Clifford 'Cliff' Bundy Stearns's Biography


Full Name: Clifford 'Cliff' Bundy Stearns
Gender: Male
Family: Wife: Joan; 5 Children: Doug, Bundy, Scott, Emily, Amy
Birth Date: 04/16/1941
Birth Place: Washington, DC
Home City: Ocala, FL
Religion: Presbyterian
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  • Awards:

    -Award for Manufacturing Legislative Excellence, National Association of Manufacturers, 2005
    -Taxpayers' Friend, National Taxpayers Union, 2003-2005
    -True Blue Award, Family Research Council, 2002-2005
    -Medal of Honor, U.S. Oncology Association, 1999-2001, 2003, 2005 Spirit of Enterprise, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 1989-2005
    -Franklin Award, 60-Plus Association, 2004
    -Friend of the Shareholders, American Shareholders Association, 2004
    -Guardian of Small Business, National Federation of Independent Business, 2004
    -Tax Fighter Award, National Tax-Limitation Committee, 2004
    -Small Business Advocate, Small Business Survival Committee, 2004
    -Hero of the Taxpayer, Americans for Tax Reform, 2001-2004
    -Taxpayers' Hero, Citizens Against Government Waste, 1990-1992, 1995-2000, 2004
    -Privacy Leadership Award, International Association of Privacy Professionals, 2003
    -Senior Guardian Medal of Honor, Seniors Coalition, 2004
    -Friend of Senior Citizens, 60-Plus Association, 2003
    -W. Stuart Symington Award, Air Force Association, 2001
    -George 'Black' Gillespie Congressional Award, Blinded American Veterans Foundation, 2001
    -Congressional Laurel, Armed Forces Journal, 2000
    -Legislative Achievement Award, The Seniors Coalition, 2000
    -Friend of the Family, Christian Coalition, 1989-2000
    -Golden Bulldog Award, Watchdogs of the Treasury, 1989-2000 Public Service Award, American Heart Association
    -Peace Through Strength Victory Leadership Award, Coalition for International Security
    -Mayor's Blue Ribbon Task Force on Drugs, City of Ocala.

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