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Ted Cruz's Public Statements

Office: U.S. Senate (TX) - Jr, Republican
On The Ballot: Announced, Republican for President
Date Title
June 18, 2015 Cruz Statement on Charleston Shooting
June 18, 2015 The Texas Tribute - Cruz: Pray Supreme Court Doesn't Legalize Gay Marriage
June 17, 2015 Buzzfeed - Ted Cruz: A Brokered Convention Is "Certainly A Possibility"
June 17, 2015 Bloomberg - Republican Plan to Continue Health Subsidies Would Gut Obamacare
June 16, 2015 Cruz Welcomes Donald Trump to Presidential Race
June 16, 2015 Chron - Ted Cruz Makes Personal Link to Military Sexual Assault Reform
June 15, 2015 Cruz Welcomes Jeb Bush into Race for 2016 GOP Nomination for President
June 13, 2015 Blog: What Would the First 100 Days of a Cruz Administration Look Like?
June 12, 2015 National Review - Ted Cruz Is Right x2
June 11, 2015 Politico - Ted Cruz Fights GOP Approach on Obamacare Subsidies
June 10, 2015 Letter to Richard Cordray, Director of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection - Security of Financial Data
June 9, 2015 Senators Introduce Amendment To Protect Against Indefinite Detention
June 8, 2015 Reason - Ted Cruz Channels John F. Kennedy
June 6, 2015 The News & Observer - In Raleigh, Ted Cruz Takes Presidential Campaign to NCGOP Convention
June 6, 2015 Time Warner Cable News - Sen. Ted Cruz Speaks at NCGOP Convention
June 6, 2015 Blog: Building the Grassroots Wave
June 5, 2015 Free Beacon - Cruz Shames U.N. Over Anti-Israel Bias
June 4, 2015 Washington Times - Ted Cruz: Empty Witness Table Shows Contempt for Americans
June 4, 2015 Cruz: I'm Glad to Welcome Rick Perry to the Field of Contenders for the 2016 GOP Nomination
June 2, 2015 Cruz: Heidi and I Extend Our Deepest Sympathies and Prayers to All Those Who Knew and Loved Beau
June 2, 2015 The Andover Townsman - A Grassroots Message; GOP Presidential Hopeful Ted Cruz Brings Campaign to Anover
June 2, 2015 Sen. Cruz: The Obama Administration Seems to Want an Embassy in Havana More Than They Want To Do the Hard Work of Securing the American People
May 31, 2015 Breitbart - Sen. Ted Cruz: Next President Should Immediately Reimpose Sanctions on Iran
May 30, 2015 Union Leader - Cruz, in Rindge, Laughs off Paul's Criticism
May 29, 2015 The Right Scoop - Ted Cruz: We Need a President Who Will Say Either Iran Stops Its Nuclear Program or America Will
May 29, 2015 Blog: What Others are Saying on Trade Promotion Authority (TPA)
May 28, 2015 Washington Post - Ted Cruz Requests a Correction from the Liberal Media: He is Actually on Level 357 of Candy Crush
May 28, 2015 Bloomberg - Chris Christie and Ted Cruz Slam Iran at Adelson Event
May 28, 2015 Buzzfeed - Cruz Hits The Adelson Sweet Spot
May 22, 2015 Cruz: Can't Win War Against Our Enemies if Obama "Unwilling' to Say the Words "Radical Islamic Terrorism'
May 21, 2015 CBN News - Ted Cruz to Liberal Reporter: 'Do you have a persona animosity against Christians, sir?'
May 20, 2015 Ensuring Tax Exempt Organizations the Right to Appeal Act
May 18, 2015 Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Ted Cruz Says He's the 'Proven Conservative' in 2016 GOP Field
May 18, 2015 Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Ted Cruz Says He's the 'Proven Conservative' in 2016 GOP Field
May 17, 2015 Examiner - Ted Cruz Invests Time at Georgia GOP Convention
May 16, 2015 Blog: Building Our Team!
May 13, 2015 Capito and Bipartisan Group of Senators Introduce Legislation to Roll Back "Clean Power Plan"
May 13, 2015 The New York Times - House Votes to End N.S.A.'s Bulk Phone Data Collection
May 13, 2015 Bloomberg - Ted Cruz: Knowing What We Know Now, I'd Stay Out of Iraq
May 12, 2015 Sen. Cruz and Ranking Member Nelson Introduce U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act
May 11, 2015 Cornyn, Cruz, Goodlatte, Smith File Brief on President's Unconstitutional Immigration Actions
May 11, 2015 Breitbart - Cruz Campaign Picks Up Two Top Republicans, in California and Michigan
May 10, 2015 Triblive - Texas Senator Cruz Sets Sights on 'Uninspired' Conservatives
May 9, 2015 The Texas Tribune - Perry, Cruz Make Their Mark at South Carolina Forum
May 9, 2015 Daily Caller - Cruz: I Will Take "High Road' During Primary Fights When Things Get Ugly
May 7, 2015 Los Angeles Times - NSA Exceeded Authority in Collection of Phone Records, Court Rules
May 6, 2015 Ensuring Tax Exempt Organizations the Right to Appeal Act- Motion to Proceed- Continued
May 5, 2015 Cruz: I Welcome Ben Carson, Carly Florina, and Gov. Mike Huckabee into the Race
May 5, 2015 Cruz: We Are a People of Faith Who See God's Hand in Our Lives and in Our History
April 29, 2015 Blog: Ways and Means Members Write Op-Eds in Support of Trade Promotion Authority
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