Jeffrey Nicholas Harris's Biography


Full Name: Jeffrey Nicholas Harris
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 02/21/1975
Birth Place: Clermont, FL
Home City: Clermont, FL
Religion: Christian
  • Reason for Seeking Public Office:

    Ole Glory, our banner, our flag, across the world means very little, but to me a Republican Presidential Candidate in 2012 it means the whole of our existence. The Revolutionary war was our birth, the Civil War our conscience, the Civil Rights our humanity, and September 11 our anger, and when I saluted the American flag as a former United States Marine every movment was a history lesson, from the crease of my hand to the bill upon my cover and a sharp thrust to my pants seam was executed in a swift but exacting mannor in honnor, even at home I cross my heart and stand for our national anthem, it matters not to me if I am seen, it's my love for our nation and our citizens that drives me to be the best American I can be. The American flag our guide through the night lead many men a few steps further than they thought they could have walked for Washington, a few inches closer to victory, it provided warmth in the cold, protection for freedom,and our liberty, our belief in our flag has lead us still today. The problems facing America today are no less grand than a fight on any shore, we have to be a rock in the stream if we know we are right, we have to advert the waters of self doubt, and pressure to right our course, we will not give up the ship any sooner than we will lose the fight for democracy. I seek public office because America needs a "Fighting American," who will stand for the people when all seems to be lost, when those know not what to do, a good man cannot risk doing nothing even in the face of unsermountable odds. I am Jeffrey Harris Republican Presidential Candidate in 2012 and I support this message.


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