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9/12/11 Letter to Mr. Jon Wellinghoff Chairman Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 9/12/11 Energy and Commerce Members Express Concern Over IWG Food Marketing Principles 9/11/11 Bono Mack Says Anniversary of 9/11 Time to Reflect on Importance of Freedom 9/11/11 Congressional Update 9/08/11 Letter to The Honorable Daniel M. Ashe, The Honorable Ken Salazar, The Honorable Eric Holder 9/08/11 Bono Mack Urges President to Address 'Real Problems' Facing Economy 9/07/11 Bono Mack Says More Efforts Needed to Tackle Drug Abuse 8/18/11 Bono Mack Commends NFL for Implementing New Drug Testing Policy 8/12/11 President Obama Signs Bono Mack Legislation Into Law, Saving American Jobs 8/10/11 Bono Mack Requests Security Briefing From McAfee on Hacking Report 8/10/11 Bono Mack Applauds Agreement Between EPA and Waste Handlers 8/10/11 Letter to Mr. Dmitri Alperovitch Vice President, Threat Research 8/10/11 Bono Mack Requests Security Briefing From McAfee on Hacking Report 8/01/11 House Votes to Protect Jobs and Reduce Regulatory Burdens on American Businesses 8/01/11 Congress Passes Bono Mack Bill to Protect American Consumers, American Jobs 8/01/11 Bono Mack Votes for Debt Ceiling Agreement to Avoid Default 8/01/11 Providing Greater Authority and Discretion to Consumer Product Safety Commission 7/31/11 Bono Mack Encouraged By Debt Ceiling Agreement, But Says Tough Choices Remain 7/30/11 House Rejects Senate Debt Ceiling Plan on Bipartisan Vote 7/29/11 Bono Mack Says Cutting Federal Spending Key to Raising America's Debt Ceiling 7/27/11 Bono Mack Blasts Airlines for 'Back Door Grab' to Pocket Federal Taxes 7/26/11 Bono Mack Urges Congressional Leaders to Resolve FAA Impasse 7/25/11 Bono Mack Says Deep Cuts in Spending Should Be Part of Debt Ceiling Plan 7/20/11 Subcommittee Approves Bono Mack Legislation to Protect U.S. Consumers 7/20/11 Bono Mack Says More Needs to Be Done to Protect Online Data 7/19/11 Bono Mack Introduces Legislation to Protect Consumers From Identity Theft 7/19/11 Bono Mack Votes for Cut, Cap and Balance Act to Reduce Federal Spending 7/19/11 Bono Mack Introduces Legislation to Protect Consumers From Data Theft 7/18/11 Letter to Walter B. McCormick, CEO US Telecom Association 7/14/11 Bono Mack Says Consumer Protection Top Priority as Privacy Hearings Begin 7/14/11 Subcommittees Launch Comprehensive Review of Internet Privacy 7/11/11 Bono Mack Says More Needed to Make National Drug Strategy Work 7/08/11 June Unemployment Statistics Point to Need for New Economic Policies 7/03/11 Congressional Update 6/29/11 Bono Mack and Walden Announce Kickoff Hearing on Privacy Issues in an Online Global Economy 6/24/11 Bono Mack Votes Against Resolution to Authorize Military Actions in Libya 6/23/11 Bono Mack Says Decision to Release Oil From Reserve Ingores Larger Problem 6/22/11 Bono Mack Says President Should Listen Carefully to Military Advisors 6/17/11 The Hill - What Happened to 'Recovery Summer'? 6/15/11 Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade Subcommittee Discusses Legislation to Protect Americans from Data Theft 6/15/11 Bono Mack Says It's Time to Fight Back Against Costly Cyber Attacks 6/15/11 Hearing of the Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee - Markup 6/14/11 Hearing of the Western Hemisphere Subcommittee of the House Foreign Affairs Committee - "Holding Honduras Hostage: Revoked Visas and U.S. Policy" 6/08/11 Bono Mack Introduces Legislation to Help Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse 6/02/11 Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade Questions Sony and Epsilon Representatives on Recent Data Breaches 6/02/11 Hearing of the US House Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade - Legislation to Better Safeguard the Online Information of American Consumers. 6/01/11 Energy and Commerce Committee Announces Plans for Comprehensive Review of Data Security and Electronic Privacy 5/31/11 Bono Mack Says Nominee for Commerce Secretary Needs to Focus on Job Creation 5/27/11 Congresswoman Bono Mack to Vote Against Legislation to Raise Debt Ceiling 5/20/11 Bono Mack Meets With Presidents of Mexico, Colombia, Panama