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11/22/16 Governor Chris Christie Saves Pennsylvania Reciprocity Agreement After Achieving Over $250M in Taxpayer Savings 11/17/16 Governor Christie: Second-Term Governors Are Built To Make The Difficult Decisions 11/09/16 Statement from Governor Brian Sandoval Following the Victory of President-elect Donald J. Trump 11/07/16 Governor Christie: The Jury Confirmed What I Thought On January 9th, 2014 11/03/16 Statement From Governor Chris Christie On Today's Verdict 10/28/16 We're Highlighting Resiliency Because We Are A Lot Better Off Than Four Years Ago 10/26/16 Governor Christie Signs Legislation Strengthening State's Fight Against Addiction 10/18/16 Governor Christie On Failing Urban Schools: It's Unacceptable And We Can't Wait For Change Anymore 10/14/16 Governor Christie Takes Action On Pending Legislation And Issues Executive Order Lifting Moratorium On Transportation Projects 10/12/16 Governor Christie: Citizens Of Hispanic Heritage Are Every Bit A Part Of What Makes NJ Great 10/05/16 Gov. Christie: Today Is Another Important Step In Our Partnership With The City And People Of Camden 10/04/16 Governor Christie: We Are Paying A King's Ransom For Lousy Urban 9/30/16 Governor Christie: Historic TTF Deal Improves NJ's Economy, Affordability & Infrastructure 9/30/16 Governor Chris Christie Announces Bipartisan Agreement On Broad-Based Tax Cuts And TTF Funding 9/29/16 Gov. Christie On Train Crash: Don't Jump To Conclusions, Let Facts Lead You To The Proper Conclusion 9/28/16 Gov. Christie: Our Focus Is Going To Continue To Be On Creating Good Paying Jobs That Are Careers 9/28/16 Gov. Christie: Again, I Had No Knowledge Of Lane Realignments Before Or During 9/27/16 Governor Christie Announces Counterfeit Fentanyl Ban and Expanded Recovery Coach Program 9/20/16 Governor Christie: All The Different Law Enforcement Levels Did An Incredible Job 9/15/16 Governor Christie On Education: More Money Does Not Equal Better Results 9/15/16 Governor Christie Discusses Lower Property Taxes, Improved Education With Ocean County Residents 9/15/16 Gov. Christie On Urban Education: We're Tired Of Paying For Failure, We Need This System To Change 8/30/16 Vetoes Legislation That Would Impede Economic Gains and Hinder Garden State Businesses 8/30/16 Gov. Christie: Radical Minimum Wage Increase Would Impose Major Labor Costs And Cause Job Losses‎ 8/29/16 Governor Christie: We're Committed To Efficient & Effective Medicaid For Patients And Taxpayers 8/29/16 Governor Chris Christie Releases Transitional Aid Funds 8/26/16 Governor Christie Announces Additional Assistance For Municipalities Hard-Hit By Superstorm Sandy 8/25/16 Governor Christie Announces Trio of Fiscally Responsible Public Employee Contract Agreements 8/25/16 Governor Christie Announces Trio of Fiscally Responsible Public Employee Contract Agreements 8/24/16 Governor Chris Christie Acts To Make New Jersey A "Shall Issue" State For Handgun Carry Permits 8/24/16 Governor Christie On MVC: We're Trying To Make The Experience Better And Reduce Transaction Times 8/24/16 Governor Christie Announces Initiatives to Reduce MVC Wait Times, Customer Costs 8/23/16 Gov. Christie: We Want Every Child To Have The Opportunity To Reach Their Fullest Potential 8/23/16 Governor Christie: I Am Liberated From The Normal Constraints On Politicians 8/17/16 Governor Christie Issues Executive Order Due to Senate's Continued Inaction on TTFA 8/16/16 Governor Christie: Unequivocal, Unashamed, Unapologetic Support Of Israel Is The Policy Of NJ 8/16/16 Gov. Christie On TTF: Dems Think It's Affordable To Take Your Money, Unaffordable To Give It Back 8/15/16 Governor Christie, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, State and Local Officials Mark Completion of Bound Brook Phase of Green Brook Flood Risk Management Project 8/15/16 Governor Christie: Flood Risk Management Projects Bring Peace Of Mind 8/05/16 Governor Christie On Education Funding: State Aid Should Be Given Out Equally 8/02/16 Governor Christie: PARCC Is Undoubtedly An Effective Assessment Tool 7/28/16 Governor Christie: I Love Public School Teachers, Not Their Unions 7/28/16 Governor Christie's Property Tax Relief Plan to Benefit Bergen County Residents 7/28/16 Governor Christie: Fairness Is Equal Funding For Every Student 7/25/16 Statement From Governor Chris Christie On Democrats' TTF Tax Hike 7/20/16 Acting Governor Guadagno Announces Record Number of New NJ Businesses in 2015 7/19/16 Speech by Governor Chris Christie at the 2016 Republican Party Convention 7/08/16 Statement By Governor Chris Christie On The Tragic Shootings In Dallas 7/08/16 Statement By Governor Chris Christie On The Tragic Shootings In Dallas 7/07/16 We Can't Accept Anything Less Than The Best For Our Children

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