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12/11/17 Rand Paul: Why I Will Vote to Repeal Obamacare 3/07/17 Letter to John Kelly, Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeff Sessions, Attorney General of the United States, James Comey, FBI Director - Address Threats to Jewish Institutions Across the Country 2/16/17 Letter to His Excellency Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of the Republic of Turkey - Release American Pastor Unjustly Detained in Turkey 2/16/17 Sens. Lee, Paul Introduce Military Humanitarian Operations Act 2/16/17 Remarks by President Trump at Signing of H.J. Resolution 38 2/09/17 Murphy, Paul, Franken, Lee Call on Trump Administration to Provide Congress With Classified Briefing on Yemen Policy in Wake of Deadly Raid 2/07/17 Rand Paul: Do not let Elliott Abrams anywhere near the State Department 2/02/17 Big Victory for Kentucky Coal Miners: Dr. Rand Paul's Effort to Protect Kentucky Coal Industry Passes Senate 2/02/17 Grassley Resolution Would Reverse Obama-Era Regulation Limiting Second Amendment Rights of Social Security Beneficiaries 1/31/17 Dr. Rand Paul Stands up for Coal Miners by Opposing Stream Protection Rule 1/30/17 Dr. Rand Paul Applauds President Trump's Executive Action on Regulations 1/27/17 Dr. Rand Paul Honors the 2017 March for Life 1/25/17 Dr. Rand Paul Unveils Obamacare Replacement Act 1/25/17 Crapo Reintroduces Bill to Protect Second Amendment Rights of Social Security Beneficiaries 1/17/17 Letter to the Hon. Donald Trump, President - Regarding World Affairs 1/17/17 Letter to the Hon. Donald Trump - Regarding Increasing Congressional Involvement in National Security, Foreign Affairs 1/12/17 Dr. Rand Paul Votes Against Unbalanced Budget 1/05/17 Senators Re-introduce Bill to Rein in Excessive Federal Regulations 1/05/17 Senators Reintroduce REINS Act 1/04/17 Sen. Rand Paul Reintroduces "Audit the Fed' 1/02/17 Rare - Rand Paul: Repeal all of Obamacare and replace immediately 12/20/16 The National Interest - Congress Must Reclaim Its War-Making Powers 12/19/16 Breitbart - EXCLUSIVE -- Senator Rand Paul: Let's Cut Taxes Now! 12/15/16 Paul, Murphy, Franken, Lee Applaud Decision to Halt Some Military Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, Call for Further Actions 12/15/16 Brietbart - Rand Paul: Restore the Bill of Rights 11/28/16 Rare - Rand Paul: Trump Should Pick A Secretary of State Who Understands That Iraq Was A Debacle 11/15/16 Rare - Will Donald Trump Betray Voters by Hiring John Bolton? 11/03/16 Letter to the Honorable John Kerry, Secretary of the Dept. State - Call for Administration's Candidness with International Community on U.S. Paris Agreement 10/27/16 Letter to Thomas J. Vilsack, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Louis J. Milione, Deputy Assistant Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Agency, and Leslie Kux, Associate Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration - Call to Address Provisions of the "Statement of Principles on Industrial Hemp" 10/17/16 Dr. Rand Paul Returns Over $3 Million to U.S. Taxpayers 9/21/16 Murphy, Paul, Franken, Lee Statements on Senate Vote on Resolution to Block MIlitary Equipment Sale to Saudi Arabia 9/21/16 US Senate Votes on Blocking Saudi Arabia Arms Sale 9/21/16 Motion to Discharge--S.J. Res. 39 9/20/16 VA Medical Center -- No TV for You 9/15/16 U.S. Senate Passes Sen. Rand Paul's Amendment to Block Lake Cumberland User Fees 9/15/16 Sens. Paul, Warner Applaud House Action on Cost-Cutters Legislation 9/09/16 Dr. Paul Invites Federal Employees to Report "Use It or Lose It" Waste 9/08/16 Murphy, Paul, Franken, and Lee Introduce Joint Resolution to Block Military Equipment Sale to Saudi Arabia 8/16/16 The Weight of Waste 8/08/16 Trapped by Waste 8/01/16 Serving Up Waste, With a Side of Poor Planning 7/25/16 Panning in on Waste 7/20/16 Letter to the Honorable Richard Cordray, Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) - Requesting Changes to Banking Regulations 7/18/16 A Fox, an Isolated Island, and Waste 7/15/16 Sen. Rand Paul Statement on Disclosure Secured for 9/11 Families 7/13/16 Senator Paul Secures Expansion of Access to Opioid-Addiction Treatment 7/12/16 It's a Bird... It's a Plane... NO, It's Waste! 7/12/16 Dr. Rand Paul Urges Senate to Expand Access to Opioid-Addiction Treatment 7/11/16 Letter to The Honorable John H. Thompson, Director, U.S. Census Bureau - Finalize Correct Counting for Kentucky Military 7/07/16 Rand Paul's Statement on Director Comey's Decision

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