Joseph 'Joe' M. Kexel's Biography


Full Name: Joseph 'Joe' M. Kexel
Gender: Male
Family: Wife: Julie; 2 Children
Birth Date: 01/30/1965
Birth Place: Kenosha, WI
Home City: Kenosha, WI
Religion: None
  • Favorite Athlete:

    Brett Favre

  • Favorite Websites:

  • Reason for Seeking Public Office:

    I look at my children and am in awe. I cannot imagine how the destruction of personal liberty will affect them, but I wish to stop it.

    The national debt, including entitlements, is over 60 trillion bucks! That is about 200,000 dollars for each of us. It is a crime to spend your children's future earnings, but we do it with abandon with the help of the federal government.

    I am running to save my children from a dark future of limited freedom and extended debt.


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