Charles 'Buddy' Elson Roemer III's Public Statements

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Talk To Buddy: Military and Education Talk To Buddy: Independence From My Party Talk To Buddy: The Environment Talk To Buddy: Tort Reform Talk To Buddy: Health Insurance Talk To Buddy: Education, Environment, and Energy Talk To Buddy: National Security Talk To Buddy: Education Reform Talk To Buddy: Compromise Talk To Buddy: Immigration Talk To Buddy: Cost of Government Buddy Roemer: On China Talk To Buddy: Broken Food System Talk To Buddy: War on Drugs Talk To Buddy: Executive Orders Talk To Buddy: Social Issues Talk To Buddy: The Environment, Abortion, Taxes, Health Care, and Medicare Talk To Buddy: Health Care Talk To Buddy: Tax Reform Talk To Buddy: Spending Cuts 6/04/12 Governor Charles "Buddy" Roemer Suspends Campaign 5/18/12 Gov. Roemer's Statement on Americans Elect 5/11/12 Washington Wrong on Student Loan 4/26/12 Buddy Roemer Says NO to CISPA 3/13/12 Blog: I Need Your Vote Today 2/22/12 Stand With Me 2/22/12 Gov. Buddy Roemer Goes Independent 2/14/12 China's Trade Aggression Threatens Mutual Ties 2/14/12 Medill on the Hill - Reformers in Uphill Battle Against Super PAC Money 2/09/12 President Obama Gives in to the Money 2/07/12 Former Gov. Buddy Roemer: Washington is Not Broken, It's Bought 1/30/12 Obama is All Talk No Action 1/30/12 Tax Talk 2012: Buddy Roemer 1/20/12 Tap Dancing Around the Energy Issue 1/20/12 Off to Michigan and Arizona! 1/09/12 Roemer: Santorum Will Kill Live Free or Die 1/09/12 Gov. Roemer Makes the Case To Iowa Voters 1/06/12 MSNBC "The Rachel Maddow Show" - Transcript 1/02/12 Governor Buddy Roemer's Statement on Iraq Withdrawal 1/02/12 The Super-Lobbyist vs. The Anti-Lobbyist 1/02/12 Gov. Roemer Speaks Out Against 'Dark Money' in Politics 1/02/12 Gov. Roemer Continues to Climb In New Hampshire Polls 12/27/11 Big Media Weakening N.H. Presidential Primary 12/12/11 Congressman Guinta is Wrong 12/12/11 $99,000 for the 99% 12/10/11 Harvard Political Review - A Conversation with Buddy Roemer 12/08/11 - Roemer Eyes Corruption Crackdown in Presidential Run 12/08/11 Washington Post - Buddy Roemer Among Those Struggling for a Slot in GOP Presidential Race 12/05/11 Gov. Roemer Reacts to Negligence of Not-So-Supercommittee 12/05/11 Governor Buddy Roemer to Seek Americans Elect Nomination