Governor Christopher 'Chris' J. Christie's Public Statements

Office: Governor (NJ), Republican
On The Ballot: Announced, Republican for President
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88 Ways Chris Christie Will Fix New Jersey Issue Position: Terrorism Issue Position: Shared Values Issue Position: Government Reform Issue Position: Environment Issue Position: Cutting Our Taxes Issue Position: Energy Issue Position: Spending Issue Position: Jobs and the Economy Issue Position: Education Issue Position: Urban Revitalization 6/18/15 Statements From Governor Andrew Cuomo and Governor Chris Christie on Port Authority Reform Legislation 6/14/15 Governor Chris Christie's Statement on the Celebration of Flag Day 6/09/15 Governor Chris Christie's Statement On The New Jersey Supreme Court Pension Ruling 6/06/15 Governor Christie's Statement on 71st Anniversary of D-Day 6/04/15 Governor Christie Announces Agreement To Secure Discounts On Life-Saving Overdose Antidote For New Jersey First Responders 5/29/15 Governor Christie Announces $6.2 Million Flood Resiliency Project for Belmar 5/29/15 Statement From Governor Chris Christie On The Removal Of Cuba From The Terrorist Watchlist 5/29/15 Governor Christie: Texas Deserves Federal Aid 5/29/15 Gov. Christie On Common Core: We Don't Have Buy In From Educators Or Parents 5/28/15 Governor Chris Christie's Remarks On New Jersey Academic Standards As Prepared For Delivery 5/27/15 Gov. Christie on Blue Acres: Giving Residents The Opportunity To Start Their Lives Over Again 5/27/15 Governor Christie Marks Two-Year Anniversary Of Post-Sandy Blue Acres Program With 300th Acquisition 5/25/15 Statement From Governor Chris Christie In Honor Of Memorial Day 5/24/15 Governor Christie: I'm Here To Tell You The Truth 5/20/15 Governor Christie: This Is Our Defense And Our Offense 5/20/15 Governor Christie Takes Action to Defend New Jersey and Its Infrastructure from Cybersecurity Threats 5/19/15 Governor Christie: Thank You For Your Sacrifice 5/14/15 Governor Christie:People Who Suffer From Addiction Too Often Hide In The Shadows 5/14/15 Governor Christie: I Will Not Increase Taxes On The People Of NJ To Pay For This 5/12/15 - Full Text of Christie's New Hampshire Economic Policy Speech 5/10/15 Governor Chris Christie Takes Action On Pending Legislation 5/04/15 Governor Chris Christie Takes Action On Pending Legislation 4/29/15 Governor Christie Signs Legislation to Bolster Efforts to Fight Drug Abuse and Addiction in New Jersey 4/29/15 Governor Christie To Goya: Thank You For Believing In New Jersey 4/24/15 Governor Christie Takes Action on Recommendations to Stem Homelessness in New Jersey 4/23/15 Governor Christie: Do You See A Money Tree? 4/16/15 Governor Christie: Thank You Bass Pro Shops, And Thank You Eagles Fans 4/16/15 Boy Scout To Governor Christie: When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Bodyguard 4/14/15 Governor Christie Bear Hugs The Third Rail 4/09/15 Governor Christie: I'll Never Be Vanilla 4/08/15 Governor Christie: You Make Me Proud To Say That I'm Your Governor 4/08/15 Governor Christie, Army Corps Announce $202 Million Resiliency Project To Bolster Union Beach Against Storms And Flooding 4/07/15 Gov. Christie On Pensions: Let Me Set The Record Straight 4/07/15 Girl Scout to Gov. Christie: What Would You Change About D.C.? 3/31/15 Governor Christie: I Didn't Run To Be Elected Prom King 3/31/15 Governor Christie: They Should Be Sending Me A Thank You Note 3/30/15 Gov. Christie Leading On Pension & Health Benefit Reforms Since Day One 3/25/15 Governor Christie: Miracles Are Not Without Effort 3/25/15 Governor Christie: I Brought Reinforcements Today