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Office: Director of the Office of Management & Budget, Democratic
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1/14/16 Blog: Building Climate Resilience Across the Nation 12/18/15 Blog: A Critical Step Forward for a Stronger Economy and a Simpler, Fairer Tax Code 12/15/15 Blog: Unlocking the Full Potential of America's Federal Workforce 12/02/15 Prepared Remarks of OMB Director Shaun Donovan, Federal Privacy Summit 10/29/15 Blog: In Ongoing Response to Hurricane Sandy, We Must Remain Focused on Climate Change's Long-Term Impacts 10/16/15 Blog: Deficit Reduced by Nearly Three-Fourths Since 2009 10/15/15 Joint Statement of Jacob J. Lew, Secretary Of The Treasury, and Shaun Donovan, Director Of The Office Of Management And Budget, On Budget Results For Fiscal Year 2015 10/08/15 Blog: Continuing to Drive Mission Results for the American People 10/02/15 Blog: Betting on the Resilience of the American Manufacturer 9/24/15 Blog: The U.K. and U.S. Meet to Forge New Steps Toward "Even Closer" Digital Collaboration 9/22/15 Blog: Accelerating America's Infrastructure Projects 9/22/15 The White House Office of Management and Budget, Council on Environmental Quality, Department of Transportation join Federal Agencies in Commitment to Expediting Permitting and Environmental Review for Federal Infrastructure ProjecJ 9/17/15 Blog: The Economic Case for a Budget Deal That Lifts Sequestration 9/07/15 Today, We Honor Working Americans -- but the Republican Budget Doesn't. 8/26/15 Here's How the Federal Government is Working with Local Communities to Create Change, in One Map 7/24/15 Blog: Senate Republican Bill Would Undermine Critical Financial Reforms and Consumer Protections 7/17/15 Social Security Disability Insurance: A Lifeline for Millions of American Workers and Their Families 7/14/15 Blog: Mid-Session Review 2016 7/07/15 Blog: State-by-State: Land Acquisition, Construction, and Repair and Rehabilitation Projects That Would be Prevented or Delayed by Congressional Republicans 6/24/15 Blog: State-By-State: House Republican Budget Bill Would Harm Students, Workers, Health Care, and the Economy 6/19/15 Blog: House Republicans Fail to Invest in Students, Workers, Our Nation's Health, and the Economy 6/18/15 Prepared Remarks of OMB Director Shaun Donovan, Williams Institute Spring Reception 6/08/15 Blog: Celebrating Immigrant Heritage Month: My Father's Journey to Citizenship 6/02/15 Blog: Congressional Republicans Show Their Hand: Committee Spending Levels Shortchange Key Priorities 5/20/15 Blog: Creating Opportunity for All in Rural Communities 5/13/15 Blog: House Republicans Shortchange Funding for Transportation, Housing and Other Critical Domestic Priorities 4/30/15 Blog: Congressional Republican Budget Conference Agreement Cuts Programs that Support the Middle Class, Working Families, and National Security 4/22/15 Blog: House Republicans Show Their Hand: Committee Spending Levels Shortchange Key Priorities 3/11/15 Blog: The Long-Term Budget Outlook 3/09/15 Blog: Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Selma-to-Montgomery March and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 3/04/15 Blog: Investing in Adolescent Girls' Education, Safety, and Health 2/24/15 Blog: Taking Action to Unlock the Economic Contributions of Americans-in-Waiting 2/05/15 Blog: The Next U.S. Chief Information Officer 1/16/15 Blog: U.S.-U.K. Digital Government Partnership 1/06/15 Blog: "Dynamic Scoring" is Not the Answer 12/17/14 OMB Director Shaun Donovan on the Passage of H.R. 83, Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2015 12/09/14 U.S. Department of Transportation Eliminates $1.7 Billion Annual Paperwork Burden for U.S. Trucking Industry 12/02/14 "It's Not Just a Ferguson Problem, It's an American Problem" -- Improving Community Policing 10/15/14 Joint Statement of Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew and Office of Management and Budget Director Shaun Donovan on Budget Results for Fiscal Year 2014 9/18/14 OMB Director Shaun Donovan on the Passage of HJ Res 124, Continuing Resolution, 2015 9/11/14 Blog: Improving Performance and Delivering Impact 8/20/14 Skyrocketing Fire Costs 7/15/14 HUD Provides Additional $31 Million to Help Illinois Recover from Severe 2013 Storms 7/15/14 HUD Provides Additional $58 Million to Help Colorado Recover from 2013 Storms and Flooding 6/30/14 HUD Awards Nearly $120 Million to Four Communities to Revitalize Housing, Surrounding Neighborhoods 6/19/14 HUD Provides Additional Funds for Nearly 900 Local Homeless Programs Across the Country 6/18/14 HUD Releases Progress Report on Sandy Rebuilding Strategy 6/13/14 Nation's Public Housing Authorities Join HUD's Father's Day Initiative 6/05/14 HUD Kicks Off National Homeownership Month 6/04/14 Remarks of Secretary Shaun Donovan at First Lady Michelle Obama's Announcement of Mayors Challenge to End Veterans Homelessness