Keith C. King's Biography


Full Name: Keith C. King
Current Office: Council Member - District 3, Republican
Gender: Male
Family: Wife: Sandi; 2 Children: Jeremy, Brandon
Birth Place: Tekoa, WA
  • Awards:

    1991 Awarded Waterbed Retailer of the Year
    1999 University of Colorado, Colorado Springs – Alumni Legislative Award
    1999 Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry Friend of Business Award
    2000 National Federation of Independent Business – Guardian of Small Business
    2000 Colorado Lawyers Committee – Community Contribution Award
    2001 Mountain States Council, Legislator Recognition Award, Legislator of the Year
    2001 Colorado Public Affairs Council – Star Award
    2001 Colorado League of Charter Schools – Charter Friend Award
    2002 Colorado Student Association – Student Voice Award
    2002 Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce – Legislator of the Year Award
    2003 Economic Development Council of Colorado, Legislator of the Year
    2004 Colorado Dental Association, Colorado Distinguished Leadership Award
    2005 Children’s Ark, Friends of the ARK award.

  • Priority Issues:

    Education, Finance, Transportation and Auto Insurance, Legal Issues.


Contact Information

District Email

Post Office Box 1575
Colorado Springs, CO 80901

Phone: 719-385-5487
Fax: 719-385-5495