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3/23/17 letter to the Hon. Donald Trump - Regarding Federal Hiring Freeze 3/22/17 letter to the Hon. Chairman Cochran and the Vice Chairman Leahy - Regarding Proposed EPA Cuts That Would Threaten America's Clean Air and Water 3/15/17 Rubio, Coons, Stabenow, Nelson Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Improve Bankruptcy Court System 3/08/17 Fox News "Fox & Friends" - Senator Coons on Trump-Russia Ties: "This Isn't About Partisan Politics, It's About Defending Our Democracy" 3/08/17 Bipartisan, Bicameral Resolution Introduced Today Celebrating AmeriCorps 3/08/17 Sens. Carper, Coons join colleagues in introducing bill to block President Trump's re-issued travel ban 3/07/17 Letter to John Kelly, Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeff Sessions, Attorney General of the United States, James Comey, FBI Director - Address Threats to Jewish Institutions Across the Country 3/07/17 Senator Coons' Statement on House GOP Health Care Plan 3/07/17 Letter to the Hon. John Kelly - Regarding Concerns with H-2B Visa Cap 3/06/17 CNN "New Day" - Sen. Coons on President Trump's Wiretap Claims: "There Is No Evidence." 3/06/17 Senator Coons' Statement on Revised Travel Ban 3/03/17 Letter to the Honorable Charles E. Grassley, Chairman of Committee on the Judiciary - Senate Judiciary Democrats Request Sessions Testimony on False Statements, Russia Contacts 3/02/17 ICYMI: Sens. Coons, Rubio Speak About Importance of Pushing Back on Russia 3/02/17 Letter to the Hon. Jeff Sessions - Regarding Hate Crimes 3/01/17 VIDEO: In Joint Floor Speech, Rubio & Coons Call Attention to Vladimir Putin's Dangerous Agenda 3/01/17 Letter to the Hon. Mitch McConnell - Drop Republican Efforts to Gut Family Planning Centers 3/01/17 Letter to the Hon. Mitch McConnell - Regarding Family Planning Clinics 3/01/17 Sens. Coons, Toomey Honored by the Bipartisan Policy Center for Their Commitment to Working Across the Aisle 2/28/17 CNN "Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer" - Senator Coons: "Donald Trump Has Proven That He Knows How to Campaign, but It's Not Yet Clear if He Knows How to Govern" 2/27/17 Senator Coons' Statement on President Trump's Proposed Cuts to State Department and Foreign Assistance Funding 2/27/17 Letter to the Hon. Donald J. Trump - Address Worsening Crisis in South Sudan 2/23/17 Letter to the Honorable Donald J. Trump, President of the United States - Chinese Trademark Awarded to Trump Organization 2/23/17 Senator Coons' Statement on President Trump's Withdrawal of Agency Guidance on Transgender Student Protections 2/22/17 Letter to the Hon. Rex Tillerson - Leaders Seek Accountability for War Crimes in Syria 2/17/17 Sen. Coons, Rep. Lofgren Lead Congressional Amicus Brief on Trump Travel Ban 2/17/17 Letter to Secretary Tillerson - Respect State Department Use of Dissent Channel 2/16/17 CNN - Sen. Coons: "Michael Flynn Ought to Be Called to Testify in Front of Committees of Congress" 2/16/17 Letter to the Honorable Jeff Sessions, Attorney General - Recuse Yourself from Trump, Russia Investigations 2/16/17 Letter to Donald F. McGahn, White House Coucil - Demanding Retention of All Documents Related to Trump, Russia 2/16/17 Bipartisan Bill Ends Student Loan Tax Penalty for Families Suffering From Child's Death or Permanent Disability 2/16/17 Letter to the Hon. Rex Tillerson - Regarding Dissent Channel 2/16/17 Letter to His Excellency Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of the Republic of Turkey - Release American Pastor Unjustly Detained in Turkey 2/15/17 Senator Coons Introduces Bipartisan, Bicameral Legislation to Establish U.S. Chief Manufacturing Officer Position 2/14/17 MSNBC - Sen. Coons on Trump: "What Did He Know and When Did He Know It?" 2/13/17 MSNBC "Morning Joe" - Sen. Coons on Morning Joe: "if I Were President, I Would Dismiss the National Security Advisor Who Had Lied to the Vice President and Who Was on Record as Having Lied to Me" 2/10/17 Senators Carper and Coons Join 26 Colleagues in Introducing Legislation to Protect Scientists from Political Interference 2/09/17 CNN "New Day" - Sen Coons on President Trump's Response to Judge Gorsuch's Comments: "The Larger Issue Here Is That Judicial Independence Is at Risk" 2/09/17 Help Small Manufacturers Access Affordable Loans 2/09/17 Senators Coons and Gardner Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Help Small Manufacturers Access Affordable Loans 2/09/17 Letter to the Hon. John F. Kelly - Regarding Answers on Trump Executive Order That Strips Immigrants of Privacy Act Protections 2/08/17 MSNBC "Andrea Mitchell Reports" - Sen Coons on President Trump's Travel Ban: "I'm Gravely Concerned About What It's Doing to Weaken or Destabilize Our Partnerships" 2/07/17 Fox Business - Sen Coons: "I Am Not Going to Do to Judge Neil Gorsuch What Republicans Did to Merrick Garland" 2/06/17 Letter to Leader McConnell, Leader Schumer, Chairman Murkowski, and Ranking Member Cantwell - Protect the BLM Rule That Prevents Natural Gas Waste, Safeguards Health and Economic Growth 2/06/17 Ernst-Coons-Fischer-Gillibrand Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Track National Guard Cyber Capabilities 2/03/17 Letter to the Hon. Donald Trump - Regarding Iranian Weapons 2/03/17 Hirono Continues Representative Mark Takai's Efforts to Provide Health Care to Atomic Veterans 2/02/17 Sen. Coons at National Prayer Breakfast: "It is amazing what prayer can challenge us to do" 2/02/17 Letter to the Hon. Leader McConnell, Leader Schumer, Chairman Murkowski, and Ranking Member Cantwell - Regarding BLM Rule that Prevents Natural Gas Waste, Safeguards Health and Economic Growth 2/02/17 Letter to President Donald J. Trump - Enforce Existing Sanctions and the Imposition of Sanctions on Iran 2/01/17 Bipartisan, Bicameral Letter Encourages Pres. Trump to Support Key Manufacturing Council Recommendations

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