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Office: U.S. Senate (KY) - Jr, Republican
On The Ballot: Campaign Suspended, Republican for President
Running, Republican for U.S. Senate
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1/28/16 Transcript of the Main Republican Presidential Debate 1/22/16 Business Insider - Government Spending Is Out Of Control 1/21/16 McConnell, Paul, Lee, & Booker Sponsor Bill to Bring Accountability to Federal Prisons 1/20/16 Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Duplication Reduction and Scoring Act 1/20/16 Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Legislative Performance Review Act of 2016 1/19/16 Sen. Rand Paul Uncovers USAID Spending $500,000 on Moldova'a Wine Industry 1/19/16 The Des Moines Register - Paul: Defeat The Washington Machine 1/18/16 The Gazette - Paul Backs Criminal Justice Reform, Criticizes War On Drugs 1/13/16 - Rand Paul Beats Jeb, Christie, Kasich and Fiorina in Des Moines Register Poll 1/11/16 Fox Business Network - Rand Paul: The Fed Is Squeezing The Middle Class 1/11/16 The Hill - Paul Presses Warren, Sanders On 'Audit the Fed' Bill 1/11/16 TIME - The Fed Is Crippling America 1/11/16 Sen. Rand Paul Highlights $150,000 NSF Study to Examine if Students Sabotage Their Own Success in Latest Edition of 'The Waste Report' 1/11/16 Rare - Rand Paul on Why Bernie Sanders Won't Support Audit the Fed 1/10/16 Time - Sen. Rand Paul: The Fed Is Crippling America 1/06/16 - "Stand with Rand" Town Hall Draws Crowd in Laconia 1/05/16 WMUR 9 ABC - Rand Paul Tells Students People Should Not Be Jailed "For Hurting Themselves' With Drugs 1/04/16 Sen. Rand Paul Uncovers Government Giving Business Assistance to Deported Illegal Immigrants from El Salvador 1/04/16 The Union Leader - Rand Paul, in Dover, Outlines ISIS Strategy, Discusses Term Limits 1/04/16 - Rand Paul: "I Will Fight Obama Tooth and Nail' on Executive Gun Control 1/03/16 Business Insider - Here's WHy We Should Audit the Fed 12/22/15 The Blaze - Washington Will Spend Us Into Oblivion. It's Time for a Balanced Budget 12/22/15 Sen. Rand Paul Announces HHS Investigation of Planned Parenthood Tissue Practices 12/22/15 - Blessed are the Peacemakers 12/21/15 Sen. Rand Paul Releases Special Christmas Edition of "The Waste Report' 12/21/15 Sen. Rand Paul Reintroduces Separation of Powers Restoration and Second Amendment Protection Act 12/21/15 Letter to the Hon. Barack Obama, President of the United States - Requesting Expedited Presidential Investigation for AK Steel 12/19/15 Sen. Rand Paul to Introduce Defend Our Capital Act of 2015 12/18/15 Sen. Rand Paul Opposes Omnibus Spending Bill 12/18/15 Time - Stop Paul Ryan's Omnibus Spending Bill 12/18/15 Sen. Rand Paul Announces Senate "Audit the Fed" Vote 12/15/15 5th Republican Presidential Debate 12/14/15 Sen. Rand Paul Highlights U.S. Forest Service Building the Smokey Bear Laundromat Costing Taxpayers $25,000 12/10/15 The Daily Caller - After Meeting Rand Paul, Black Pastor Says Community Could Support A Republican 12/09/15 Time - Rand Paul: Let's Destroy ISIS -- Not the Constitution 12/07/15 Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Full Expensing Act of 2015 12/07/15 The Washington Examiner - Paul Slams 'Authoritarian' Christie Over Bulk Data Collection 12/07/15 Sen. Rand Paul Uncovers $400,000 Grant to Reduce Regulations in Armenia in Latest "The Waste Report' 12/07/15 Rand Paul Responds to President Obama's Address to the Nation 12/05/15 Quad City Times - Paul Offers 'Different Ideas' To Battle Poverty 12/04/15 Earlier today, the United States Senate voted on Senator Rand Paul's "SECURE Act" and "The Defend Our Capital Act of 2015." 12/03/15 Sen. Rand Paul Introduces "SECURE Act" Amendment to Prevent Terrorists From Entering the U.S. as Refugees 12/03/15 Restoring Americans' Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act of 2015 12/03/15 Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Legislation to Secure the Homeland 12/03/15 Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Legislation to Defend our Capital 12/03/15 Sen. Rand Paul Introduces "Defend Our Capital Act" Amendment to Reconciliation Bill 12/01/15 Letter to the Hon. Penny Pritzker, U.S. Department of Commerce - Expedited Ruling from International Trade Administration for Ashland's AK Steel Plant 11/30/15 Time - Rand Paul: Marco Rubio Wants Illegal, Unending War 11/30/15 Sen. Rand Paul Uncovers National Science Foundation $450,000 Global Warming Video Game in Latest "The Waste Report' 11/29/15 The Washington Times - Faith's Role In America