Jon 'Jack' A. Greenspon's Biography


Full Name: Jon 'Jack' A. Greenspon
Gender: Male
Family: Wife: Wendy; 1 Child: Emerald
Birth Date: 10/17/1964
Birth Place: Los Angeles, CA
Home City: Bozeman, MT
  • Current Car:

    2002 Chevrolet Cavalier LS

  • Date of Wedding Anniversary:

    28 May

  • Father's Name:


  • Father's Occupation:


  • Favorite Actor/Actress:

    John Corbett, William Shatner and Mark Harmon, James Stewart

  • Favorite Musician:

    John Corbett, James Darren

  • Favorite TV Shows:

    Star Trek, NCIS, Magnificent Seven

  • Favorite Type of Music:

    Big Band, Swing

  • Favorite Vacation Spot:

    Edinburgh Scotland (UK), anywhere in the beautiful state of Montana.

  • First Car:

    1979 Ford Mustang

  • First Job:

    Newspaper Delivery - Anaheim Bulletin

  • Mother's Name:


  • Mother's Occupation:


  • Number of Grandchildren:


  • Pets (include names):

    3 Cats (Jag, Misty and Mocha)

  • Priority Issues:

    Energy, Economy, Immigration, national Defense, Congressional Reformm and Ethics.
    Return the country to a Control of the People, Reverse America's Inverted Budget and Spending. To Put National Pride in Place of Globalization.

  • Publications:

    15 Professional Publications in Aerospace, Physics, and Alternative Energy Generation


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