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Charlie Wilson, Jr.'s Public Statements

Date Title
June 30, 2010 Wilson Votes to Reform Wall Street and Protect Consumers
June 29, 2010 Wilson Announces Employers May Begin Applying for Help To Cover Early Retirees
June 24, 2010 Wilson Votes for the DISCLOSE Act
June 24, 2010 Charlie Tackles the Debt
June 24, 2010 Introducing the Sweep Act
June 22, 2010 Wilson, Nye Introduce SWEEP Act
June 18, 2010 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Not to not to veto the National Defense Authorization Act Veto the National Defense Authorization Act
June 17, 2010 Wilson Votes to Create Jobs, Strengthen Small Business
June 16, 2010 Wilson Announces One of his Ten Debt Reduction Initiatives Passes the House
June 16, 2010 Letter to Lisa Jackson, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency
June 15, 2010 Medicare Part D Doughnut Hole is Beginning to Close
June 10, 2010 Check the Debt
June 10, 2010 Starting Today, Democratic Health Reform Eats Away at the Donut Hole
June 9, 2010 Letter to Tony Hayward Chief Executive Officer, BP
June 9, 2010 Wilson Introduces "Check the Debt"
June 7, 2010 Rep. Charlie Wilson Tackles the Debt
June 4, 2010 Health Care Reform is Good News for Seniors
June 4, 2010 Space, Wilson: Nearly $1 Million In Recovery Funding to Support Athens Weatherization Training Center
May 28, 2010 Letter to The Honorable Eric K. Shinseki, Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs
May 28, 2010 Wilson Votes to Support Troops and their Families
May 28, 2010 Wilson Votes to Support Job Creation, Boost Economic Growth
May 28, 2010 Wilson Backs Innovation Legislation
May 27, 2010 Continue Fighting for Our Veterans
May 25, 2010 Wilson Attends Congressional Caucus on Coal's Kickoff Meeting
May 25, 2010 Letter to Sander Levin, Chairman Committee on Ways and Means - Renewable Energy Tax Legislation
May 24, 2010 Letter to Sander Levin, Chairman Committee on Ways and Means and David Camp, Ranking Member of the Ways and Means Committee - Provisions in Renewable Energy Tax Legislation
May 19, 2010 Wilson and Ryan to Hold Congressional Field Hearing on Delphi Retirees Plight
May 19, 2010 Comprehensive Financial Reform
May 11, 2010 Letter To Ms. Lisa P. Jackson, Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
May 10, 2010 Wilson To Introduce New Legislation To Encourage More Lending To Small Businesses
May 5, 2010 Wilson Introduces Legislation To Address Appalachian Veterans' Access To Services And Benefits
May 5, 2010 Sen. Brown Introduces Legislation to Address Access to Services and Benefits for Veterans in Appalachia
April 28, 2010 Letter To The Honorable Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker
April 27, 2010 Wilson Introduces Legislation To Make Bidding For Government Subcontracts Transparent
April 27, 2010 Support The Summitville Procurement Protection Act Of 2010
April 26, 2010 Letter to Major General Charles F. Bolden, USMC (Ret.) Administrator National Aeronautics and Space Administration
April 19, 2010 Wilson Announces More Than 11,000 Small Businesses In Southeastern Ohio To Be Notified Of Health Care Tax Credits
April 16, 2010 Wilson Statement On Final Passage Of Temporary Extension Of Unemployment And Health Benefits
April 15, 2010 Tax Cuts Benefit Ohioans
March 29, 2010 Letter To Barack Obama, President Of The United States - Recess Appointments
March 25, 2010 Wilson Votes To Create Jobs, Boost Small Business And Rebuild Infrastructure
March 24, 2010 Rep. Wilson Votes For Fairness In Health Insurance Marketplace
March 22, 2010 Wilson Touts Credit Card Reform
March 21, 2010 Wilson Proudly Casts His Vote In Support Of Health Reform
March 20, 2010 Health Care Reform
March 19, 2010 Wilson Announces He Will Vote "Yes" On Health Care
March 19, 2010 Wilson Announces He Will Vote "YES" On Health Care
March 16, 2010 Wilson: "It Is High Time That We Take Better Care Of Medicare"
March 16, 2010 Health Care Reform
March 7, 2010 Letter to Dave Obey, Chairman of the Labor Health & Human Services Subcommittee, Education, and Related Agencies, Todd Tiahrt, Ranking Member, Subcommittee on Labor Health & Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies
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