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Chris Christie's Public Statements

Office: Governor (NJ), Republican
Date Title
June 6, 2014 Governor Christie's Statement on 70th Anniversary of D-Day
June 5, 2014 Governor Christie: I've Got My Sharpie With Me
June 2, 2014 Christie Administration Announces Federal Approval of Plan to Distribute Second Round Sandy Recovery Funds
June 2, 2014 Governor Christie Signs Jessica Lunsford Act Into Law To Strengthen Penalties For Sexual Assault Against Children
June 2, 2014 Gov. Christie and Sec. Donovan: Making New Jersey Stronger, Smarter, Better
May 29, 2014 Governor Christie: You'd Be Making My Day
May 28, 2014 Governor Christie: We Can Celebrate Our Successes While Solving Our Problems
May 27, 2014 Statement From Governor Chris Christie In Honor Of Memorial Day
May 27, 2014 Governor Christie: Adoption Is A Miracle That Should Be Respected And Protected
May 20, 2014 Governor Christie: We're Choosing To Be Responsible
May 8, 2014 Governor Christie: It's About Valuing Human Life
May 6, 2014 Governor Christie: Our Job Is Not Only To Give A Home, But Hope
May 6, 2014 Christie Administration Strengthens Efforts to Combat Homelessness with Launch of "Single Point Of Entry' in Atlantic County
April 28, 2014 Governor Chris Christie Conditionally Approves New, Open Approach To Adoption Records In New Jersey
April 28, 2014 Governor Christie on American Dream: No Longer The Ugliest Damn Building In America
April 25, 2014 Governor Christie: I'm Forcing Spring To Come, Baby!
April 24, 2014 Governor Christie: We Are Not Judged By The Fall, But By How We Get Up
April 24, 2014 98 Percent of Resettlement Checks Mailed Out to Sandy-Impacted Homeowners
April 24, 2014 Christie Administration Announces Assistance Delivered To More Than 18,000 Families Through Homeowner Resettlement Program
April 24, 2014 Governor Christie: 98% Money On Resettlement Is Now Out The Door
April 22, 2014 Governor Christie Vetoes Delaware River And Bay Authority Minutes Containing Inappropriate Employee Contract Terms
April 17, 2014 Governor Christie: This Is About Shared Responsibility
April 17, 2014 Governor Christie Continues Commitment To Providing Life-Changing Drug Treatment and Addiction Services
April 17, 2014 Gov. Christie On Gov. McGreevey: We Don't Agree On Every Issue But We Agree On This
April 15, 2014 Governor Christie: Remember Boston Today
April 15, 2014 Governor Christie: We Only Need 9 Brave Democrats
April 15, 2014 Governor Christie: When You're Going Through Hell, Keep Going
April 15, 2014 Governor Christie: They Tell Me People Like You Don't Exist
April 14, 2014 Video & Transcript: Governor Christie: Are You Protecting Taxpayers Or Playing Politics?
April 9, 2014 Governor Christie: We've Slowed Down The 100 MPH Train
April 8, 2014 Christie Administration Asks FEMA To Give New Jersey Residents And Businesses A 6-Month Extension To File Flood Claims Related To Superstorm Sandy
April 3, 2014 Governor Christie: Every Life We Save Is A Life Worthwhile
April 2, 2014 Governor Christie: Treatment Is Impossible For Someone Who's Died
March 27, 2014 Letter to the New Jersey Senate - Conditional Veto of Arbitration Bill
March 26, 2014 Governor Christie: I Never Thought I'd Be The Weather Governor
March 26, 2014 Christie Administration Submits Plan To Federal Government For Use Of Second Round Sandy Recovery Funds
March 25, 2014 Governor Christie: Anybody Here Could Be Governor
March 25, 2014 Mayor Matt Doherty: Let's Give A Warm, Belmar Welcome To Governor Chris Christie
March 21, 2014 Christie Administration Grants Waiver For EMTs To Administer Medication In Life Threatening Overdose Situations
March 20, 2014 Governor Christie: What Happened Was Absolutely Unacceptable
March 20, 2014 Governor Christie: What Happened? I Don't Know.
March 18, 2014 Governor Christie: I Hope For A Better New Jersey
March 18, 2014 Governor Christie: If You Give It, You Are Getting It Right Back
March 18, 2014 Governor Christie: I Never Forget How Lucky I am
March 13, 2014 I Grew Up With A Sicilian Mom And Irish Dad
March 13, 2014 Governor Christie: You Didn't Vote For Me For My Charm And Good Looks
March 13, 2014 Governor Christie: The War On Drugs Hasn't Worked
March 12, 2014 Christie Administration Announces American Dream Project To Move Forward Immediately
March 6, 2014 Speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference
March 6, 2014 The Post and Courier - Tim Scott Boosts School Choice in CPAC Appearance
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