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Office: U.S. Secretary of Energy, Republican
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2/01/13 Gov. Perry Addresses State Board of Education 1/30/13 Gov. Perry: Technical Skills Expand Opportunities for Texas' Workforce 11/09/11 CNBC "Republican Presidential Debate" - Transcript 9/22/11 Fox News-Google GOP Debate 6/17/11 Gov. Perry Vetoes HB 397 4/26/11 Gov. Perry's Remarks at the Governor's Commission for Women Legislative Luncheon 4/22/11 Gov. Perry: $830 Million Will Soon Reach Texas Schools 2/19/11 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on U.S. House Passing Congressman Burgess' Amendment to H.R. 1 2/08/11 Texas Delegation Introduces Legislation To Repeal Doggett Language That Discriminates Against Texas 2/08/11 Gov. Perry: We Must Reform, Streamline State Government 1/01/11 Issue Position: Reining in the Federal Bureaucracy 10/22/10 Gov. Perry Promotes Higher Education Opportunities at Launch 10/20/10 Gov. Perry Presents Prestigious Milken Educator Award to Dallas Teacher 10/20/10 Gov. Perry Promotes Higher Education Opportunities at Launch 10/12/10 Gov. Perry: Texas' Strength Rooted in Sound Fiscal Policies, Accountable Education System and Secure Communities 10/08/10 Gov. Perry Speaks at Texas State NAACP Annual Convention 10/08/10 Gov. Perry Speaks at Texas State NAACP Annual Convention 10/06/10 Gov. Perry Speaks at UNT Dallas Founder's Day Celebration 9/23/10 Gov. Perry: Legal Action Against U.S. Department of Education Necessary to Preserve Texas Education Funding 9/14/10 Gov. Perry Praises Congressional Effort to Repeal Anti-Texas Doggett Amendment 9/09/10 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on the U.S. Department of Education's Rejection of Texas' Application for $830 Million in Federal Education Funding 9/02/10 Gov. Perry: Washington Politics Restrict Texas Education Funds 8/26/10 Gov. Perry Helps Break Ground on A&M-Central Texas Campus Building 8/10/10 Gov. Perry: Washington Politics Threatening Texas' Future 8/05/10 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on U.S. Senate Passing Legislation That Negatively Targets Texas 7/09/10 Gov. Rick Perry Speaks at the Texas Classroom Teachers Association's Annual Leadership Conference 4/07/10 Text of Gov. Rick Perry's Remarks at the Game On! Texas Symposium 1/29/10 Gov. Perry: Veterans Have Made Our Nation Great 1/15/10 Governor Perry Discusses the Fundamental Strengths of Texas 12/16/09 Gov. Perry: IRS Approves Texas' Request to Back School Bonds 11/24/09 Gov. Perry: Education Standards Must Be Determined by Texas, Not Washington 11/16/09 Gov. Perry Announces State Investment in Robotics Education Programs 11/16/09 Gov. Perry Announces Investment in Educational Robotics Programs 10/30/09 Gov. Perry: Texas is a Better Place Thanks to Dedication of School Teachers 8/20/09 Gov. Perry: Texans Should Take Advantage of the Sales Tax Holiday 7/29/09 Gov. Perry Ceremonially Signs House Bill 3 7/24/09 Statement by Gov. Perry on Approval of Texas' Education Stimulus Application 6/19/09 Gov. Perry Announces Final Decisions on Legislation 6/19/09 Gov. Perry Signs State Budget That Reduces GR by $1.6 Billion 6/11/09 Gov. Perry Discusses Pending Improvement to State Schools Signs Senate Bill 643 6/11/09 Gov. Perry Discusses Pending Improvement to State Schools 6/02/09 Gov. Perry Reflects on Successes of the 81st Legislative Session 4/22/09 Gov. Perry Renews Call for Investment in Skills Development Fund 4/07/09 Gov. Perry Encourages Home School Families 2/26/09 Gov. Perry: Higher Education Improves Texans' Opportunities for Success 1/30/09 Gov. Perry Addresses the Greater San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 11/08/07 Gov. Perry Awards $11.5 Million from State Criminal Justice Planning Funds 6/12/07 Gov. Perry Signs Higher Education Legislation 6/11/07 Gov. Perry Signs Religious Viewpoint Anti-Discrimination Act 3/23/07 Text of Gov. Rick Perry's Remarks 41st Legislative Conference - Texan of the Year Presentation

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