Darrell Hykes's Biography


Full Name: Darrell Hykes
Gender: Male
Family: Wife: Temeka Evette; 3 Children: Darrell Junior, Sasha Marie Anthony, Devin Lamar Anthony
Birth Date: 03/29/1971
Birth Place: Okolona, MS
Home City: College Park, GA
Religion: Non - Denominational / Word of Faith
  • Awards:

    USAF Letter of Commendation - 1991

    USAF Military Image Award - 1991

    USAF Achievement Medal for Meritorious Service / 1991 - 1995

    USAF National Defense Service Medal (Desert Shield/Storm) - 1991 to 1997

    Marriott (SLS) - Employee of the Month - 10/1998

    GA - Proclamation of Thanks from Gov. Perdue - 1/2/2005

    AK - Proclamation of Thanks from Gov. Murkowski - 1/3/2005

    UT - Official Statement from Gov. Huntsman's office - 1/4/2005

    NM - Proclamation of Thanks from Gov. Richardson's office - 1/6/2005

    CT - Official Statement by Gov. Rell - 1/9/2005

    MI - Certificate of Tribute from Gov. Granholm - 1/26/2005

    KS - Certificate of Recognition from Gov. Sebelius - 1/29/2005

    Student Transport/WA - Driver of the Month - 2006

    World Changers Christian Academy - Cert. of Participation - 3/29/2005

    Student Transport/WA - Community Service Award - 5/26/2006

    Student Transport/WA - Award of Excellence - 5/26/2006

    World Changers Church - Camp Counselor of the Week - 6/6/2006

    Student Transport/WA - Headmaster's Award - 5/25/2007

    World Changers Church - Camp Counselor of the Week - 6/29/2007

    World Changers Church - Camp Counselor of the Week - 7/20/2007

    World Changers Church - Director's Choice Award - 12/14/2008

  • Current Car:

    2011 Jeep Patriot
    1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

  • Date of Wedding Anniversary:

    November 19, 2008 (Office ceremony)
    February 14, 2009 (Church ceremony)

  • Father's Name:

    Earvin Hykes

  • Father's Occupation:

    Dyncorp - Supervisor

  • Favorite Actor/Actress:

    Vince Vaughn

  • Favorite Athlete:

    Kobe Bryant

  • Favorite Author:

    Leigh Brackett and Lawrence Kasdan

  • Favorite Book:

    The Empire Strikes Back

  • Favorite Color:


  • Favorite Food:

    Salisbury Steak

  • Favorite Movie:


  • Favorite Musician:

    Canton Jones

  • Favorite President and Why:

    Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush because of their religious beliefs and moral standards.

  • Favorite Quote:

    "If you want different results...you're going to have to do something different..."

  • Favorite Sport:


  • Favorite TV Shows:

    Smallville, Transformers, Star Trek, etc.

  • Favorite Type of Music:


  • Favorite Vacation Spot:

    Pigeon Forge, TN

  • Favorite Websites:

    NBA.com, youtube, facebook, ncaa.org,

  • First Car:

    1992 Nissan Sentra

  • First Job:


  • Hobbies or Special Talents:

    Basketball, bowling, writing music, writing skits, writing plays, making my wife laugh, acting

  • Mother's Name:

    Annie (Bowens) Hykes

  • Mother's Occupation:

    Daycare Worker (retired)

  • Name one thing you would most like to do before you die:

    Visit all 50 US capitols, specifically on the anniversary date those states were admitted to the union!

  • Personal Hero and Why:

    My wife, Temeka because I'm amazed at all the different roles she plays as mother, wife, sister, daughter, etc. yet she remains so dedicated and committed and supportive of me and our goals.

  • Person Most Want to Meet (Dead or Alive):

    Kenneth Copeland. I'd tell him thanks for encouraging me to be a voting Christian.

  • Priority Issues:

    Restore morality
    Restore the US as a Christian nation
    Balance the budget
    Evaluate the illegal immigrant status
    Evaluate the separation of church and state "myth"
    Evaluate our prison systems
    Implement programs that will lower the divorce rate
    Evaluate our relationships with foreign oil companies

  • Publications:

    "Home...Sweet...Home!" / Articles - Christian Living / Arise & Shine Ministries / www.cfaith.com

    "Have A Super Day" / Articles - Outreach / Arise & Shine Ministries / www.cfaith.com

  • Reason for Seeking Public Office:

    God told me too and I believe He wants to use me to make a difference in our government...at the highest level.

  • Spouse's Occupation:

    Fraud Analyst


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