Heather A. Wilson's Biography


Full Name: Heather A. Wilson
Gender: Female
Family: Husband: Jay; 3 Children: Scott, Joshua, Caitlin
Birth Date: 12/30/1960
Birth Place: Keene, NH
Home City: Albuquerque, NM
Religion: Methodist
  • Astrological Sign:


  • Awards:

    -Guardian of Small Business Award, NFIB, 2000
    -Perfect Vote Score, Information Technology Industry Council, 2000
    -Legislative Achievement Award, The Seniors Coalition, 2000
    -Spirit of Free Enterprise Award, U.S. Chamber of Commerce , 2000
    -Golden Bulldog Award, Watchdogs of the Treasury, 2000

  • Father's Name:

    Doug Wilson

  • Publications:

    International Law and the Use of Force by National Liberation Movements.' (Ph.D. Dissertation. Oxford University, 1988)


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