James 'Mac' Hatton McCall's Biography


Full Name: James 'Mac' Hatton McCall
Gender: Male
Family: Divorced; 2 Children: Jamie Lynn, Hayden Dodge
Birth Date: 07/31/1943
Birth Place: Brackenridge, PA
Home City: Toledo, OH
Religion: Presbyterian
  • Awards:

    United States Air Force-Outstanding Wing Airman of the Quarter, 1967 (Spangdahlem, Germany).

  • Current Car:

    In process of trading into a pickup truck.

  • Father's Name:

    Virgil V. McCall (deceased)

  • Father's Occupation:

    Deceased (in 1989), Libbey Owens Ford Company Glassworker (retired)

  • Favorite Actor/Actress:

    Current: Tom Hanks, Past: Glen Ford

  • Favorite Athlete:

    Peyton Manning

  • Favorite Author:

    Peter D. Schiff, "Crash Proof"

  • Favorite Book:

    The Bible, Then, Visual History of the World (National Geographic), and "1776".

  • Favorite Color:

    Dark Green, but it depends on the object

  • Favorite Food:

    N.Y. Sirloin & Double Baked (Like German, Italian, & Mexican)

  • Favorite Movie:

    "Somewhere in Time" Chris Reeves & Jane Seymore

  • Favorite Musician:

    Chet Atkins (Guitar)

  • Favorite President and Why:

    Geo. Washington, but because of his accomplishments which led to his Presidency. I face many of the same encumbrances and obstacles as did George Washington. He persevered. So shall I! I dread our fate if current trends do continue.

  • Favorite Quote:

    "Every calling is great if greatly pursued"...Oliver Wendell Holmes. I will not give up my quest! I'm totally committed to the leadership of America.

  • Favorite Sport:


  • Favorite TV Shows:

    2 1/2 Men, 60 Minutes (CBS, Columbia Broadcasting System), This Week (George S.-ABC, American Broadcasting Company), and Shark (CBS, Columbia Broadcasting System).

  • Favorite Type of Music:

    Dixieland, Bluegrass, Light Classical

  • Favorite Vacation Spot:

    Scotland (Foreign), Tennessee (Domestic)

  • Favorite Websites:


  • First Car:

    1969 Chevy Nova, Blue, V8, 2 Door, Auto, Bought new in Chicago, IL.

  • First Job:

    Palace Bowling Alley at 14 years old. $.07 per line to set-up duck & ten pins at 6 Lane Bowling Alley, Above Theater, Tarentum, PA (1957-1960).

  • Hobbies or Special Talents:

    Genealogy, Bible and Ancient History (History, Discovery and National Geog. Channels), Horseshoes, Fishing, Camping and Song-writing

  • Mother's Name:

    Luella May Heath

  • Mother's Occupation:

    Retired, Housekeeper (87 years old)

  • Name one thing you would most like to do before you die:

    To appear before the entire Supreme Court to exclaim, "Out of the U.N.," "Guarantee our sovereignty," "Preserve our constitution" and "Ensure the value of U.S. citizenship."

    To appear before the entire Supreme Court to exclaim, "Never shall any world law or religious law usurp or supercede United States Constitutional Law". Our secular law protects all United States citizens, regardless and irrespective of their religions or foreign influences. I would also insist that the courts not create new law by virtue of their rulings, which creation is the role of the people's congress, and that the courts' decisions never be influenced by any so-called world law or United Nations law. Pay great attention, America! Your way of life is slowly but steadily being eroded, whittled, weakened and undermined. Keep a close eye on what is happening in Turkey, France, England, and many others. If you care, take a hard look at the meaning of the word, "Independent", its definition.

  • Names of Grandchildren:


  • Number of Grandchildren:


  • Personal Hero and Why:

    My mother because of who she is (heart), what she believes (spirit) and how and why she has endured (mind and body). Mom is one of a kind!

  • Person Most Want to Meet (Dead or Alive):

    John Jay (1745-1829), statesman, diplomat and first Chief Justice of the United States. I would enjoy discussing the intent, scope and implication of our Constitutional Law and its precious parts (articles).

  • Pets (include names):

    (All Dogs) Trix, Grabber, Stretch, George, Sissy, Wolf and Muttley.

  • Priority Issues:

    Suspension of immigration totally & immediately until the U.S. periphery is secured. All land borders, seaports, coastlines & airports must be totally & immediately sealed, protected and controlled. I have proposals for soc. security, a single nat'l consumption tax, universal health care insurance and I.D. program, bringing the troops home, reimplementing immigration, election reform and energy self-sufficiency, but none can be intelligently addressed until borders are secured.

    #1-Our land borders, coastlines, seaports and airports must be closed totally and made secure. #2-Immigration must be totally suspended immediately until revamped, including quotas, conditions, requirements, definitions and enforcement procedures. Only when #1 and #2 are resolved may other issues be reasonably addressed and resolved. I favor bringing our military home at the earliest posible time, but I'm convinced that, bringing them home before our homeland security and national defense programs are firmly in place, it will be a mistake. Please remember three cases. Because issues overlap and are highly interconnected, great care must be exercised, while solving one issue, to not affect the others negatively. Secondly, our national and societal problems will not disappear overnight, as it took a long time to get where we now are. Thirdly, the interests of the republic will often go against your own personal grain, but without a strong and functional republic, there is no value to your citizenship. I feel that, if citizens are cognizant of prioritized accomplishment (progress), they will provide the impetus to continue it. In 2008, there will be no excuse for voter apathy. Why should a citizen be lumped into one of only two, extreme, political parties or positions? Choice!

    Please examine my web site "McCall fro President in 2008", for more particulars and specifics on troubling issues: www.PorkStopsHere.com or www.OneTax.us.

  • Publications:

    Wrote and produced my presidential jingle (song) "Only In America."

  • Reason for Seeking Public Office:

    I wish to provide acute, independent leadership to the good men and women in government, to protect and preserve U.S. sovreignty, the U.S. constitution and value of U.S. citizenship and to reduce the size, scope and cost of federal government. I will prioritize & solve issues.

    By independent leadership and unwavering attitude, regarding the value of the constitution and of American citizenship, I wish to develop a true democracy, instead of one only on paper. I believe that I can soften, if not eliminate, the radical partisanship, which has gripped our government for decades. Radical politics and factionalism are eating us alive from within. I will lead by and set an example for a new nationalistic attitude. There is yet time for restoration and salvation but not all that much time. I offer an alternative, an Independent choice in 2008. The "R" and the "D" do not stand fro "Research" and "Development". They represent four, eight or maybe twelve more years of the same party loyalty, graft and corruption, inattentiveness, pork and earmarks, waste, negligence, impropriety, ineptitude and self-satisfaction. The Parties always win the election, but the people never do! I will surround myself with educated, experienced, open-minded, objective, Independent thinkers to assist me in prioritized, common-sense, beneficial issue solution.


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