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David Perdue's Public Statements

Office: Elected to U.S. Senate (GA), Republican
Date Title
Nov. 21, 2014 GOP Senators-Elect: Eliminate Iran's Nuclear Program
Nov. 20, 2014 Senator-elect David Perdue Statement On Keystone Vote
Nov. 11, 2014 David Perdue Statement On Veterans Day
Oct. 30, 2014 Blog: Obama and Nunn's Immigration Plan Is Just Plain Wrong
Oct. 22, 2014 Perdue Highlights Obama's Lack of Leadership On Ebola Response
Oct. 22, 2014 Perdue Receives Endorsement From Georgia Life Alliance
Oct. 21, 2014 Perdue Blasts Nunn & Obama's Political Ebola Czar
Oct. 20, 2014 Perdue Commends University Of Georgia's Ebola Precautions
Oct. 16, 2014 Perdue Campaign Announces Statewide GOTV Tour
Oct. 15, 2014 Perdue, Isakson & McCain Discuss Defense and Veterans' Issues
Oct. 15, 2014 Perdue Calls For More Urgency In Ebola Response, Immediate Flight and Travel Restrictions
Oct. 14, 2014 Perdue Celebrates Georgia's Farming Community At Sunbelt Ag Expo
Oct. 13, 2014 Perdue Releases New TV Ad "Clear Choice"
Oct. 12, 2014 Augusta Chronicle - David Perdue Stands Solidly for Change
Oct. 9, 2014 Blog: Thousands More Hurt By Obamacare
Oct. 7, 2014 Perdue Focuses On "Getting America Working Again" In New TV Ad
Oct. 2, 2014 Perdue Receives Endorsement of National Federation of Independent Business
Oct. 1, 2014 Perdue: Obamacare Is Not Fixable
Sept. 30, 2014 Blog: Obama-Nunn Economics: Wrong for Georgia
Sept. 25, 2014 Perdue Receives Susan B. Anthony List Endorsement
Sept. 23, 2014 Blog - Too Many Americans Hurting Under Obama-Nunn Economic Policies
Sept. 23, 2014 David Perdue Highlights Michelle Nunn's Job Crushing Energy Policies
Sept. 19, 2014 Blog - Another Poll Shows Perdue Gaining Momentum
Sept. 18, 2014 Perdue Meets With Local Military Leaders & Veterans To Discuss Growing National Security Concerns
Sept. 17, 2014 Perdue Campaign Releases New TV Ad: "Secure Our Border"
Sept. 16, 2014 Perdue Campaign Releases New TV Ad: "Helping Georgia Grow"
Sept. 15, 2014 Perdue Receives Former President George H.W. Bush Endorsement
Sept. 12, 2014 Perdue Receives NRA Endorsement
Sept. 10, 2014 Obamacare Continues to Hurt Georgia Families
Sept. 9, 2014 Here's the Truth
Sept. 8, 2014 President Obama's Purely Political Stunt On Amnesty
Sept. 4, 2014 President Obama And Michelle Nunn Hope Terrorist Group Becomes A "Manageable Problem"
Sept. 4, 2014 More About Michelle Nunn's So-Called "Jobs Plan"
Sept. 2, 2014 Perdue: America's Heroes & Military Families Deserve Better
Aug. 28, 2014 Perdue Receives Endorsement From Ambassador John Bolton
Aug. 27, 2014 We Can't Have a Strong Military Without a Strong Economy
Aug. 27, 2014 Perdue: A Strong Military Requires A Strong Economy
Aug. 23, 2014 Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Last Year's Federal Shutdown Looms in U.S. Senate Race
Aug. 22, 2014 Nunn Lays Out Pragmatic Approach while Perdue Shows He Would Be More of the Same
Aug. 22, 2014 Obamacare Is Unfixable
Aug. 21, 2014 Politico - Nunn Whacks Perdue in Georgia Forum
Aug. 21, 2014 Associated Press - Nunn Ramps Up Attacks on Perdue at Senate Forum
Aug. 16, 2014 Georgia's Farmers Heart of Local Economy
June 26, 2014 Blog: Term Limits?
June 23, 2014 Politifact - Does Kingston Bring Home the Bacon?
May 19, 2014 Federation for American Immigration Reform
Jan. 1, 2014 The US Term Limits Amendment Pledge
June 25, 2014 Issue Position: The National Debt
Jan. 1, 2014 Issue Position: Career Politicians
Jan. 1, 2014 Issue Position: The National Debt
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