12 An Opportunity to Strengthen the Texas Budget Process 4/16/12 Governor Perry Announces Texas Budget Compact 3/15/12 Rick Perry on Obama Administration's Denial of Health Care to More Than 100,000 Texas Women 3/08/12 Perry Pledges State Will Take Care of Texas Women If Obama Administration Ends Women's Health Program Funding, as Threatened 1/07/12 2012 ABC/Yahoo!/WMUR New Hampshire Republican Primary Debate 12/07/11 CNN "The Situation Room" - Transcript 11/30/11 Gov. Rick Perry's New Hampshire State House Speech 11/08/11 CNBC - Fixing Washington Requires a Sledgehammer 10/25/11 Gov. Rick Perry Unveils Plan to Cut Taxes and Spending, Balance the Budget and Grow the Economy 10/18/11 CNN Western Republican Presidential Debate 9/30/11 Gov. Rick Perry's Remarks to the Georgia Public Policy Foundation 9/22/11 Fox News "Hannity" - Transcript 9/12/11 CNN "CNN-Tea Party Republican Debate" - Transcript 9/07/11 Republican Debate at the Reagan Presidential Library 8/19/11 Perry: Economic Freedom Comes From Work and Wages, Not Welfare 8/10/11 Gov. Perry: Fiscal Responsibility is Essential for Prosperity and Job Creation 5/31/11 Gov. Perry: Texas is on the Path to Even Greater Prosperity 2/08/11 Gov. Perry: We Must Reform, Streamline State Government 12/03/10 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Future of Medicaid in Texas 11/22/10 The Wall Street Journal - Some States Weigh Unthinkable Option: Ending Medicaid 11/21/10 FOX News "FOX News Sunday" - Transcript 12/23/09 Gov. Perry: States Must Stand Up to Unprecedented Federal Intrusion Texas to review constitutionality of Nebraska compromise 12/18/09 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry Regarding State's Unemployment Rate Decreasing 12/18/09 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry Regarding State's Unemployment Rate Decreasing 7/24/09 Texas Making Right Decisions on Unemployment Insurance, Without Federal Strings 3/25/09 Gov. Perry: Texas Must Work to Decrease Employer Burden, Encourage Investment and Create Jobs 3/13/09 Expanded Unemployment Program Would Hurt Texas Employers and Their Employees 3/12/09 Gov. Perry Sides with Texas Employers in Responding to Federal Stimulus Guidelines 1/22/09 Gov. Perry Addresses the Texas Hospital Association 9/16/08 Gov. Perry: Texas Takes Steps to Accelerate Relief Efforts 9/15/08 Gov. Perry Visits Communities Impacted By Ike 9/09/08 Laffer Report: Texas Economic Climate Superior to California 7/23/08 Gov. Perry Requests Presidential Disaster Declaration 3/10/08 Gov. Perry Orders Tax Cuts for Texas Businesses 4/20/07 Gov. Perry Visits Colonias in El Paso 4/19/06 Major Healthcare Groups Announce Support for Perry-Sharp Plan 3/07/06 Gov. Perry to U.S. Senate: Provide Texas with Promised Hurricane Aid 7/19/05 Proclamation - ADA Awareness Day 7/28/03 Statement of Gov. Rick Perry on Special Session