Senator Mark E. Udall's Public Statements


Full Name: Mark E. Udall
Current Office: U.S. Senate - Sr, Democratic
First Elected: 11/04/2008
Last Elected: 11/04/2008
Next Election: 2014
On The Ballot: Announced, Democratic for U.S. Senate
Primary June 24, 2014
Gender: Male
Family: Wife: Maggie Fox; 2 Children: Jed, Tess
Birth Date: 07/18/1950
Birth Place: Tucson, AZ
Home City: Eldorado Springs, CO
Religion: Unspecified
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4/07/14 Udall Calls out Former CIA Director's 'Baseless Smear' of Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Feinstein 4/03/14 Udall Heralds Historic Vote to Declassify Senate Intelligence Committee Study of CIA's Detention, Interrogation Program 3/27/14 Udall: President's Support of My NSA Reforms a Historic Victory for Constitutional Rights, White House Should Act Immediately to End Dragnet Collection 3/25/14 Udall Welcomes Reports the President Will Heed His Call to End NSA Dragnet, Protect Constitutional Rights 2/28/14 Heinrich, Wyden, Mark Udall Statement on Reported Bulk Collection of Private Videos 2/05/14 Blog: Expanding Opportunity this Black History Month 1/23/14 Udall Welcomes Privacy Board's Report on NSA Overreach, Urges President to End Phone Dragnet 1/17/14 Udall, Wyden, Heinrich Statement Reacting to President's Speech on NSA, Surveillance Reform 1/10/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Make Common-Sense, Constitutional Reforms to NSA Surveillance, Protect Privacy 12/22/13 ABC "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" - Transcript: National Security Agency Overreach 12/02/13 Udall: Amazon's Drone Delivery Initiative Underscores Urgent Need to Update Privacy Safeguards 11/27/13 Letter to Eric Holder, Attorney General - Use of Lethal Force Against Anwar al-Aulaqi Was Legal; Public and Congress Deserve More Info on Targeted Killing Rules 11/26/13 Letter to, Eric Holder, Attorney General - Udall, Wyden, Heinrich: Use of Lethal Force Against Anwar al-Aulaqi Was Legal; Public and Congress Deserve More Info on Targeted Killing Rules 11/19/13 Senators Challenge Effectiveness of Dragnet Surveillance Program in NSA Court Case 11/07/13 Udall Welcomes U.S. Senate's Vote for Equal Treatment for All Hardworking Americans, Calls on U.S. House to Pass ENDA This Year 10/31/13 Udall: Senate Intelligence Committee's NSA Bill Falls Short of 'Real' Reform 10/16/13 Udall: Report of Expansive Collection of Americans' Contact Information Disconcerting 9/27/13 Heinrich Backs Domestic Surveillance Reforms 9/25/13 Surveillance Reform Package Ends Bulk Collection of Phone Records; Creates Constitutional Advocate for Secret Court 9/10/13 Wyden and Udall Statement on the Declassification of FISA Court Opinions on Bulk Collection of Phone Data 8/28/13 Udall Marks 50th Anniversary of March on Washington 8/27/13 Blog: Defending the Right to Vote 8/21/13 Udall Issues Statement on Disclosures that National Security Agency Over-Collected Communications, Misrepresented Program Scope to FISA Court 8/16/13 Udall, Wyden Issue Statement on Reports of Compliance Violations Made Under NSA Collection Programs 8/09/13 Udall Welcomes President's Promise to Reform NSA Programs to Better Protect Americans' Privacy Rights 7/28/13 CBS "Face the Nation" - Transcript: National Security Agency 7/26/13 Washington Post - The White House Should End the Bulk Collection of Americans' Phone Records 7/26/13 Wyden and Udall: Intelligence Community's Response Leaves Important Surveillance Questions Unanswered 6/27/13 Letter to the Honorable James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence - Private Records 6/19/13 Udall, Wyden Issue Statement on Value of Declassified NSA Programs 6/19/13 Udall Troubled By FBI Use of Domestic Drones Without Ensuring Actions Protect Americans' Privacy Rights, Promises to Hold Agency Accountable 6/18/13 Support Builds for Udall, Wyden Proposal to Limit the Federal Government's Ability to Collect Vast Amounts of Data on Americans 6/14/13 MSNBC "Meet the Press" - Transcript - Foreign Policy in the Middle East, Privacy Rights, and National Security 6/14/13 Udall, Wyden Propose Limiting the Federal Government's Ability to Collect Vast Amounts of Data on Americans 6/12/13 Reps. Smith, Gibson, Udall Lead Bipartisan Effort Against Indefinite Detention 6/09/13 CNN "State of the Union with Candy Crowley" - Transcript - National Security and Privacy Rights 6/07/13 Udall, Wyden Question the Value, Efficacy of Phone Records Collection in Stopping Attacks 6/06/13 Udall Calls for Transparency on Authority to Collect Americans' Phone Records, Urges New Review of PATRIOT Act 5/23/13 Udall Introduces Bill to Protect Americans' Privacy from Private Drone Operators 5/14/13 Udall Calls on Justice Department to Explain Its Secret Seizure of News Organization Records 5/09/13 Udall Questions FBI, Justice Department Reliance on Outdated Law to Execute Warrantless Search of Emails, Digital Communications 4/17/13 Letter to Steven Miller, Acting Commissioner of Internal Revenue - Bar Warrantless Searches 4/16/13 IRS Heeds Udall's Call and Backs Down on Warrantless Searches of Americans' Communications 4/11/13 Udall Questions IRS's Disregard for Americans' Privacy Rights, Assertions It Can Search Electronic Communications Without Warrants 3/29/13 Udall and Heinrich Introduce Resolution Honoring César Chávez 3/24/13 Udall Welcomes USDA Decision to Extend Claims Process for Colorado Hispanic, Women Farmers 3/18/13 Udall Joins Bipartisan Effort to Create Smithsonian American Latino Museum 3/12/13 Udall Heralds Passage of Colorado Civil Unions Legislation 3/07/13 Executive Session 3/05/13 Udall Welcomes White House Transparency on Drone Campaign, Targeted Killing of U.S. Citizens