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Issue Position: The Economy Issue Position: Federal Debt Issue Position: Education Issue Position: The Cordoba Mosque at Ground Zero Issue Position: Abortion Issue Position: Job Creation Issue Position: Taxes & Spending Issue Position: Health Care Bill Issue Position: National Security 11/16/12 Turner Commends Israel's Self Defense Measures 11/07/12 Turner Blasts Government Response to Gas Shortage in New York City 11/02/12 Turner Praises New Yorkers' Resilience 10/31/12 CNN "The Situation Room" - Transcript 9/19/12 Letter to Chairman Dave Camp and Representative Pat Tiberi 9/13/12 Letter to President Obama 9/12/12 Turner Transportation Security Bill Passes House 9/12/12 Turner Condemns Attack on American Diplomats in Libya 9/12/12 Turner Releases Statement On President's Snub of Prime Minister Netanyahu 9/11/12 Turner Joins Nation in Remembering September 11th Attacks 9/07/12 August Jobs Numbers Continue Trend of Lackluster Growth 7/27/12 Turner: Stop the Tax Hike on Small Businesses & Working Americans 7/26/12 Turner Helps Clear Road For Businesses To Do Business 7/24/12 Letter to Dr. Thomas Farley, Commissioner New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene 7/24/12 Letter to Janos Ader, President of the Republic of Hungary, and Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Republic of Hungary - Ladislaus Csizsik-Csatary 7/20/12 Turner Votes To Fund Fort Hamilton Army Garrison Special Unit 7/20/12 Turner Votes For H.R. 5856 7/19/12 Bulgaria Bombing A Heinous Terrorist Act 7/17/12 Turner Celebrates JCC of Marine Park Commitment to Charity 7/17/12 Jewish Federation Praises Turner For Jewish Security Work 7/17/12 Turner: DOH Report On Peninsula Hospital Closure Insufficient 7/13/12 Turner Announces Opening Of Federal Parking Lot For Breezy Point Wounded Warriors Event 7/11/12 Local Rabbi Leads U.S. House Of Representatives Morning Prayer 7/11/12 Turner Votes Against Health Care Tax 7/11/12 Turner Resolves Parking Issue For Breezy Point Wounded Warriors Event 7/09/12 Turner Votes Again For Veterans 7/09/12 Small Businesses Need Support Not New Taxes 7/04/12 Turner Celebrates American Independence 6/29/12 Turner: Passage of H.R. 4348 Will Create Jobs 6/28/12 Turner's Statement on Today's Healthcare Ruling 6/24/12 Turner Calls on State Department To Act To Save The Life Of Jacob Ostreicher 6/21/12 Rep. Turner: Russian-Americans Deserve Their Pensions From Former Soviet Union States 6/20/12 Turner Criticizes Obama For Concealing Fast & Furious Documents 6/20/12 Turner: The Games Have Gone On Long Enough 6/18/12 Turner Stresses Importance Of Standing With Israel 6/16/12 Turner Condemns Anti-Semitic Vandalism In Brooklyn 6/15/12 Turner And Miller Announce Glendale Zip Code Resolution 6/12/12 Letter to Fred Upton, Chairman of the Committee on Energy &Commerce, Tom Harkin, Chairman of the Committee on Health, Education, Labor &Pensions, and Henry A. Waxman, Ranking Member of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, Michael B. Enzi, Ranking Member of the Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions 6/07/12 Turner Votes to Repeal More Dangerous Provisions in Obamacare 6/06/12 Turner Pleads Ostreicher Case to Foreign Affairs Subcommittee 6/01/12 Turner to Obama: Enough is Enough, Time to Change Course