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10/30/14 Owens applauds progress on U.S.-Canadian cross-border rail preclearance service 10/22/14 Owens responds to shootings at Canadian Parliament in Ottawa 10/21/14 Owens responds to WTO, calls for swift reconciliation with Canada, Mexico 10/01/14 Letter to John Kerry, Secretary of State - Expressing Concern About Iran's Refusal to Cooperate with International Nuclear Inspectors 10/01/14 Owens speaks at major Canadian/American Border Trade Alliance conference 9/17/14 Owens reacts to House vote to combat ISIS 9/16/14 Owens speaks on panel at major border conference in El Paso, TX 7/30/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Agriculture Market Access in TPP 7/09/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Consult Congress on Iran Nuclear Negotiations 6/10/14 Owens Attends Canada-U.S. Inter-Parliamentary Group Annual Meeting Representing U.S. Congress 5/20/14 Owens Applauds DOJ Grand Jury Indictments of Chinese Hackers 4/11/14 Letter to John Kerry, Secretary of the Department of State, and Jacob Lew, Secretary of the Department of the Treasury - Sanction Russia's State Arms Dealer 4/04/14 Owens Leads Capitol Hill Discussion on Jobs, Economic Benefits of Improving Border Services at U.S. Ports of Entry 4/03/14 Owens Announces Customs and Border Protection Increases at New York Crossings 3/31/14 Owens Announces Increase in Customs and Border Protection Officers at New York Ports of Entry 11/06/13 Glen Falls Post Star - Canadian Tourism Good For Our Region 10/09/13 Owens Addresses Canadian/American Border Trade Alliance Conference 8/13/13 Your News Now - Owens Pushing Chinese Production Issues 7/11/13 Letter to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel - Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) 6/19/13 Owens Touts "Beyond the Border" Action Plan in Canada-United States Law Journal 6/18/13 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - India Intellectual Property 6/13/13 Rep. Bill Owens Highlights Job Creation Opportunities at Canadian American Business Council 4/25/13 Letter to Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security - Abandon Cross-Border Fee Proposal 8/02/12 Owens Votes to Impose Sanctions on Iran 7/27/12 China Depresses Currency Again, Owens Renews Call to Fight Back 7/17/12 Waterton Daily Times- Owens: Cross-Border Businesses are the Ticket to Area's Growth 1/11/12 Ogdensburg Journal - Owens Speaks out Against Obama's Import Regulations 10/21/11 Owens Statement on Iraq Troop Pullout 10/04/11 Owens Disappointed with House Leadership for Unwillingness to Address China Legislation 9/15/11 Letter to European Heads of State 7/12/11 Owens Wants Action on Job Creation 5/18/11 Bipartisan Lawmakers Reintroduce Bill to Honor Children of Fallen Servicemembers 5/04/11 Owens Introduces Legislation Honoring U.S. Forces Who Led Mission to Kill Osama bin Laden 1/01/11 Issue Position: War on Terror 5/25/10 National Security Strategy 4/10/10 Massena Daily Courier - New Customs Spot Designated 10/29/09 Talking Points Memo - Three Candidates Debate In NY-23: A Moderate Democrat Versus Two Republicans 10/29/09 - Candidates For 23rd Congressional Seat Agree They Won't Be Swayed By Money

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