Governor Christopher 'Chris' J. Christie's Public Statements

Office: Governor (NJ), Republican
On The Ballot: Potential, Republican for President
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88 Ways Chris Christie Will Fix New Jersey Issue Position: Environment Issue Position: Terrorism Issue Position: Energy Issue Position: Shared Values Issue Position: Jobs and the Economy Issue Position: Education Issue Position: Government Reform Issue Position: Cutting Our Taxes Issue Position: Urban Revitalization Issue Position: Spending 3/10/15 Bringing Fairness to Public Employee Health Benefits Plans 3/09/15 Governor Christie: First And Foremost, Thank You 3/04/15 Governor Chris Christie Declares State of Emergency As Winter Storm Hits New Jersey 3/04/15 Governor Christie: If You Want To Feel Like A Millionaire, Come To New Jersey 2/25/15 Executive Order No. 174 - Governor Christie Extends Term of Seasonal Alcoholic Beverage Licenses in 2015 2/25/15 Governor Christie: This Is Game Time 2/25/15 Governor Christie Extends Term of Seasonal Alcoholic Beverage Licenses in 2015 2/25/15 Governor Christie: I love This Place 2/25/15 Governor Christie: It Bankrupted Detroit, It Bankrupted General Motors, And It Will Bankrupt Us 2/24/15 Christie Lays Out $33.8B Budget; Speech Focuses on Pension Reform 2/24/15 We Cannot Tax Our Way Out Of This Problem 2/24/15 Governor Chris Christie's Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Address As Prepared for Delivery 2/24/15 We Can Bring People Together And Set A National Trend 2/24/15 Governor Christie: There Is No One Else But Us 2/24/15 Video & Transcript: Governor Christie: This Is Our Roadmap For Reform 2/24/15 Governor Christie: We Don't Need Any Court To Tell Us We Have A Serious Problem 2/17/15 Governor Christie Announces The Departure Of Department Of Human Services Commissioner Velez 2/12/15 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Sign Keystone XL Pipeline into Law 2/05/15 Governor Chris Christie Takes Action On Pending Legislation 2/05/15 Governor Christie Builds On Commitment To Saving Lives With Expansion of Overdose Protection Act 2/03/15 New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Visits Drug Treatment Center in U.K. 1/22/15 Governor Christie: Nothing Is Unfixable 1/22/15 Governor Christie on Edgewater: We Will Continue To Be Here 1/15/15 Governor Christie: By Growing Our Academic Core We're Growing Our Economic Core 1/13/15 Governor Chris Christie's 2015 State of the State Address 1/05/15 CBS Interview - Transcript: I'm Not Breaking The Orange Sweater Karma 12/27/14 Governors Cuomo and Christie Endorse Comprehensive Reform Plan to Overhaul Port Authority of New York and New Jersey 12/23/14 Governor Christie: It's Time To Take A Deep Breath And Remember The Loss 12/23/14 Governor Christie: Camden Proves Police and Community Can Build Shared Trust 12/22/14 Governor Christie: President Obama Is Getting Proof This is An Awful Deal 12/17/14 Governor Christie: Make Sure You Tell Bridget I Did What She Asked 12/16/14 Governor Christie: For Christmas, Pay It Forward 12/16/14 Christie Administration Rolls Out Proposed Plans for Third Round of Federal Sandy Recovery Funds Allocated to New Jersey by HUD 12/07/14 Statement From Governor Chris Christie on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 12/06/14 Governor Christie to Canadian Utility Workers: Thank You 12/05/14 Governor Christie Issues Canadian Utility Workers Appreciation Day Proclamation 12/04/14 Governor Chris Christie's Keynote Remarks At The Energy Sector Luncheon 12/04/14 Governor Christie on Keystone Pipeline: It's Time To Get This 12/02/14 Governor Christie Announces Multimillion Dollar Plan to Rehabilitate Camden High School