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Kristi Noem's Issue Positions (Political Courage Test)

Office: U.S. House (SD) - At-Large, Republican
Project Vote Smart does not permit the use of its name or programs in any campaign activity, including advertising, debates, and speeches.
Kristi Noem has refused to provide voters with positions on key issues covered by the 2014 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests. Kristi Noem is still welcome to submit the test at any time.

What is the Political Courage Test?

Issue Positions

In response to the increasing unwillingness of candidates to answer issue questions, Project Vote Smart has researched Presidential and Congressional candidates' public records to determine candidates' likely responses on certain key issues. These issue positions, from the year 2014, are provided below as a courtesy to voters.

Pro-life Inferred Answer Abortion: Do you generally support pro-choice or pro-life legislation? View Citations

Vote Smart's Research

  • Susan B. Anthony List. Project Vote Smart: Interest Group Endorsements. 04/18/2012. Susan B. Anthony List endorsed Kristi Noem in the 2012 general election. (
  • Susan B. Anthony List. Project Vote Smart: Interest Group Endorsements. 04/18/2012. Susan B. Anthony List endorsed Kristi Noem in the 2010 general election. (
  • Kristi Noem. H Amdt 95. 112th Congress. Prohibiting Use of Federal Funds For Planned Parenthood. Kristi Noem voted Yea on 02/18/2011. (
  • Kristi Noem. HR 3. 112th Congress. Prohibiting Taxpayer Funding of Abortion. Kristi Noem voted Yea on 05/04/2011. (
  • Eagle Forum. Project Vote Smart: Interest Group Endorsements. 04/18/2012. Eagle Forum endorsed Kristi Noem in the 2010 general election. (
  • Kristi Noem. Issue Position: Protecting Life. 21 November 2011. "I am, and always have been, pro life. From the miracle of conception to a dignified death, life is precious and should be protected. The federal government has no business forcing taxpayers to pay for abortions. If elected to Congress, I will maintain a 100% pro-life voting record." (
  • Kristi Noem. Representative Noem Votes to End Taxpayer Funding on Abortion. 4 May 2011. "I support ending taxpayer funding for abortion because every human life is worthy of protection. The last thing our tax dollars should be going towards is the funding of abortion. The new health care law is bad on many levels, not the least of which involves its provisions that apply federal funds toward abortion. As a pro-life mother of three I believe it's time we permanently ensure our hard-earned tax dollars aren't used for highly controversial issues such as abortion." (
  • Kristi Noem. Issue Position: Family Issues. 21 November 2011. "I am, and always have been, pro-life. I believe every life, including the unborn, has dignity, and my voting record in Congress will always reflect that belief. I also oppose public funding for abortion, which is why I co-sponsored H.R. 3, the No Tax Payer Funding for Abortion Act, which would establish a permanent government-wide ban on taxpayer funded abortions." (
No Inferred Answer Budget: In order to balance the budget, do you support an income tax increase on any tax bracket? View Citations

Vote Smart's Research

  • Kristi Noem. Issue Position: Taxes. 21 November 2011. "Federal taxes are not too low -- they're too high. Taking ever more money from individual Americans to pay for misguided and wasteful federal programs is simply wrong and counterproductive. We should preserve the Republican tax cuts for individuals, eliminate the death tax, and cut capital gains to stimulate small business growth." (
  • Kristi Noem signed the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayers Protection Pledge. "I will: ONE, oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rate for individuals and business; and TWO, oppose any net reduction or elimination of deductions and credits, unless matched dollar for dollar by further reducing tax rates." (
  • Kristi Noem. Issue Position: Taxes. 21 November 2011. "Washington D.C. must balance our budget through fiscal discipline, not raising taxes on hardworking South Dakota families and small businesses. The paycheck you earn belongs to you, not the government. That is why I believe we should let taxpayers keep more of their hard-earned money. High taxes hurt job creation and choke small businesses that might otherwise expand their business. I support keeping the current tax relief in place as well as full repeal of the unfair death tax. Death simply should not be a taxable event." (
  • Kristi Noem. Issue Position: Spending and Taxes. 21 November 2011. "To pay for the massive increase in government programs including the new health care bill, many in Washington, DC are looking for ways to increase our taxes. This is absolutely the wrong approach. If elected, I would support extending the tax relief passed in 2001 and 2003, therefore protecting hardworking South Dakota families from what would otherwise be the largest tax increase in American history. We must end the unfair death tax that is especially hard on family-owned farms, ranches and small businesses and reduce marginal tax rates that families and small businesses pay. Finally, reducing the tax rates on capital gains will give Americans more of their own money to save or invest back into our economy." (
  • Kristi Noem. FOX News "Hannity" “ Transcript. 19 November 2010. "Well, I think the Republicans need to hold firm to do what's right by the American people. We've talked about the fact and I've taken the position throughout my campaign and into the future that we need to extend these tax cuts permanently. And especially for small businesses. They need the certainty that that provides so that they can reinvest and hire workers and put them back to work. That's what our economy needs. So I think Republicans need to be firm in their stance. They need to do what's right by the American people and give them the benefit of not raising their taxes during one of the toughest recessions many of us have seen in our lifetimes." (
No Inferred Answer Economy: Do you support federal spending as a means of promoting economic growth? View Citations

Vote Smart's Research

  • Kristi Noem. Kristi Noem Responds to Herseth Sandlin Comments on President Obama. 10 September 2010. "In giving President Obama a 'C', Congresswoman Herseth Sandlin indicated the reason the grade is not lower is due to his work on our economy. I strongly disagree with that statement and the economic policies put forward by this Administration and supported by our incumbent congresswoman. The Obama - Pelosi - Herseth Sandlin agenda is pushing our state and our nation off a fiscal cliff. The jobless $787 billion stimulus plan, increasing debt, and the growth in government don't deserve a 'C'. They are failing policies that are keeping us off the path to recovery. My plan to restore economic growth for South Dakota and our country includes cutting spending, stopping the growth in government and giving our small businesses tax and regulatory certainty as they plan their future and decide on expanding or hiring new employees." (
  • Kristi Noem. Rep. Noem Statement on President's State of the Union Address. 26 January 2011. "Despite the failed stimulus package that simply added to our debt rather than create any jobs, the President repeatedly fell back tonight on more government spending as his only economic solution. Whether you call it a stimulus or an investment, more government spending simply isn't the answer. There is a fundamental disconnect between how the President believes jobs are created and how small businesses actually create jobs. We need to get serious about cutting excessive spending and reining in unwarranted government regulations that hinder job creation. I hold out hope that cutting spending, reducing bureaucracy, and creating jobs can become a bipartisan agenda if both parties take heed of the message voters sent Washington last November." (
  • Kristi Noem. Issue Position: Cutting Spending. 21 November 2011. "Overspending by politicians in Washington, D.C. has put our country on an unsustainable fiscal path. We are now faced with the tough decisions to stop record-breaking deficits and out of control spending. Our nation currently carries more than $14 trillion in debt. That is equal to more than $45,500 per American. We are borrowing more than 40 cents of every dollar, much of it from foreign countries. We cannot continue to spend money we do not have. It is not easy to trim any budget, whether it is that of a household, a business or the federal government. However, we need to prioritize our spending in order to protect the financial future of our nation. One step toward this is a balanced budget amendment, which requires the federal government to not spend more than it receives in revenues. I co-sponsored this amendment because it is a clear and simple way to institute some fiscal discipline in a place that often repels common sense." (
  • Kristi Noem. Weekly Column: Economy Not Out of the Ditch. 8 July 2011. "These new unemployment numbers punctuate the continued lack of focus on policies that will actually spur job creation and economic growth by too many in Washington, DC. Rather than focus on a job creation agenda that encourages entrepreneurship, increases access to American-made energy and makes our government live within its means, some are floating plans to raise taxes. Others continue to think that new government spending will somehow jumpstart our economy even after the first trillion-dollar stimulus package failed to live up to its advanced billing. Even President Obama himself joked recently about exactly how many stimulus projects weren't as 'shovel ready' as originally claimed." (
  • Kristi Noem. Noem: 2 Years Later, Stimulus Still Wrong Approach. 17 February 2011. "We were promised the national unemployment rate wouldn't go above 8 percent and we were promised 10,000 new jobs in South Dakota through the so-called stimulus bill. Instead, the national unemployment rate has remained above 9 percent for 20 consecutive months, and South Dakota lost jobs. Two years later, the so-called stimulus can be labeled as nothing other than a failure. We are further in debt and we have yet another example of how government spending cannot create private sector jobs over the long term. I am committed to cutting wasteful spending and giving our small businesses the regulatory and tax certainty they need to expand and hire new workers. It is appropriate that on the two year anniversary of the failed stimulus, the new House majority is working on a bill that cuts more than $100 billion to get us back to pre-stimulus spending levels." (
  • Kristi Noem. Letter to The Honorable John Boehner Speaker, U.S. House of Representatives and The Honorable Eric Cantor Majority Leader, U.S. House of Representatives. 6 June 2011. "We look forward to working together with you and our entire Republican team on developing bold solutions for reducing spending and reforming the way Washington budgets and spends taxpayer dollars. Following are some solutions that we know will achieve this goal. 1. Americans deserve immediate spending cuts that demonstrate that we are charting a swift path toward a balanced budget. We must implement discretionary and mandatory spending reductions that would cut the deficit in half next year. 2. To ensure that spending cuts continue, we need statutory, enforceable total-spending caps to reduce federal spending to 18% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), with automatic spending reductions if the caps are breached--an approach taken in a bill by Rep. Mack and in another bill by Reps. Kingston, Flake, and Graves. 3. To fundamentally and permanently reform the way that Washington budgets and spends, we must send to the states a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) with strong protections against federal tax increases and including a Spending Limitation Amendment (SLA) like the statutory spending caps described above. Rep. Joe Walsh has introduced a BBA with a spending limit provision (H.J.Res. 56) that has already earned the support of 47 Republican senators." (
  • Kristi Noem. Issue Position: Spending and Taxes. 21 November 2011. "Too many politicians in Washington, DC believe that expanding government is the solution to every problem. The result we are faced with today is that the federal government has become large, intrusive and inefficient. This excessive growth is a direct threat to our liberty and to our values of individual responsibility and free enterprise. If elected to Congress, I will fight to protect our freedom and turn back the reach of government that is expanding deeper into our lives. Spending is out of control and Democrats in Washington, DC have no plan to rein it in. This year the U.S. House has not produced and passed a budget for the first time in history since the 1974 Budget Resolution Act was passed. This is a complete failure in fiscal leadership. As a small business owner and an experienced rancher and farmer I understand the importance of a budget. As Assistant Majority Leader in the South Dakota House of Representatives, I helped balance the budget at the state level year after year. South Dakota needs a voice in Congress that will work to reduce wasteful spending and offer a plan for reducing our national debt. I promise to be that voice." (
  • Kristi Noem. Issue Position: Creating Jobs. 21 November 2011. "Individual initiative and free enterprise will bring our economy back. Higher taxes and more regulations will slow down the recovery. The needless pork projects and the bailouts that the politicians tell us create jobs really just divert money from private sector job creators into government programs -- with all the waste that comes with them. If elected, I will work to cut wasteful spending and get the government out of the way of small businesses and entrepreneurs who are ready and willing to take a chance and expand their business or turn their idea into a reality. This is how we will create jobs and turn our economy around. I carried legislation in the State Legislature this past session that reduced overregulation of the wind energy that was preventing developers from investing in our state and creating jobs. By bringing land owners, developers and other interested groups to the table, we offered real solutions to job creation needs without raising taxes or overregulation. That is how we get our economy back on track." (
No Inferred Answer Education: Do you support requiring states to implement education reforms in order to be eligible for competitive federal grants? View Citations

Vote Smart's Research

  • Kristi Noem. Issue Position: Improving Education. 21 November 2011. "Education is best managed at the state and local level with the cooperation of parents, teachers and local elected officials. I will support efforts to protect local control and minimize intrusion from the federal government. If elected to Congress I will be a voice for South Dakota's rural school districts and their unique needs. We know that top-down federal programs designed for downtown Chicago school districts might not work as well in rural South Dakota." (
  • Kristi Noem. Issue Position: Education. 21 November 2011. "As a mother of three children attending public schools, I understand the importance of a quality public education. I have also seen the unique educational needs facing our nation's rural schools. I believe school districts' individual needs are managed best at the state and local level with the cooperation of parents, teachers and local officials." (
Yes Inferred Answer Energy: Do you support building the Keystone XL pipeline? View Citations

Vote Smart's Research

No Inferred Answer Environment: Do you support the federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions? View Citations

Vote Smart's Research

  • Kristi Noem. HR 910. 112th Congress. Energy Tax Prevention Act. Kristi Noem voted Yea on 04/07/2011. (
  • Kristi Noem. Weekly Column: Rising Gas Prices aren't Necessary. 14 March 2011. "Our nation needs a plan for energy independence that simultaneously boosts our economy and creates jobs. The steps we need to take are plain enough; we just need leadership in Washington to follow through on it. The first step is 'do no harm.' That is why I cosponsored a bill to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from imposing harmful cap-and-tax regulations that would result in higher costs for oil and gasoline. This bill, H.R. 910, the Energy Tax Prevention Act of 2011, is working its way through committee and I hope the full House considers it very soon. EPA regulations on greenhouse gas emissions would increase the cost of energy across the board. In fact, these job-killing regulations are estimated to increase the price of a gallon of gas by 19 cents in just four years and 95 cents in 2050. Limiting the role of the EPA is just the first step towards a sensible energy plan that puts us on the path to energy independence. We must also focus on encouraging conservation, responsibly using our existing domestic natural resources, and incentivizing future innovation." (
  • Kristi Noem. Weekly Column: A Jobs Plan For the West, By the West. 19 September 2011. "Earlier this month, the Western Caucus, which is a group of like-minded Members of Congress from Western states, introduced a plan entitled the 'The Western Caucus Jobs Frontier.' This pro-growth plan will protect and create jobs in the West and across America. It highlights over 40 concrete legislative solutions that will cut red tape, develop American energy and break down barriers to private sector job creation. Unlike other plans that have been introduced, these 40 bills are ready to pass today. They are locked and loaded to create jobs and grow our economy. Specifically the Jobs Frontier Plan focuses on: Increasing Affordable American Energy; Overturning Washington's Overreach; Promoting Agriculture, Ranching and Forestry; Supporting Recreation, Hunting and Public Land Access; Eliminating 'Cap and Trade' Energy Tax Regulations [¦] The reason why I support this plan rather than some of the other plans that have been put forward is simple. These are ideas that were not born of Washington. They come from Western states and they have the support of many of our Western governors and legislators." (
  • Kristi Noem. Time For Job Creation Measures, Not Politics. 14 November 2011. "My colleagues and I have focused on passing bipartisan, job-creating legislation here in the House. We have passed measures that would enhance our own domestic energy production and freeze some of the Environmental Protection Agency's most burdensome new regulations. Unfortunately, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid refuses to bring our bipartisan bills to the floor of the Senate for an up or down vote. So far this year, we have sent 22 jobs bills to the Democratic-controlled Senate where they have sat untouched." (
  • Kristi Noem. Noem Criticizes Obama EPA's E15 Decision as "Not Enough". 14 October 2010. "President Obama's EPA, has hurt South Dakota farmers, ranchers, and small business owners with decision after decision, whether it is backdoor regulation on carbon emission, possibly regulating dust, or now dragging their feet on a comprehensive E15 decision. Unfortunately Congresswoman Herseth Sandlin has refused to join me in asking for the EPA Administrator's resignation." (
  • Kristi Noem. Kristi Noem Calls for EPA Administrator's Resignation. 17 August 2010. "This is the most anti-farmer, anti-rancher, anti-small business EPA in U.S. History. Lisa Jackson and the Obama Administration's EPA have consistently put extreme an environmentalist agenda ahead of South Dakota agriculture and small business. Whether it is refusing to remove the ethanol blend wall and approving E-15, implementing a backdoor energy tax through regulating green house gasses or the most recent proposal to regulate dust, this EPA is listening to extreme environmentalists from places like California rather than ag producers in South Dakota time and again." (
No Inferred Answer Guns: Do you support restrictions on the purchase and possession of guns? View Citations

Vote Smart's Research

  • Kristi Noem. Issue Position: Second Amendment Rights. 21 November 2011. "The Constitution guarantees the individual's right to keep and bear arms. Hunting is a big part of our family heritage and I still hunt every year. It is a great family tradition that I cherish. I sponsored the Firearm Freedom Act ensuring that firearms manufactured and sold in SD, that in SD, are not subject to federal regulation." (
  • Kristi Noem. Only KRISTI NOEM is a True Defender of South Dakota Gun Rights. 5 October 2010. "* Believes the Constitution guarantees the individual's right to keep and bear arms [¦] Proven Record Fighting Federal Gun Regulations: YES. * Strong Supporter of the Second Amendment in the State House * Sponsored the Firearms Freedom Act to exempt firearms and ammunition manufactured, sold, and remaining in South Dakota from federal regulations."
  • Kristi Noem. Issue Position: Second Amendment. 21 November 2011. "The Constitution guarantees the individual's right to keep and bear arms. I am strong supporter of the Second Amendment. Hunting is a large part of our family heritage and I enjoy hunting with friends and family. My family also runs a hunting operation, so I know firsthand the economic importance hunting has in our state. In the State Legislature, I sponsored the Firearms Freedom Act ensuring that firearms and ammunition manufactured and sold in South Dakota, and remain in South Dakota, are not subject to federal regulation. If elected to Congress, the first vote I will cast will be to fire Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, who is not a friend of gun rights." (
Yes Inferred Answer Health Care: Do you support repealing the 2010 Affordable Care Act? View Citations

Vote Smart's Research

  • Kristi Noem. Rep. Noem Supports Court Decision To Overturn Health Care Law. 31 January 2011. "The health care law should have never been passed in the first place simply because of its negative impact on small businesses and job creation, but efforts to undo it are on the march. A majority in the U.S. House sent a strong message earlier this month passing a repeal measure, and now the courts are exposing the law's unconstitutionality. I support continued efforts to dismantle this unconstitutional law through the courts. Senate leaders should also schedule an up-or-down vote on repeal as soon as possible." (
  • Kristi Noem. Noem: Health Care Law No Better A Year Later. 23 March 2011. "The new health care law has definitely not improved with age. One year later we are seeing increased premiums, higher and higher cost estimates for the law, states burdened with unfunded mandates, and an individual mandate that would fine Americans for the first time in history for inaction. It is no wonder a majority support its repeal and the courts are finding it unconstitutional. I support efforts to end implementation of the law and replace it with consumer driven reforms that will cut costs." (
  • Kristi Noem. HR 2. 112th Congress. Repealing the Health Care Bill. Kristi Noem voted Yea on 01/19/2011. (
  • Kristi Noem. Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act. 19 January 2011. "Mr. Speaker, I rise today for the first time on the floor of the United States House of Representatives to make a case for a very important piece of legislation, namely H.R. 2, the health care repeal bill. Mr. Speaker, there are a multitude of reasons why this law should be repealed, but the most important is because it is a major impediment to job creation for small businesses and job creators in South Dakota and across this country. According to one study, an employer mandate alone could lead to the elimination of 1.6 million jobs between 2009 and 2014, with 66 percent of those coming from small businesses. Mr. Speaker, one of the most important jobs and job-creation measures that we can do this year is to repeal this bill and to replace it with commonsense policies that actually lower costs for families and for small businesses, expand access for affordable care, and protect American jobs." (
  • Kristi Noem. Paperwork Repeal a Win for Small Businesses. 4 March 2011. "Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill to repeal this onerous provision of the health care law. I supported repealing this provision because it is a win for small businesses which need certainty to create new jobs, not more regulation and paperwork. This is an important step in repealing and replacing the job-destroying health care law." (
  • Kristi Noem. Issue Position: Healthcare. 21 November 2011. "Putting the federal government between patients and their doctor is not the answer. If elected to Congress, I will support efforts to fully repeal the health care bill. If full repeal is not possible right away, then we must pursue other options to diminish its effect. Despite what some say, we still have the best health care available with access to medical research and cutting-edge technology that is the envy of the world. That being said, there is still room for improvement. Real health care reform efforts should focus on increasing quality and reducing costs. We should consider proposals that increase competition amongst health care providers and insurers. This could include making health insurance portable so individuals can own and control their policies and take them from one job to another without tax penalties. We should also consider lowering the barriers to purchasing health insurance policies across state lines. Sensible medical malpractice reforms would help reduce costs." (
  • Kristi Noem. Issue Position: Health Care. 21 November 2011. "The federal government making our health care decisions is not the answer. We already have the best health care in the world even though it's not perfect and costs are too high. There are better alternatives to a government takeover -- including tax deductibility for individuals, lowering the barriers to interstate insurance policy sales and meaningful tort reform." (
  • Kristi Noem. Issue Position: Health Care. 21 November 2011. "Our health care system needs reform. However, the health care reform bill that was signed into law last Congress has a price tag of more than $1 trillion and does not focus enough on lowering actual health care costs. I have serious concerns about what implementation of the health care law may mean for South Dakota's families, seniors and small businesses. As enacted, the law increases health insurance premiums for businesses and cuts more than $500 billion from Medicare, which could reduce health care access and quality for South Dakota seniors. That is why I support repealing the health care law and replacing it with consumer driven reforms that will cut costs. Our nation needs health care reforms that offer common-sense solutions to lower health care costs, expand access and not break the bank. I support a plan that covers people with pre-existing conditions, allows those under the age of 26 to stay on their parent's policy, permits small businesses to pool together to purchase health insurance at a lower cost, allows individuals to purchase insurance across state lines and enacts meaningful medical liability reform." (
Unknown Position Unknown Answer Immigration: Do you support requiring illegal immigrants to return to their country of origin before they are eligible for citizenship? View Citations

Vote Smart's Research

  • Kristi Noem. Kristi Noem Supports Measure to Enforce Immigration Laws. 21 July 2010. "I support the rights of the State of Arizona, or any other state for that matter, to uphold the law of the land since the federal government has failed to do so. Illegal immigration must come to and end. Since the federal government has failed in its leadership on this issue it is not surprising that states have stepped up and are working to enforce the law and secure the border. The last thing the federal government should do is stand in their way. If elected, I would support efforts in the House similar to the amendment Senator DeMint is sponsoring in the Senate to withhold funds from the Obama Administration's attempt to fight the Arizona law in court." (
  • Kristi Noem. Issue Position: Immigration. 21 November 2011. "Our nation welcomes law abiding, hard working people to share in our freedom and opportunity. But porous borders and unchecked illegal immigration are threats to citizens and legal immigrants alike. We must immediately secure our border. This means we should use every available resource at our disposal: additional border patrol, fences, and technology. Then we must consider immigration reform that rewards those who have obeyed the law and waited to enter this country legally rather than pursuing a plan that involves amnesty." (
No Inferred Answer Marriage: Do you support same-sex marriage? View Citations

Vote Smart's Research

  • Eagle Forum. Project Vote Smart: Interest Group Endorsements. 04/18/2012. Eagle Forum endorsed Kristi Noem in the 2010 general election. (
  • Kristi Noem. Issue Position: Family Issues. 21 November 2011. "I am also a strong supporter of protecting traditional marriage and family. The American people, through their elected representatives, have defined marriage as a union between one man and one woman. You can be sure I will continue to support preserving traditional family values." (
  • David Montgomery. Rapid City Journal: Obama declares support for gay marriage. 10 May 2012. "Asked for a comment, Rep. Kristi Noem, R-S.D., released a statement opposing Obama's new position. 'I disagree with the President and continue to believe marriage is between a man and a woman,' Noem said." (
Unknown Position Unknown Answer National Security: Do you support targeting suspected terrorists outside of official theaters of conflict? View Citations

Vote Smart's Research

  • Despite exhaustive research, Project Vote Smart was unable to find information about this candidate's position.
No Inferred Answer Social Security: Do you support allowing individuals to divert a portion of their Social Security taxes into personal retirement accounts? View Citations

Vote Smart's Research

  • Kristi Noem. Kristi Noem Signs Pledge to Protect Social Security, Fight Against Health Care Bill Cuts in Medicare. 13 August 2010. "Seniors have worked hard and paid into the system and as South Dakota's next U.S. Representative I will protect Social Security for those in retirement and nearing retirement. I will oppose any efforts to privatize Social Security. For younger workers we need to look for bipartisan solutions that will keep the program solvent." (
  • Kristi Noem. Issue Position: Retirement Security. 21 November 2011. "South Dakota seniors have put in a lifetime of hard work. They have paid into the system and we have the responsibility to make sure their retirement safety net is there as promised. I will work to protect Social Security for those in retirement and nearing retirement. I oppose privatizing Social Security. To this end I have signed a pledge vowing to protect Social Security." (


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