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3/29/12 Honoring Veterans of the Vietnam War 3/29/12 Buerkle Supports Ryan Budget Resolution 3/29/12 Buerkle Introduces Resolution Honoring the 64th Anniversary of Israel's Independence 3/29/12 Buerkle Supports White Ribbon Campaign on House Floor 3/28/12 White Ribbon Campaign 3/26/12 Buerkle Calls on Pope to Meet with Cuban Dissidents 3/23/12 Second Anniversary of President Obama's Health Care Law 3/23/12 GOP Doctors Caucus: A Birthday We Aren't Celebrating 3/22/12 Buerkle Fights to Protect Seniors 3/20/12 Buerkle: Obama Administration Doesn't Understand the Pain at the Pump 3/20/12 Statement by Buerkle on Shooting at Jewish School in France 3/19/12 The Post Standard - Preparing to Run for Re-Election in a Changed District, U.S. Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle Sticks to Conservative Message 3/18/12 The Post Standard - Protect, Preserve Medicare 3/09/12 Rep. Buerkle Fights to Protect Medicare Patients, Supports Repeal of IPAB 3/09/12 Rep. Buerkle Votes to Pass JOBS Act 3/09/12 Rep. Buerkle Statement on February Jobs Report 3/08/12 House Foreign Affairs Committee Approves Bill Imposing Strong Sanctions on Syria 3/07/12 Buerkle Votes to Protect American Businesses 2/27/12 Hearing of the Health Subcommittee of the House Veterans' Affairs Committee - Building Bridges between VA and Community Organizations to Support Veterans and Families 2/04/12 Rep. Buerkle Statement Regarding January Jobs Numbers 2/03/12 Letter to Jo-Ellen Darcy, Assistant Secretary of the Army Department of the Army, Civil Works 2/02/12 Letter to Barry Rand 2/02/12 Rep. Buerkle Votes to Repeal the CLASS Act 2/01/12 GOP Doctors Caucus: Repeal of Insolvent, Disastrous CLASS Act Vital First Step 1/31/12 Rep. Buerkle Statement Regarding CBO Report 1/26/12 Rep. Buerkle Response to Department of Defense Budget Announcement 1/24/12 Rep. Buerkle Reacts to State of the Union Address 1/23/12 Right to Life 1/19/12 Rep. Buerkle Statement on President Obama's Rejection of the Keystone Pipeline 1/18/12 Disapproval Resolution Relating to Debt Limit Increase 1/18/12 Rep. Buerkle Disapproves the President's Request to Raise Debt Ceiling 1/11/12 Letter to Field Marshal Tantawi 12/19/11 Rep. Buerkle Statement on Consolidated Appropriations Act 12/19/11 Rep. Buerkle Introduces Legislation to Help Hospitals 12/19/11 Rep. Buerkle Supports Middle Class Tax Relief 12/19/11 Rep. Buerkle Statement on the End of the War in Iraq 12/14/11 Buerkle and Owens Call to Restore Critical Funding Heard 12/08/11 Rep. Buerkle Stands Up for Businesses 12/08/11 Rep. Buerkle Named Defense Authorization Act Conferee 12/07/11 Rep. Buerkle Fights Harmful Agriculture Regulations 12/06/11 Looming Crisis for Our Seniors 12/06/11 Buerkle Visits Hancock Field Air National Guard Base 12/05/11 Veteran Suicide Rate Remains High Despite Increased Support 12/05/11 Rep. Buerkle Statement on November Jobs Report 12/02/11 Hearing of the Health Subcommittee of the House Veterans' Affairs Committee - Understanding and Preventing Veteran Suicide 12/02/11 Veteran Suicide Remains High Despite Increased Support 12/01/11 GOP Doctors Caucus: Medicare Seniors and Obamacare 11/29/11 Chairman Mica Joins Rep. Buerkle in Syracuse for Tour of Connective Cooridor 11/18/11 Letter to President Obama 11/18/11 Congresswoman Buerkle Calls for Restoration of MEADS Funding