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Congressman Bright's Statement on the Change of Command in Afghanistan Bright Supports Legislation to Provide Emergency Funding for Troops Secretary LaHood Confirms Peanut Ban Will Not be Implemented Before Mandated Study Congressman Bright Challenges Small Business Administration to be More Responsive to Second District Letter to Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Bright Supports Legislation to Remove Small Business Reporting Requirements Congressman Bright Sponsors Bill to Include Bullock County in the Appalachian Regional Commission Congressman Bright Participates in Congressional UAV Caucus Meeting Congressman Bright's Statement on the Arizona Immigration Law Issue Position: I am Pro-Gun Rights Congressman Bright Supports Funding for Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Issue Statement Congressman Bright Supports Comprehensive Sanctions on Iran About Bobby Bright Bright Continues to Push for South Korea- U.S. Free Trade Agreement Congressman Bright Co-Sponsors Legislation to Remove Burdens on Small Businesses in Health Care Bill Congressman Bright Votes to Ensure Medicare and Tricare Patients Can Keep Their Doctors Congressman Bright's Statement on Mexican President Calderon's Address to Congress Issue Position: Immigration Issue Position: The Economy Issue Position: Energy and Environment Issue Position: Jobs and the Economy Issue Position: Armed Services Issue Position: Agriculture Issue Position: Gas Prices & Our Dependency on Foreign Oil Issue Position: Health Care Issue Position: Health Care Issue Position: 2nd Amendment Issue Position: I am Pro-Life Issue Position: Second Amendment Issue Position: Small Business Issue Position: Taxes and Spending Issue Position: The Military Issue Position: Education Issue Position: Taxes Issue Position: Agriculture Issue Position: The Iraq War Issue Position: Education Issue Position: Health Care Issue Position: Faith and Family Values Issue Position: Fort Rucker and Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base Issue Position: Fiscal Discipline Issue Position: Veterans 10/18/10 An Update from Washington- COLA Announcement Troubling; Drilling Moratorium Ended 10/04/10 Weekly Column 10-04-2010 9/27/10 Bright Expresses Disappointment over Senate Inaction to Repeal 1099 Reporting Requirements 9/27/10 Weekly Column 9-27-2010 9/22/10 Hyundai Motors 9/20/10 Weekly Column 9-20-2010 9/17/10 Letter to The Honorable Tom Vilsack, Secretary, U.S. Department of Agriculture