Frederick 'Ferd, Furp, O' Eugene Ogin's Biography


Full Name: Frederick 'Ferd, Furp, O' Eugene Ogin
Gender: Male
Family: Single; 1 Child
Birth Date: 04/26/1946
Birth Place: Minneapolis, MN
Religion: Methodiist
  • Current Car:

    Plymouth Neon

  • Father's Name:

    Robert Ogin (Deceased)

  • Favorite Actor/Actress:

    Julia Roberts

  • Favorite Athlete:

    Kevin Garnett

  • Favorite Author:

    Hemingway - Ernest

  • Favorite Book:


  • Favorite Color:


  • Favorite Food:

    Chicken, steak, shrimp

  • Favorite Movie:

    Romeo + Juliet

  • Favorite Musician:

    Miles Davis

  • Favorite President and Why:

    Jefferson because of freedom he exposed

  • Favorite Sport:


  • Favorite TV Shows:

    CNN + Fox News, Basketball games

  • Favorite Type of Music:

    Rock and Roll from the 50's, 60's + 70's

  • Favorite Vacation Spot:

    France + England

  • First Car:


  • First Job:

    Winchell's Donut Shop

  • Hobbies or Special Talents:

    Guitar, T.V., Gambling

  • Mother's Name:

    Barbara Leeback (Deceased)

  • Name one thing you would most like to do before you die:

    Be a movie star

  • Personal Hero and Why:

    My father because he tried hard to make life good

  • Person Most Want to Meet (Dead or Alive):

    Jesus Christ because he was most influential philosophically

  • Priority Issues:

    Military schools, health care, Iraq.

  • Reason for Seeking Public Office:

    I feel the United States needs a change period.


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