Governor Christopher 'Chris' J. Christie's Public Statements

Office: Governor (NJ), Republican
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88 Ways Chris Christie Will Fix New Jersey Issue Position: Terrorism Issue Position: Shared Values Issue Position: Education Issue Position: Environment Issue Position: Government Reform Issue Position: Urban Revitalization Issue Position: Jobs and the Economy Issue Position: Energy Issue Position: Spending Issue Position: Cutting Our Taxes 11/12/14 Governor Christie On AC: Everyone Understands The Situation Is Grave 11/11/14 Statement From Governor Chris Christie On Veterans Day 11/10/14 Governor Christie: Thank You to athe UAE for Their Compassion and Generosity 10/29/14 Governor Christie To Belmar: We Love You 10/29/14 Governor Christie: We Need Leadership, Not 7 Minute Lectures 10/29/14 Governor Christie Announces Milestone Purchase of 200th Home as Part of Highly Successful Sandy Blue Acres Buyout Program 10/29/14 Governor Christie: We're Not Going To Leave Anybody Behind 10/27/14 Governor Christie: I Did Not Reverse Any Decision 10/27/14 Governor Christie: My Greater Responsibility Is To The Public 10/27/14 Governor Christie On Quarantine Protocol: Nothing Has Changed 10/26/14 Governor Christie: We Need To Protect Public Safety First 10/26/14 FOX "Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace" - Transcript: 10/24/14 Governor Andrew Cuomo And Governor Chris Christie Announce Additional Screening Protocols For Ebola At JFK And Newark Liberty International Airports 10/24/14 Gov. Christie On NJ Turnpike Expansion: Under Budget, On Schedule & A Model for Future Projects 10/24/14 Governor Christie Signs Measure to Encourage Economic Growth, Business Investment and Job Creation into Law 10/24/14 Gov. Christie with Gov. Cuomo: Mandatory Quarantine Is to Protect People of NY & NJ 10/23/14 Governor Christie Announces More Than $1 Billion In Sandy Housing Recovery Assistance Programs Has Been Committed 10/23/14 Governor Christie: I Know It's A Pain In The Neck 10/22/14 Governor Christie: We Are Not Going To Stoke The Hysteria 10/22/14 Governor Christie: If Someone Wants To Sue Me, They Can 10/22/14 Governor Christie Activates Ebola Preparedness Plan to Coordinate an Effective New Jersey Response 10/22/14 Governor Christie: It's Not Like Getting A Cold 10/17/14 Governor Christie Signs Revised Sports Wagering Bill 10/09/14 Governor Christie on Ebola: NJ Coordinating On All Levels 10/09/14 Governor Christie Creates Facing Addiction Task Force To Fight Drug Addiction Through Treatment And Prevention 10/09/14 Gov. Christie: This Task Force Will Help Remove Stigma And Promote Treatment 10/09/14 Gov. Christie on Sayreville Hazing Allegations: This Is Extraordinarily Disturbing 10/07/14 Governor Christie Announces Expansion of New Jersey Prescription Monitoring Program to Include Interstate Data-Sharing with Delaware and New York 10/07/14 Governor Christie: Sharing Information Saves Lives 10/01/14 Governor Christie: Be A Face 9/30/14 Columbus Dispatch - Christie Wants Big Kasich Win 9/25/14 Governor Christie Celebrates Opening of Catrambone Elementary School 9/25/14 Governor Christie: Thank You To Your Teachers 9/24/14 Governor Chris Christie Celebrates Rosh Hashanah 9/24/14 Governor Christie: When Camden's Successful, So Is New Jersey 9/24/14 Governors Cuomo And Christie Sign Bi-State Memorandum Of Understanding To Increase Security For New York And New Jersey 9/19/14 Statement From Governor Chris Christie On National POW/MIA Recognition Day In New Jersey 9/17/14 RGA Chairman Christie Raises Over $400K for Larry Hogan at Bethesda Event; Says Hogan Can Win in November 9/17/14 Governor Christie Announces NJ Transit To Receive $1.276 Billion In Resiliency Funding